England 2-1 Tunisia: 5 Talking Points Following Harry Kane’s Winner

Despite enjoying long spells of domination in the first half, the Three Lions had to rely on a last-gasp Harry Kane strike to clinch all three favorites.

It all came down to a glancing header. Despite all the chances they created in the first half – and they created lots of them – it was a Harry Kane header which gave England the victory it deserved against a resolute Tunisia side.

The Three Lions dominated the game for long spells but their profligacy in front of goal ensured to take much credit away from an otherwise excellent performance by the 1966 World Cup champions.

Here are the 5 talking points from the game …

1- Harry Kane the Star Performer

Coming into the World Cup, Harry Kane had taken offense with the criticism leveled at him by sections of English media. However, as his performance here showed, the English captain was totally unfazed by the criticism.

Two goals, the first of which was a tap-in with the other a winner, made sure Harry Kane silenced all his critics in brilliant fashion.

Therefore, while he is not yet in the league of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Tottenham forward could become as important to his team as both these superstars.

2- The Hard Way For England

Although England fans weren’t expecting it any other way – as they are all too aware of the recent failings in big competitions of their team – the way England outplayed Tunisia in the opening spells of the game suggested that this could be an easy night for the Three Lions.

However, thanks to their wastefulness in front of goals and some questionable refereeing, England once again followed the hard way to get three points.

3- Jordan Henderson Was Brilliant

It wasn’t as if Henderson had a point to prove in this game. After all, it was only a month ago that his captained Liverpool side reached the UEFA Champions League final. Still, to silence the pockets of fans who still doubt his ability, the Liverpool skipper showed his class yet again today.

He was commanding on the ball, industrious with it, with some of his cross-field passes absolutely sublime. Gone now are the sideways passes which earned him the ridicule of fans in the yesteryears. Now, Henderson knows how to propel his team forward. And in an English side which lacks big names on its team sheet, Henderson could become one come July.

4- Kyle Walker Can Play Better

With England cruising and looking as if they would put the game to bed even before halftime, it was a moment of madness from Kyle Walker on the 33rd-minute mark which got Tunisia back into the game. His needless swing of an elbow to block Ben Yousseff gave Tunisia the penalty they ill-deserved, which the North-African side slotted him to get on level terms.

Still, since these are early days in the World Cup, Kyle Walker would get the chance to display his true importance to the English side. Otherwise, provided he doesn’t, the prodigious Trent Arnold is waiting in the wings for his chance.

5- Lingard Should Justify His Inclusion Vs Panama

If you are the reason that Jamie Vardy and Marcus Rashford are on the bench then you ought to play much better than Jesse Lingard against Tunisia. And it isn’t as if he doesn’t know how to grasp the big occasion, as Lingard has shown with his goals for Manchester United in cup finals.

Here in Russia, however, how final touch betrayed him. Right from the second minute, when he allowed the Tunisian keeper to save with his legs, Lingard’s ice-cold composure was nowhere to be seen. Still, just like Walker, Lingard could make sure to justify his inclusion against Panama this coming Sunday.

Netflix Picks Up “Lucifer” After Fox Cancellation, Episode Count Revealed

Netflix’s decision to pick-up “Lucifer” took the fans of the supernatural TV drama by a pleasant surprise who were earlier mourning its cancellation by Fox.

Over the past couple of weeks, the TV world experienced a bloodbath as numerous long-running fan-favorite TV drams were canceled by networks, including “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Marvel’s Inhumans,” “The X-Files,” “The Expanse,” and numerous others.

Since then, fans have launched various campaigns to save their favorite TV shows. Some of those campaigns have yielded positive results, as both the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Expanse” have been rescued.

Enter Fox’s “Lucifer,” whose name can now officially be added to the saved list.

Fox unveiled its decision to cancel “Lucifer” at the start of May and after running it for three seasons. The supernatural drama has now been picked up by Netflix, with the streaming giant ready to stream its fourth season to the viewers.

