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Prepare Yourself: Honest Breakup Messages That Hit Hard

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Breakups are usually meant to be civil. When you sense a shift in your feelings and realize your partner might not be the right fit, it’s important to have an open conversation. This is the time to figure out if you both need to put more effort into the relationship or if it’s time to part ways.

Brace yourself for these shocking breakup messages that caught some people off guard. We wouldn’t wish them on just anyone—unless, of course, you’ve done something to earn it!

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Imagine the scenario: a person declares that their diet starts tomorrow, and it could mean two different things. Firstly, it might indicate someone committed to beginning a keto diet, bidding farewell to their beloved pizza. Alternatively, it could signal a rather heartless breakup message delivered through a box of pizza. If you’re a pizza enthusiast, this is probably the last way you’d want to hear about a breakup.

However, if you find yourself in this pizza-induced heartbreak, at least you’ll have a hot, gooey pizza to drown your sorrows in. Because, let’s face it, pizza makes everything a bit more bearable.

Not on the Same Page

In relationships, it’s crucial to find a partner who’s on the same page as you. This doesn’t mean sharing identical interests or wanting the same things at the same time, but rather growing together and merging your paths. This couple, unfortunately, seems to have missed that memo. Picture this: you attempt to express something simultaneously, only to have it go terribly wrong.

In their case, one person had something sweet to share, while the other was ready to break hearts. Jacob wanted out, while his significant other was all about taking their relationship to the next level—marriage. Jacob, breaking up over a disagreement about commitment? Not the most courageous move, buddy.

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Take that Paul!

Paul’s public breakup might have been humiliating, but it appears he earned it. No sympathy here. Imagine this: the cafe where Paul cherished his morning cappuccino is now tainted with the memory of his unfaithfulness. Well, serves him right.

Paul, you’ve been served, and now you’ll have to find a new spot for your caffeine fix. And, by the way, say your goodbyes to your dog too, you unfaithful creature!

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Publicly Broke and Single

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the courage of a woman scorned. If your husband is unfaithful, what’s a better way to expose him than a billboard on a building? And to top it off, she used their joint bank account to pay for it. The look on Steven’s face when he saw that sign must have been priceless.

Emily tried getting Steven’s attention for a while, with no success. Well, Emily, with this move, you’ve not only grabbed his attention but likely everyone else’s in the city. Hope Steven learned his lesson for his next relationship, if he ever dares to pursue one again.


We’ve all endured our fair share of bad knock-knock jokes, but this one takes the cake. Normally, a joke is meant to elicit laughter, but this guy had different intentions. Imagine expecting a laugh and receiving heartbreak instead. That’s just cruel.

She wasn’t prepared to cry over a knock-knock joke. The worst part? The guy informs her he’s serious. Well, she’s better off without him. Anyone who can’t muster the courage for a face-to-face breakup isn’t deserving of someone’s commitment.

A Wish

Who doesn’t enjoy making a wish at 11:11? Even if you’re not convinced it’ll come true, it’s a fun little ritual. Unfortunately, for someone, the wish to get married and stay together forever turned into a wish-gone-wrong. It’s safe to say, they won’t be making any more 11:11 wishes after this disaster. Lesson learned: make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

Seems like these two had completely different visions for the future! One person was enthusiastic about their shared journey, while the other was eager to exit the relationship.

Strong Case

Ever tried to break up with someone who just won’t accept it? It can be tough when they try to convince you to stay. That’s why it’s crucial to stand your ground and make the breakup official. Otherwise, you risk falling into an unhealthy cycle of breaking up and getting back together.

When faced with responses like “you’ll never find someone like me,” it can make you question your decision. However, in this case, it seems like the person stood firm, not letting their soon-to-be ex manipulate their choices.

Free Wife

This guy is having a massive garage sale, and guess what? His wife might be up for grabs—for free! In a “all must go” sale, owners are eager to get rid of everything fast, even a cheating spouse. This might not sit well with the wife, but hey, desperation calls for drastic measures.

If you’re not too concerned about the circumstances, you could snag his wife for free. It appears this guy is in a hurry to part ways. Tough luck for the wife, but maybe she had it coming.


