Dark Skin and Blue Eyes: DNA helps draw Portrait of Early Briton

The research was carried out on the DNA of the Cheddar Man, a complete skeleton which was discovered in 1903, by researchers at the London’s Natural History Museum.

According to an analysis of a 10,000-year-old skeleton which was discovered in Somerset in 1903, researchers at the Natural History Museum, London, have found that the primitive Britons possibly had blue eyes, dark curly hair, and black skins.

Scientists were carrying out their usual research on the Cheddar Man, when, via a ‘’stroke of luck’’, they found little pieces of DNA in his ear. It should be remembered that in addition to being the oldest ever skeleton to be found in the UK, the Mesolithic Cheddar man is complete from head to toe. Consequently, it is one of the most prized specimens of the museum.

During their research, the scientists used techniques such as facial reconstruction and genetic sequencing to prove that the first men who inhabited Britain were far darker their successors of today. Afterwards, to cross-check the results of their research, they compared the genomes of the Cheddar Man with those of modern-day inhabitants of Cheddar George.

And as the results would go on to show, the original Briton had more in common with the Paleolithic Africans than what most of us care to believe. That said, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since almost all humans descends from the same Paleolithic Africans.

One notable finding of their research, in the words of the scientists, was that the racial categories prevalent in today’s world are only ‘’recent constructions’’, with none of them being present in the history.

Scientists further claim that harsh temperatures wiped out at least nine original colonisations of Europe. These colonisations were carried out using the Doggerland, a land-bridge which, though currently under water, connected Continental Europe to Great Britain since times immemorial.

Despite extreme temperatures, 12,000 Britons were able to survive during Cheddar Ma’s time. It was due to their survival back then that currently, almost 10% of the current’s white Briton’s genetic make-up resembles them.

The tribe of Cheddar Man, it is believed, migrated to Britain during the closing stages of the Last Ice Age. His DNA, in addition to being linked to Britons, has also been linked to the modern-day Spaniards, Hungarians and the residents of Luxembourg.

Quentin Tarantino faces Criticism Over Resurfaced Roman Polanski ‘Rape’ Interview

In the resurfaced radio interview, Tarantino claimed that the 13-year-old girl, who had sex with Roman Polanski, ‘’wanted to have it’’, and that it wasn’t a rape.

In a 2003 radio interview of the Pulp Fiction director with DJ Howard Stern, Quentin Tarantino has drawn fire from all sides by claiming that in his eyes, Roman Polanski wasn’t a rapist. Instead, he further commented that the 13-year-old girl just ‘wanted to have it’ as he was looking ‘to party with Roman’.

The interview has come days after Quentin Tarantino faced criticism from Uma Thurman of the way he subjected her to perform a dangerous stunt on the sets of Kill Bill. Thurman said in an interview to NY Times that involving herself in the car-crash stunt was one of the ‘’biggest regrets’’ of her life, further suggesting that it was Tarantino who ‘’persuaded’’ her to do the scene.

As for the interview which was republished on the website Jezebel on Tuesday night, Tarantino could be clearly heard defending Polanski: “He didn’t rape a 13-year-old girl. It was statutory rape… he had sex with a minor. That’s not rape. To me, when you use the word rape, you’re talking about violent, throwing them down – it’s like one of the most violent crimes in the world.”

As the exchange wore on, Tarantino agreed with Stern that the act was illegal and that if any man had sex with his 13-year-old daughter, provided he had one, he’d ‘’beat the hell’’ out of him. Still, he stuck to his point that the act wasn’t rape, and that the girl involved was a ‘’party girl’’.

After his comments resurfaced, a large amount of Twitter users started criticizing Tarantino for his remarks. Anthony Rapp, the man who alleges that back when he was a child actor, Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance towards him, was the most vocal of critics.

Julia Bradbury, a presenter on British Television, claimed that comments such as Tarantino’s are the reason why woman suffer in silence and do not speak out openly against abusing men.

Similar critique came from Melissa Silverstein, the co-founder of Woman and Hollywood, an advocacy group that calls for gender equality and diversity in Hollywood, who called his comments ‘’horrible’’.

Roman Polanski, meanwhile, remains in Switzerland whose government has rejected repeated requests of the US Government to extradite him.

What’s New to Stream on Netflix This February

It might be the shortest month of the calendar year, but February, with the help of Netflix, still has got loads of potential to keep things interested.

For some people – I’m talking about those whose Valentine’s Day won’t go according to the plan – the fact that February is the shortest month on the calendar is a blessing in disguise. Still, if you think the description fits you just right, there is one date of yours which cannot go wrong: that with Netflix. With loads of Netflix originals and a number of movies coming up, Netflix knows how to spice things up this month.