Ever since its cancellation, “Lucifer” was in contact with numerous streaming outlets to keep the series going, before eventually arriving at Netflix.

It has also been revealed that Amazon Studios were also initially interested in picking up the series, though eventually Netflix swooped in and won the day.

“Lucifer” reveals around the life of Devil (Tom Ellis) who vacated Hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles, where the LAPD hires him as a consultant to solve crimes.

Although it received mixed reviews in its debut season in 2016, the 2nd and 3rd seasons saw its popularity rising.

Details have emerged that the 4th season will consist of ten brand-new episodes, plus the two additional “bonus” episodes which would run for the same length of time as the original episodes. The 3rd season, meanwhile, consisted of 22 episodes.

Netflix’s decision to jump in and save “Lucifer” follows the longstanding tradition of the streaming giant to give a new life to fan-favorites. It has saved numerous shows, like “Longmire” and “Arrested Development” in the past.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z drop surprise Joint Album “Everything Is Love”

Justifying their reputation of dropping a new album without much fanfare, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have dropped a surprised joint album “Everything is Love”.

While most singers drop choreographed hints about their upcoming album weeks before the planned release as a promotion strategy, both Beyoncé and Jay-Z prefer to do the same with as little fanfare as possible.

The Carters did the same once again on Saturday as they released their most recent collaboration – “Everything is Love” – following a London concert. The release of the long-rumored album has sent the fans of the couple into an expected frenzy.

Available initially only on Tidal – a streaming service owned in part by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – “Everything Is Love” is a nine-track album which was released around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

It is the first full-length album released by the couple after years of shared touring, musical collaborations, marriage, and parenthood. Apart from the nine songs, a bonus track titled “Salud!” is also available on the Tidal streaming service.

The news that they have released a new album was first posted by Beyoncé on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Afterward, as the couple’s show at the London Stadium concluded, a large neon signed announced: “ALBUM OUT NOW”

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Apart from including “Apes**t”, a song which is supplemented with a video, “Everything Is Love” includes songs called “Heard About Us”, “Friends”, and “Boss”.

The album’s closing track, titled “Lovehappy,” sees Jay-Z declaring, “We broke up and got back together.” Beyoncé chimes in, “We came and we conquered/now we’re happy in love.”

In addition to surprising their fans with the release of their new album, Beyoncé and Jay-Z might also have caught major streaming services, like Spotify, off guard.

For, as of the start of 2017, Spotify hosts none of Jay-Z’s major albums. And while it got most of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, no song of “Everything Is Love” is currently on Spotify.

Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently on a joint stadium tour, “On the Run II,’’ which took them to London on Saturday. The tour is the sequel to the couple’s 2014 pairing and would kick start in the United States in July.

John Oliver Rebukes Trump Over His Administration’s Border Child Separation Policy

The host of “Last Week Tonight” kicked off the weekly show with a blistering rebuke of Trump administration’s Immigration Strategy which separates children from parents.

John Oliver started “Last Week Tonight” by discussing the previous week for President Trump that included the president meeting with what Oliver called “Cutie Patootie” Kim Jong Un.

Responding to the President’s tweet in which he said that there is “no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea”, Oliver couldn’t help but compare the president to Grim Reaper.

“Donald Trump telling me I can sleep well tonight is like the Grim Reaper telling me to Have a Happy Birthday,” Oliver said. “His presence is the reason I will not.”

The “deal” which President Donald Trump managed to strike with the North Korean leader was pretty underwhelming, to say the least.

Even though the American president announced to end America’s military drills with South Korea, the North Korean leader wasn’t so forthcoming regarding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Responding to the same, Oliver noted that it is Trump’s strength to deliver something that isn’t actually good as great. He further called the deal as an “ice cream blow job.”

One thing which surprised neutral observers was the way the American president defended Kim Jong Un in the wake of the summit. He called Kim a “great negotiator” who is “very smart”, “a funny guy” and a “great personality”.

“I’m not going to say that part of Trump’s admiration for Kim is that he wishes he could be a dictator,” Oliver explained. “I’m going to let him say that.”