In a world full of acronyms, “ILY” usually means “I Love You.” But when this person received an “ILY” text, they expected romance, not a breakup. Shocking, right? Anyone who lacks the audacity to break up in person doesn’t deserve a relationship. This person was likely left heartbroken and shouldn’t consider forgiving their ex under any circumstances.

Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too…

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well, for one person, this phrase became a reality when their partner broke up with them through a cake. Moving to Australia was already a big step, but delivering a breakup via cake? That’s next level. At least they got a cake to comfort them during the emotional aftermath.

It seems like one person in this relationship was so eager to move on that they took the breakup to an extreme, moving to the farthest place possible. Getting broken up with through a cake is pretty harsh, and the person on the receiving end may never enjoy another birthday the same way.

It’s Not Your Math. It’s Me

Breaking up with someone because of bad math skills? Not the case here. Ron’s terrible English, on the other hand, played a role in the breakup. Saying “I don’t have any math” isn’t exactly attractive. Ron thought his math was the issue, but it turned out she’s seeking a more educated partner. Poor Ron, maybe he’ll spend summer school learning math and realizing he’s single.

Denial is Rough

Breaking up is already tough, but it gets harder when your partner is in denial. Despite the exclamation points conveying the message, this person refuses to believe their boyfriend is breaking up with them. When reality hits, they’ll be in for a rough time coming to terms with the breakup. This level of naivety is concerning, and we genuinely worry about this person navigating the world on their own.

The Joke’s On YOU!

Sometimes, your secrets don’t stay hidden forever. No matter how well you think you’re covering your tracks, the truth has a way of coming out. This girl thought she was getting away with sneaky rendezvous, but her boyfriend had a clever plan. He gave her a card that said, “this card will feel heavy.” Instead of jewelry, she found the key to her home. Time to move out! Sneaking around never ends well, and this breakup was well-deserved.

Keep Up

Breaking up is tough, especially when one person is in denial. In these text messages, it’s unclear if they’re discussing their own breakup or a celebrity couple. Regardless, the other person isn’t grasping the reality. They reference Seal and Heidi, Britney and Justin, trying to make a point. But the message isn’t sinking in. We’ve all been there, clinging to the hope that our favorite couples will stay together forever. Acceptance can be a tough pill to swallow.

Take a Good Look At Yourself

Sometimes, a harsh reality check awaits in the mirror. This person woke up, went to the bathroom, and discovered their reflection held a breakup message. They’ve been dumped, and now they’ll spend time cleaning off makeup-streaked mirrors while reflecting on the relationship. The details of who initiated the breakup and why remain a mystery.


Get Your Act Together, Shawn

A precious breakup letter unfolds the story of Shawn, who was too shy to talk to Rachel for three months. They seem to be young, and Rachel’s frustration with Shawn’s lack of communication led to the breakup. Rachel’s advice is clear: communication is key. Shawn might want to take this lesson to heart and learn that relationships require more than googly-eyed stares in math class. Rachel delivers her message in a sweet way, but Shawn has some self-improvement ahead.


If Anybody Was Wondering

In the era of social media, millennials sometimes struggle with in-person communication. In this case, @cjkarl11 publicly broke up with @syd_ross on Instagram. Getting broken up with is tough, but having it happen on social media takes it to another level. The reasons behind the public announcement remain unknown, leaving us curious about the story between @cjkarl11 and @syd_ross.

Better Read the Paper

Kevin Maxey received a unique breakup message via the local newspaper. While not as common as social media breakup announcements, it still caught Kevin off guard. Reading the local newspaper might not be everyone’s habit, but for Kevin, it turned out to be the source of a breakup message. We hope someone who knows Kevin saw the message and let him know he’s now single.

Work, It’s Over.

Breakups aren’t limited to personal relationships; they can happen at work too. Madelyn wrote a clever breakup letter to Five Guys, expressing her gratitude for the positive experience but explaining she’s moving on to new adventures like traveling. The letter suggests a positive relationship with Five Guys, making it clear that the breakup isn’t personal. Madelyn’s thoughtful letter indicates her genuine appreciation for her time with Five Guys.

A Bit of Humor

Some people in life bring laughter, even with dark humor. In this scenario, an ex texts, expressing missing the other, and the response is a dark-humor-infused suggestion to jump. The message is clear: the sender doesn’t want the ex around and finds amusement in making fun of them. Humor can be a coping mechanism during tough times, and this message uses it to convey a strong desire for separation.