Here are a few highlights of what Netflix is going to offer us this month:

#1: Altered Carbon – February 2

Having earned rave reviews at CES last month, the 10-episode series of Altered Carbon is a dream-come-true for Blade Runner 2049 enthusiasts. Taking us to a future where the ridiculously rich move from one body to another to remain immortal, it might sound a bit too fantastical, still, it would hit the right notes to hold your attention.

#2: Queer Eye – February 7

A sequel to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – a show which aired between 2003 and 2007, this show is following the lead of its predecessor in entertainment, makeovers, and emotions. That said, the home city has changed to Atlanta and we have got an all-new cast to look forward to.

#3: Re:mind – February 15

What happens when eleven high school colleagues awake to find all of them chained with a table in a harrowing, old mansion? Yup, chaos, at first. Afterwards, however, their life (and freedom) depends on finding out what led them to their current predicament.

#4: Ugly Delicious – February 23

Have you heard of the French term Joire Laide? It is used to describe those who are ugly, yet beautiful. Puzzling, right? Chef David Chang would explain to us the meaning of this term as he goes to explore cultural foods which, despite looking terrible, taste delicious.

#5: Seven Seconds: Season 1 – February 23

Going behind the headlines and seeing the impact which terrible events have on human lives, Seven Seconds’ focus is on the racial tensions which underpin America in the 21st century. A cop critically injures a teenager of the opposite race, after which the Jersey City becomes fraught with tensions.

Revealed: Kevin Spacey’s Replacement for ‘House of Cards’ Final Season

Netflix announced Wednesday that the production of the sixth and final season has resumed, and that two new actors have been inducted in ‘House of Cards’.


After months of uncertainty surrounding the future of ‘House of Cards’ following accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced Wednesday that the new season would go on as planned, without Kevin Spacey.

The sixth and Final season of the famed political thriller will comprise of eight episodes. Robin Wright would play the leading role while Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Derek Cecil, Boris McGiver, Jayne Atkinson and Constance Zimmer will also play their respective parts.

Being one of the most famous Netflix’s hits, House of Cards – during its decade long run on our screens – has been nominated for fifty-three Emmy awards. Still, after Netflix severed their ties with Kevin Spacey in October, doubts were raised as to whether the show would continue or not.

Apart from the celebrities mentioned above, Netflix has announced that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane would join the cast for the final season. Though the exact role which the duo would play in the final season hasn’t been revealed yet, the duo is expected to serve as a direct replacement of Spacey.

It was in October last year that Kevin Spacey was being accused of sexual assault for the first time, as actor Anthony Rapp claimed that the veteran actor assaulted him back when he was 14. After the allegations hit the newspapers, Spacey tried to deflect the news by revealing that he was gay.

However, much to the dismay of Spacey’s fans, Rapp was only the first in the series of victims who came out with claims that Spacey has assaulted them. Till date, more than 30 individuals have come out publicly who have accused Kevin Spacey for everything from attempted rape to sexual assault.

Upon hearing the allegations surfacing against Spacey, Netflix fired him of his role in the House of Cards, with reports claiming that his firing cost Netflix a staggering amount of $39 million.

Super Bowl 2018: Justin Timberlake Honors Prince with Halftime Performance

sTraversing through the wide array of hits he has managed during his career, Justin Timberlake paid a solid tribute to hometown hero Price on Sunday night.

Armed with a camaraderie of backup dancers, an extensive catalogue of hits, and an outfit which he had selected from the recent Patagonia x Cezanne collection, Justin Timberlake paid a fitting tribute to Prince during the halftime show of the Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on Sunday night.

Starting with “Filthy’’ – a recent track from his recently released album “Man of the Woods’’, Justin began his performance backstage with what looked like an assortment of dancers. Afterwards, as he appeared on-stage, he turned to a mix of his classic hits, including “Suit & Tie,’’ “Cry Me A River,’’ ‘’Mirrors,’’ “Senorita,” and “My Love.”

Despite the fact that he chose a number of his own hits, the highlight of Justin’s performance was the cover of “I Would Die 4 U,’’ a huge hit of Prince. He took the emotions of the audience to a whole new level by singing the song alongside a projection of Prince doing the same. That was Justin’s way of paying tribute to the late singer, as the Super Bowl was held in the hometown of Prince this year.

While those inside the stadium were mostly acknowledging the effort on part of Justin to honor the late singer, the Twitter world wasn’t so impressed with his performance. Some Prince fans went so far as to degrade Justin’s performance as to link a 1998 interview of Prince with Guitar world.