Oliver then played a line from Trump’s recent interview with “Fox & Friends” in which the President called Kim a “strong head” of North Korea. He also spoke with admiration as to how people of North Korea “sit up at attention” when Kim speaks, before expressing his wish of American people “doing the same”.

Or, as Oliver put it, “ The President of the United States expressed the wish the people of the United States would model themselves after the malnourished population of North Korea.”

“It’s clear that the president wishes he were a dictator, which is a dire realization, right up there with ‘The robots have become sentient,’ or ‘the cat has power of attorney.’ How the fuck did we get here?”

The host of “Last Week Tonight” then turned his attention to the growing outrage which follows Trump administration’s strategy to separate children from parents. Although the president wants to blame the Democrats for the law, Oliver was having none of that.

Cue Oliver: “Democrats did not give them these laws, because—and I cannot stress this enough—there is no law that suddenly required separating parents from their children. This is a result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions.”

Donald Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following North Korea Summit

The US president has been nominated for the ultimate peace prize by a group of Norwegian politicians following the groundbreaking North Korea summit.

A group of Norwegian politicians has nominated the US President for the Nobel Peace Prize after Donald Trump held talks with Kim Jong Un in the North Korea summit.

The nomination has come from at least two members of the Norway’s Progress Party, which is generally considered left of center and is the third largest party in the Scandinavian country.

“What’s going on now is historic,” Progress Party member Per-Willy Amundsen told NRK. “A process is underway to ensure world peace in the future. It’s a fragile process, but we must, of course, do what we can to help this process bring good results.

Though the nomination has now been made, it missed this year’s deadline for the ultimate peace prize. So Mr. Trump would have to wait for until next year to be officially nominated for the award.

The Nobel Peace Prize – which was also awarded to Mr. Trump’s predecessor Barrack Obama – is considered one of the most iconic honors in the world. It is open to academics, leaders, and researches, with the scope of the nomination so broad that a record 330 people were nominated for the 2018 prize.

Mr. Trump isn’t the only world leader who has ever been nominated for the prize. For, in the past, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, were also nominated for the same, though none of them was able to clinch it.

Should Mr. Trump wins the award, he would join his immediate predecessor Barrack Obama in the list of US presidents who have received the honor.

The US President was in Singapore this week where he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and thereby becoming the first sitting US President to meet with Mr. Kim. After a day of negotiations, the two countries parted way amid hopes of protracted negotiations in the coming months.

Zidane Discusses the roles of Ronaldo and Ramos in his decision to leave Real Madrid

The former French World Cup winner left the Spanish giants after winning three successive UEFA Champions League titles with the club.

Former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has refused to blame the unhappiness expressed by Cristiano Ronaldo to play any part in his decision to leave Real Madrid after three highly successful seasons at the club.

Zidane announced his decision to leave Real Madrid just five days after winning his third straight Champions League title, leaving the fans to ponder over what may have forced him to leave Los Blancos.

During his final press conference at the club, Zidane was asked by media whether Ronaldo’s unhappiness played any part in his decision, but he refuted the notion altogether.

“I had the respect of all, above all the players, which has been fundamental in achieving things,” Zidane said. “The players have nothing to do with my decision, it is about what I think.”

Zidane also told the press that before making his decision to leave the club, he had spoken to the club captain Sergio Ramos.

“I’ve sent a message to all the squad and I’ve spoken to Sergio Ramos.

“As always as a person and captain, we have lived a lot together, he respects my decision. He wished me luck.

Apart from revealing that he had previously spoken to Ramos, Zidane was also effusive in his praise for the 32-year-old.

“He is a leader, a captain and it has been a pleasure to share three more years with him.”

World Cup 2018: Russian MP Fires Bizarre Sex Warning to Local Women

The MP, who is known for her criticism of the #MeToo movement, has now advised Russian women to ‘’give birth to our own children’’.

A lawmaker who heads the Russian parliament’s family committee has advised local women to refrain from sleeping with visiting World Cup fans, lest they want to become single mothers of mixed-race children.

