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Fergie Mocked For Her NBA All-Star National Anthem Performance

Following her breathless, bluesy delivery of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ on the eve of NBA’s All-Star Game, Fergie was the butt of the jokes as Social media took turns mocking the 42-year-old American Singer.

As if her performance on the eve of the biggest game on NBA’s calendar wasn’t bad enough, Fergie was criticized ruthlessly on social media in the wake of her botched rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. So severe was the backlash that the Black-eyed singer had to come on her Twitter and apologize to her fans.

Throughout her performance which took almost two-and-a-half-minutes, the crowd inside the Staples Center – the arena where the All-Star game was held, were slowly chuckling as per the Associated Press. Some basketball players, including Draymond Green, were unable to suppress their laughter as the performance was going live.

When asked during halftime as to how he felt about her performance, Charles Barkley quipped that he ‘need a cigarette after that’’. Shaquille O’Neal was the solo voice speaking in her favor, as she described her performance as ‘different’ and ‘sexy’

Still, while the reaction inside the arena to her botched-up performance was muted, on Social Media, it soon turned into a full-blown fiasco, with even celebrities taking turns to criticize their fellow American singer.

Even Roseanne Barr, who is no stranger to delivering botched performances – as her 1990 performance at the Padres Game was ranked among 10 of the worst national anthem renditions ever, weighed in, quipping that her performance was ‘low key’.

While Barr turned to humor to make fun of Fergie’s performance, other social media users were not so kind.

To her credit, Fergie didn’t lash out on social media users who were making fun of her performance. Instead, she turned to TMZ to issue a full-blown apology, by claiming that she ‘took a risk’ which clearly didn’t pay off in her favor.

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