During that interview, Prince had told the interviewer in unequivocal terms that he hated the use of holograms. While what Justin used wasn’t a hologram, that didn’t stop many of the Prince’s fans to be critical of his performance on Sunday night.

One Twitter user was particularly furious with Justin’s performance as he stated that ‘’Prince continues to be misunderstood … even in death’’.

Another Twitter user wanted to draw our attention to the rivalry which existed between Prince and Timberlake back during the day.


Some went as far as to claim that only a ‘mummified’’ hand of Prince could turn this performance in favor of Timberlake.

Although they were in a minority, some people were not critical of Timberlake’s performance, with fellow actress Reese Witherspoon gushing in her praise.


Scientists: McDonald’s Fries Could Help Cure Baldness

Worried about the receding hairline? Eat McDonald’s fries, at least that is what a team of researchers has found out as a cure for baldness.


According to a study carried out at the Japanese Yokohama National University, a chemical used in McDonald’s fries could help cure baldness by synthetically reproducing hair follicles. Dimethylpolysiloxane, the chemical which McDonald’s uses in its fries, was employed for this study by the researchers.

During their research, scientists combined the chemical used in McDonald’s fries with human stem cells before testing the mixture on rodents. Within a few days of being injected with the mixture, rodents had developed furry scalps and backs, allowing the scientists to conclude that humans could benefit in the same way.

In an effort to give their research another layer of credence, the scientists carried out further preliminary experiments to gauge whether or not humans could benefit from the mixture in the same way. Luckily, in line with their original research, the preliminary research indicated the same.

The breakthrough in their efforts came last month when the Japanese team was able to produce, on a mass scale, hair follicle germs (HFGs). Secreted by the human body up to a certain age, these are the cells which fuel hair growth in our scalps. Before this research came out, never before in history were scientists able to synthetically produce the HFG’s.

Spilling out the secret, one of the scientists claimed that the reason for this discovery was the usage of oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane as the bottom layer of the vessel in which they were trying to synthetically produce HFGs. By allowing Oxygen to pass through the vessel, the chemical prevented the foaming of cooking oil, hence leading to the formation of HFGs on a mass scale.

Regardless of where one might happen to live, hair loss is a worldwide problem, with billions of dollars being spent every year in therapies to implant hair.

Although hair regenerative medicine has already hit the market, the most they could do, so far, is to regenerate hair follicles, the tiny cells that only grow and sustain hair which develop naturally.

Consequently, before this research, one of the most challenging obstacles lying in front of the researchers was to find out a way to synthetically mass produce HFGs.

For, as stated earlier, these are the cells which are responsible for the production of hair follicles. Thankfully, as the current method has demonstrated, the scientists have now been able to produce up to 5,000HFGs simultaneously.

Rose McGowan Hits out at Justin Timberlake, Calls Time’s Up a “PR Stunt”

Speaking up on “The View” show of E! news, the actress recounted her dreadful experience with Harvey Weinstein, called out Time’s Up Movement as a fake, and hit out at Justin Timberlake for his silence on the work he did alongside Woody Allen.

In an interview which she gave to E! News on Tuesday, Rose McGowan has accused the Time’s Up movement of being a PR Stunt while criticizing Rose McGowan as a fake for his support of the same. In addition, the actress talked at length about her burgeoning feud with Meryl Streep.

The feud between Streep and McGowan started in December when McGowan called out her co-actress for not being blunter in her stand against Weinstein. Streep, who had worked with Weinstein in the past, released a statement calling his actions ‘’ most gargantuan example of disrespect.” To which McGowan replied in a tweet, saying, “No, Meryl, IT’S A F—ING CRIME. You are such a [liar]’’.

Therefore, in the light of these comments coming from her side, it was natural that McGowan would be asked about her opinion on the same topic once again, and she didn’t hold back.

“You know, it’s not so much Meryl Streep specifically, it’s just more of the establishment,” said McGowan. ‘’She’s a tremendous actress, she’s tremendously gifted, but anybody who kisses his ass is gross to me. Can’t help it. Sorry.”

As the conversation moved forward, the host asked McGowan her opinion on the Time’s Up movement and the decision of the celebrities to go to this year’s Golden Globes wearing all black.

Though she herself attended the event following the dress code, McGowan called it a “PR stunt” and revealed that Creative Arts Agency was behind the whole movement. She further claimed that the reason they were doing so was that she had accused them of human trafficking as, in her opinion, CRA takes ‘’profit off of their (women’s) bodies’’.

From then on, as if almost on a cue, she referred towards Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, his wife, and used them as an example to prove her point.