Tamara Pletnyova, a 70-year-old lawmaker who chairs the lower house’s family, women and children body, fired the warning to her fellow Russian women while speaking to the Govorit Moskva radio.

“I hope they get something clear in their heads regarding foreigners. Will there still be girls who will date foreigners and then have children from them? Perhaps there will be some, but I am hoping not.’

Pletnyova warned local women that they should learn lessons from the USSR era when some of their predecessors became pregnant after having relationships with foreigners at the 1980’ Moscow Olympics.

The interviewer then asked Pletnyova whether the world cup could see a spike in Russia’s flailing birth rate – a major goal for President Putin – to which she replied: ‘We should be giving birth to our own children.’

‘It’s the children who suffer… and have suffered since the Soviet era. It’s lucky if they’re the same race (as the mother) but if they’re of another race, it’s worse,’ the politician said.

She further said that even if the men decide to marry the mother of their progeny, they take both of them away from Russia, with the result that the women don’t know how to get back.

‘Then they come to see me at parliament and cry that their children were taken away, snatched from them.’ As a result, she further claimed, both the members of the couple should ‘’be citizens of Russia’’.

It isn’t the first time that the Russian lawmaker has been making the news with her remarks. Previously, she irked the liberal world with her criticism of the #MeToo movement.

‘We’re not in America or Europe. Why should we copy everything?” she had then told Gazeta.ru site, before adding: “If a woman doesn’t want it, no one is going to harass her,’

She has been serving as a lawmaker in the Russian parliament ever since 1993 when the first post-Soviet parliament was formed.

Kesha Accused Dr. Luke of Raping Katy Perry

In response, the producer has filed a $50 million defamation suit which describes Kesha making the accusation in a text to Lady Gaga.

Kesha accused Dr. Luke of raping Katy Perry in a text conversation with Lady Gaga, a defamation lawsuit filed by Dr. Luke – whose real name is Gottwald – claims.

The text conversation in which Kesha accused Dr. Luke of raping Katy Perry took place in February 2016 has now been subpoenaed as a part of $50 million defamation lawsuit Dr. Luke filed against Kesha. He filed the suit in response to Kesha’s claims of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

Though the contents of the conversation were initially sealed, the legal papers Dr. Luke’s lawyers filed in New York last May claimed Kesha informing Lady Gaga that the producer raped Katy Perry. Perry has worked with Dr. Luke on various songs like “Roar”, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream”.

“In this text message, [Kesha] also falsely asserted that Gottwald had also raped Kathryn Hudson a/k/a Katy Perry,” the documents stated.

“Following this text message conversation, and with [Kesha’s] encouragement, Ms. Germanotta spread negative messages about Gottwald in the press and on social media.’’

The lawsuit further revealed that both Gaga and Perry had been deposed as a part of the countersuit, though what Katy Perry told the court wasn’t revealed. Also, the exact messages which Gaga and Kesha sent to each other in that conversation weren’t disclosed.

Dr. Luke Vs. Kesha – A History of Legal battle

It was in October 2014 that Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, for allegedly drugging, emotionally abusing and raping her for a decade. The singer further alleged in the suit that she only suffered because Dr. Luke threatened to destroy her career and her family if she opened her mouth.

In response, Dr. Luke tweeted that Kesha was like ‘’my little sister’’, whereas his lawyer claimed that the allegations were leveled to ‘’extort money and gain contractual leverage’’.

The court, however, rejected Kesha’s claims of gender violence and sexual assault against Dr. Luke, declaring they were too weak, too old, or didn’t take place within its jurisdiction.

Dr. Luke then filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Kesha for accusing him for the implication of raping Lady Gaga. The team of Lady Gaga denied any such incident.

World Cup 2018: Your Guide to All 32 Teams

With the FIFA World Cup 2018 just around the corner, we have decided to give you a lowdown on each team taking part in the competition.