“So someone like Justin Timberlake showing up wearing a black shirt and taking a picture of Jessica Biel and hashtag something like, ‘Doesn’t my wife look hot?’ hashtag Time’s Up. And then I wanna be like hashtag Woody Allen, that’s who you’re working with. So the thing is collectively it felt really wrong,” McGowan said.


Revealed: Five Reasons Why America’s Got Talent Is Fake

It claims to find the best talent this land has to offer but is the show really what we see on the television? Or is there something dark lying just underneath the veneer of competition? Let’s find out.


In September last year, America’s Got Talent concluded its 12th season amid great fanfare and a promise that it would be back next year. And why shouldn’t it be back? Ratings were as good as ever, with the public glued to seeing the realization of American Dream right on their TV screens.

Still, just like every other reality show out there, the show has faced its fair share of accusations over the last decade and so. Some of the accusations went as far as to claim that the show was rigged and that the competition was merely a byword as the judges favored their favorite candidates.

How right were these accusations? Let’s find out.

#1: Contestants’ Backstories aren’t always verified

Remember contestant Timothy Poe from the Season 7? If you do, you may also recall what his backstory was; an Afghan war veteran who nearly lost his life after a grenade burst close to him on the battlefield. That story moved a lot of hearts and tears were also shed to know how a guy who almost lost his life put it back together to get back on the biggest stage reality TV has to offer.

If you were like the majority who believed in America’s Got Talent’s fact-checking department, I’ve got news for you: Ted Poe’s story was false. Worse, the image which Ted used to showcase himself as a soldier fighting in Afghanistan was that of another soldier. To be fair to Ted, he offered an apology after being caught pants down. Sadly, we cannot say the same about America’s Got Talent as, till date, there is no word from them on this story.

#2: The Show Holds the right to exaggerate life stories of its contestants

Ever wondered why almost every contestant’s backstory is so heart wrenching? After all, they are human beings like us, so why don’t they live a stale, uneventful life like most of us? The answer to this question was revealed in a book – which claimed that the show reserves the right to exaggerate the life stories of its contestants anyway it may like.

Worse, cashing in on its reputation as a programme which attracts millions every week, the show signs a contract with the contestants telling them that no matter how the show depicts their stories, they cannot sue it.

#3: It Pits Contestants against One Another For Ratings

Competition is fierce, showcases America’s Got Talent every year, so chivalry goes out the window and only those who are emotionless could survive. Well, as it turns out, while the competition is fierce, the administration of the show works hard to make it as ugly as possible to attract ratings.

Have doubts? Well, in a book titled Inside AGT, Cas Haley, Runner-up of Season 2, claimed that the producers of the show manipulated him and some others to make a female contestant cry in front of the camera.

#4: Many of the contestants are pre-recruited before the show

Nowhere does America Got Talent expends its audition process to showcase that the show is authentic. An anonymous guy (or girl) walks into the audition room, performs their act, and suddenly we’re told that yes, America’s Got Talent!

Well, as you might have guessed already, the show doesn’t work that way. In fact, once again turning to the book mentioned above, some of the former contestants allege that the show’s producers recruit performers before the audition season begins. Consequently, the show saves its time which it would otherwise have to spend trying to comb through a pool of candidates.

#5: Grueling Schedules might be the norm for Candidates

Ever wondered why almost every contestant cries when they are on-stage? Well, of the many reasons that may come to your mind, I’m sure that fatigue might not be there. Still, as alleged by some of the show’s previous candidates, fatigue does play a role.

In fact, as Season 4 Candidate Damien Escobar alleged, contestants were kept in the holding area for 19hours on a stretch. Worse, to make sure that they remained fit to do the job, nurses were on set to give anyone struggling with their health Vitamin B and K shots.

Five Celebrities Who Are Totally Different In Real Life

Think what you see on TV is what you get in real life? Think again, as when it comes to the world of Hollywood, it’s mostly quite the opposite.

All of us know that celebrities, like us, are human beings with all their follies and weaknesses. However, their on-screen persona conditions our mind to such an extent that we come to believe they are superhumans. That the person who makes us laugh one hour every day on TV is always in a funny mode during their life.

Here are five celebrities whose real-life versions are starkly different from their on-screen personas.

Take a look.

Jimmy Fallon

In contrast to his competitors in the industry, Jimmy Fallon mostly sticks to apolitical humor during his shows, a choice which showcases his go-safe approach. However, as suggested by various news reports, Fallon’s real life is anything but safe.

According to New York Post, Jimmy Fallon is becoming one of the biggest worries of NBC due to his late night drinking habits. Adding to the apprehensions of NBC is the fact that over a span of four months, Fallon suffered three booze-induced injuries, one of which forced those around him to rush Fallon to the hospital so that he could get his hand stitched up.