Group A – Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Despite being the hosting nation, the Russian side taking part in the competition lacks any big names. Only Alan Dzagoev, the playmaker from CSKA Moscow, is their best chance at creativity. As a result, there’s a very good chance that they might join South Africa to become the 2nd host nation in World Cup’s history to be eliminated in the group stage.

Uruguay, meanwhile, are twice World Cup winners in 1930 and 1950 and contains a multitude of star players including Barcelona’s Luis Suarez and PSG’s Edinson Cavani. They also have a formidable defensive prowess, hence the reason why Uruguay are expected to top Group A.

For Egypt, it is only the 2nd time in their history that they’ve made it to the group stages of the World Cup. However, that doesn’t mean that anything more would be a bonus. With a star player in Mohamed Salah – who scored 32 goals last season with Liverpool in the Premier League – they are hot favorites to join Uruguay in the knockout stages.

On paper, Saudi Arabia has more experience at this level than Egypt, as they made it to the Round of 16 in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Their star player is Mohammad al-Sahlawi who scored 16-goals in the qualifying round and has 28 goals in 33 appearances for his country.

Group B – Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

The Group B contains reigning European champions Portugal who are coming into the competition having won 9 out of 10 qualifying games. Their star player is obviously Cristiano Ronaldo who has scored more goals for his country than any other player in history.

Hoping to dent the enthusiasm of Portugal will be the 2010 World Cup winners in Spain, who have taken a hit even before the start of World Cup. Their manager Julen Lopetegui was sacked just one day before the start of the World Cup. Still, with the number of star players Spain have at their disposal, they should breeze through the group stages.

Battling it out for the third spot will be Iran and Morocco, two teams who couldn’t have wished to be in a worse group than this. While Iran has made 4 World Cup appearances, Morocco’s best performance came in 1986 when they reached the Round of 16.

Group C – France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

France is one of the most feared teams in this World Cup as they have a team full of match-winners at every position. Still, as their performances in the qualifying round showed – where they were defeated by Sweden and held to a draw by Luxembourg at home – this French team is still some way short of the 1998 team which lifted the Cup.

After France, the next big name in Group C is that of Denmark, whose best performance at this stage came in the 1998 World Cup when they made it to the quarterfinals. With Christian Erikson marshaling their midfield, the Danish side is favorites for the 2nd spot in this group.

Among the other two sides, Peru has the pedigree to be the surprise package of this group. That is despite the fact that this is their first appearance in the World Cup in 36 years.

Group D – Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Containing Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, and Paulo Dybala, the Argentine side is one of the hot favorites to lift the cup next month. Just like France, they have a match winner at every position. However, unlike France, the Argentine players know how to perform when the heat is on.

Croatia has the firepower in midfielder Luka Modric and striker Mario Mandzukic to be the surprise package of this year’s World Cup. Though they are likely to face a tough test from the Nigerian side which contains several quality players including John Obi Mikel and Leicester’s Wilfred Ndidi.

As for Iceland, their victory against England in the 2016 Euro Championships means this team can perform on its day. And even though they have Gylfi Sigurdsson in their midfield, the strength of this Iceland team lies in their collective.

Group E – Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

With five-time World Cup winners Brazil in this group, it would be a huge folly to tip any other team to finish atop Group E. Their form has taken an upturn ever since the sacking of former manager Dunga, with Brazil unbeaten in the qualifying since the appointment of Tite.

As for Switzerland, they contain at least two-star players in ex-Bayern man Xherdan Shaqiri and AC Milan’s free-kick specialist left-back, Ricardo Rodriguez. However, if their recent history in this competition offers a clue, the Swiss are tipped to be knocked out in the group stages.

Costa Rica, meanwhile, was the surprise package in 2014 when they reached the quarterfinals. They have a truly world class player in goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who plies his trade with the European club champions Real Madrid.

Serbia has an uncharacteristically solid midfield and defense as it features veterans Aleksandar Kolarov, Nemanja Matic, and Branislav Ivanovic. They have what it takes to turn the Group E into a group of death for Switzerland and Costa Rica.

Group F – Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Germany is coming into this year’s competition as the reigning World Champions and there is no reason why they cannot repeat their performance from last World Cup. They have a star-studded squad, a manager who knows how to win trophies, and arguably the best goalkeeper in the world in a fit-again Manuel Neuer.

Mexico has two accomplished performers in Hector Moreno and Javier Hernandez. They might fancy their chances to make it to the round of 16, but standing in their way is a Sweden side which might suffer from the absence of one Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Just like Mexico, South Korea has two-star performers in Tottenham’s Son Heung Min and captain Ki Sung-Yeung. Given the way they performed in the qualification round, do not rule out a respectable showing by South Korea in the group stages.

Group G – Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

Featuring two heavyweights in Belgium and England, Group G might be in for some fireworks. The English team, which has been underperforming at major competitions since 1996. They don’t have the star-studded cast of yesteryears but what they do have is a plethora of young players eager to make their mark on the International arena.

Belgium, meanwhile, will be entering into this World Cup with their golden generations still intact. With Eden Hazard providing the pace down the flanks, Romelu Lukaku outmuscling the opponents in the main striker role and Thibaut Courtois as their goalkeeper, the Red Devils are tipped to top this group.

As for Panama and Tunisia, both of them will be hoping for an English slip-up. Otherwise, both these teams might be heading to the airport at the culmination of the group stages.

Group H – Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

Poland will be looking towards the goal-scoring prowess of Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski to ease them through Group H. They have another, highly-rated player in Piotr Zielinski whose uncanny ability to score long-range goals makes him a threat.

Senegal has the pace and flair of Liverpool forward Sadio Mane who is currently enjoying the best form of his career. The 26-year-old former Southampton forward scored 20 goals and assisted another 8 in all competitions last season.

As for Colombia, their main hope, now that James Rodriguez has lost his form which turned him into a sensation in the last world cup, is the striker Radamel Falcao. He missed the last World Cup due to ACL tear and will look to use his time at Monaco to make amends here. With three such good teams in the mix, it seems that Japan might finish bottom of Group H.

‘Dumbo’ Trailer: First Teaser of Tim Burton’s Live-Action Remake

Starring Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito, and Michael Keaton, Tim Burton’s live-action remake of ‘Dumbo’ will hit theatres March next year.

Disney’s first teaser trailer of ‘Dumbo’ has done well to assuage the fears of the fans who thought that the live-action remake of the Disney Classic will leave it looking bizarre.

The teaser trailer, which stars Norwegian popstar Aurora singing Baby Mine, features Dreamland clips and ends with Dumbo taking flight for the first time in his life.

It was last year that Disney unveiled its first look of the live-action remake of Dumbo. Its unveiling of the dummy of the titular elephant back then had received mix responses from the audience, with one newspaper calling it ‘’nightmare inducing’’.

To be fair to Disney, it wasn’t easy for it to transform a 2D elephant – with ears twice the size of its body – into something photogenic. Still, it put doubts in the minds of Disney fans who feared that the production house might ruin the Disney classic.

Luckily, as the abovementioned teaser trailer shows, the character of Dumbo now looks more palatable than it did a year ago. Therefore, Disney fans can rest easy as the production house has done well to transform a literary classic into a live-action figure.

Apart from unveiling the teaser trailer of the movie which stars Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito, and Michael Keaton, Disney has also unveiled an official synopsis.

‘’Dumbo’’ introduces Holt Farrier (Farrell), a former circus star who returns from war to find his life turned upside down. He is employed by the circus owner Max Medici (DeVito) to take care of a newborn elephant.

That elephant is none other than ‘’Dumbo’’ whose oversized ears make matters difficult for him at the circus. To make matters worse, the circus is already struggling, so Dumbo becomes a laughing stock due to his ears.

Luckily, Holt’s children come to discover that Dumbo can fly, and with that Dumbo’s fortunes change. A team consisting of persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Keaton) and aerial artist Colette Marchant (Green) chime in to make a previously outlier Dumbo a star of the circus.