Michael Jordan

Just like LeBron James in the recent era, Michael Jordan was one of the best-paid athletes in the 20th century. He was so instrumental in his game that millions of American kids wanted to ‘Be Like Mike’ in their childhood. And why wouldn’t they as it was Jordan who single-handed led Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA titles in his prime.

While the television made him a heartthrob of millions, those who know Jordan from his life on the court think otherwise. Take, Steven Kerr, a teammate of Jordan, who was once on the receiving end of a punch coming from Michael. Also, during a game, he called Muggsy Bogues a f**king m******.

John Lennon


For a Beatle who wrote “Give Peace a Chance’’ and “All You Need is Love”, Lennon was only a man of words, and not of action. Behind the camera, he was abusive towards women, cheated on his first wife, and missed most of the childhood of his firstborn.

That said, unlike many other celebrities mentioned in this list, Lennon repented after his 2nd marriage, after which he became a househusband’. Giving an Interview to Playboy Magazine in 1980, Lennon concurred that he was a violent man who ‘’regrets his violence’’ and one who has ‘’learned not to be violent”.

Ben Affleck

Known for his stellar performances in the Batman series, Ben Affleck is one of the best-paid actors and directors in Hollywood.  Still, his on-screen success has done little to tame the demons which Affleck has battled for well over a decade off it.

Take his addiction with alcohol, for instance. So much did his addiction went out of hand that Ben entered rehab in 2001 to clear his mind. In addition to alcohol, gambling is another of his well-documented addiction, as demonstrated by an event during which a casino expelled him for counting cards.

Will Smith

Anybody who believes in rags to riches story cannot hate on Will Smith. The star’s entire life is an emblem that if you work hard and play by the rules, life is going to turn in your favor. Still, despite his hard work, not everyone is in awe of Will’s abilities.

For instance, during one of his breakout comedy shows with Aunt Viv, it was allegedly Will’s attitude that forced the show’s production to change one actress after another. The original Aunt Viva for the first three seasons, Jane Hubert, went so far as to accuse Smith of being disrespectful and egomaniac.

Revealed: The Never-Before Told Truths of Mark Salling

Shamed worldwide for his propensity for child porn, as he was caught possessing 50,000 child abuse images and was due to be jailed, the disgraced Glee Star committed suicide on Tuesday.

Disgraced Actor Mark Salling, better known as Noah “Puck” for his role in Fox’s Comedy-drama “Glee’’, was found dead in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, his attorney has confirmed. Initial reports hint that the disgraced actor might have committed suicide. He was 35.

Just one month before his death, in December 2017, Salling had pled guilty to possession of child pornography images. With the plea deal in place, Salling was expected to serve at least four years in jail, a far cry from the 20-year sentence which he would have received had he decided to contest the case.

Here’s what we know so far about the life (and death) of the disgraced actor …

He Committed Suicide

According to TMZ, Salling appears to have committed suicide by hanging himself. Worse, in an indication that it was hours before his body was eventually found, Salling’s corpse was reportedly noticed lying in a little league field.

Another report, this one coming from the Blast, confirmed to the media that Mark was missing for quite some time, and that a family member filed a report to the Police on 30th January to locate him. Still, it wasn’t the LAPD but a common man who found Salling’s body.

It wasn’t his first Suicide Attempt

Further aggravating the sense of loss of Salling’s loved ones is the report from TMZ which claimed that, in August 2017, the shamed actor cut his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. Still, after he had cut himself, Salling called one of his roomates who then informed 911 after which Salling was taken to the hospital.

Once in the hospital, reports further claim that Salling was kept in a psychiatric ward, and was later transferred to a rehabilitation center so that he could cope with his psychological demons. So fierce was his previous suicide attempt that Salling’s arms were reportedly scarred, hence forcing him to wear long sleeves despite the blistering heat of Los Angeles.

He Pled Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography Images

Salling was arrested for possessing Child Pornographic material for the first time in December, 2015. The Police raided his home after receiving a tip and found out a mega-cache of child pornographic material on his computer and a thumb drive.

After his initial recalcitrance, as Salling pled Not Guilty in 2016, Salling came around last year and accepted his crimes in a Federal Court. Per Federal Prosecutors, some of the victims whose images were found on Salling’s computer were between three and five years in age. He was scheduled to be sentenced in the coming March for 4 to 7 years in prison, after which he was to be released but kept under police supervision for 20 years.

The Reaction

Such was the nature of crimes that Salling committed during his life that even after his death, his co-stars were measured in offering their condolences.