Break Up Anniversary

Breaking up on an anniversary can add an extra layer of hurt. Young Delandren ended his one-month relationship with Krystal on their anniversary, making an already difficult situation more challenging. While Delandren may have thought wishing her a happy anniversary was a nice touch, it likely intensified the pain. As they’re quite young, the significance of this breakup might not fully resonate until they’re older.

The Joke’s On Him

Attempting a joke about a disconnected phone backfires for this guy when he misspells the word “You.” The woman on the other end is delivering significant news, and he unintentionally reveals his tactic. The identity of the woman and the news remains unknown, leaving room for curiosity about the situation. This public revelation could have consequences, especially if it involves fatherhood.

Two Girlfriends

Steve Frazer faces public exposure when both his girlfriends team up to confront him. The sign calls him out for cheating, and the united front of the two women adds an extra layer of empowerment to the situation. Steve’s realization that he can no longer maintain both relationships must have been embarrassing, especially with the public humiliation. This instance showcases the strength of two women standing up against infidelity.

Why I Don’t Like You

Getting a breakup is challenging, but receiving a detailed list of criticisms is even harder. The person leaving points out seemingly superficial issues, such as a preference for Predator 2 over Predator 1 and knowing all the members of One Direction. However, some concerns, like kissing family members on the lips, may have merit. The list serves as a comprehensive breakdown of the issues that led to the breakup, suggesting the need for personal growth.

When It’s for the Best

Sometimes, ending a relationship is the right decision for both parties. Toxic relationships may hinder personal growth and happiness. The reaction of the other person to the breakup can reveal whether it was the right choice. The poem in this picture, sent after expressing relationship doubts, indicates immaturity and cliché responses, affirming that moving on is the right decision.

If You Can’t Write It, Draw It

Expressing emotions can be challenging, and this guy chose drawings over words to convey his feelings to Janet. While the drawing, featuring a boy riding a giraffe, may not directly explain the reasons for the breakup, the angry expression on the rider’s face suggests intense emotions. Despite the unconventional approach, it likely left Janet with mixed feelings unless she was accustomed to his peculiar ways.


How Can You Be So Heartless?

Breaking up in public can be tough, and this girl publicly announced to her significant other, Dan, that she was leaving him for Gary. The reasons behind the breakup are unclear, and we don’t know if Dan deserved such a public and harsh treatment. Adding to the hurt, Laura chose Valentine’s Day to break the news, potentially ruining any romantic plans Dan might have had. Sending him back to his parents’ home seems particularly brutal, suggesting she didn’t give him much say in the matter.

The Extreme Break Up

Breakups can evoke intense emotions, but some take it to extremes. A boy wanted to sever ties with Valerie so desperately that he drew a graphic image illustrating the lengths he would go to avoid her. The graphic nature of the drawing raises concerns, especially considering the young age of the individuals involved. One hopes that responsible adults, possibly the boy’s parents, saw the note and took appropriate steps, such as seeking child therapy if needed.

To The Point

In the era of digital communication, short breakup notes have become more prevalent. While breaking up in person is considered more considerate and mature, quick text messages have become common. Jenny’s breakup text to Alexander is concise and to the point. She not only ends the relationship but also preempts any worries Alexander might have about her dating his friends, clarifying that she isn’t interested in them. Despite the brevity, Jenny’s message carries a clear and direct tone.

Being Genuine

Breaking up is a challenging task, and some people resort to using quotes, even from fictional characters, to express their feelings. While quoting celebrities or superheroes can be creative, it may also come across as insincere. In this case, the person being broken up with understood the reference, indicating a shared interest in superheroes. Whether this common interest brought the couple together or not, the use of someone else’s words in a breakup scenario remains a topic of debate.


That “New Film”

Using a deceptive movie reference, one person tricks the other into thinking they’re talking about a film called “other people.” However, the twist is that they actually want to see other people, not a movie. This clever yet cruel move sets up false expectations and delivers a blow when the true intention is revealed. While the message is inventive, it’s also a low and hurtful tactic. Sympathy goes out to the person who received this message, and one hopes they find someone kinder in the future.


These text messages might be jokes between a funny couple, but if taken seriously, the man seems to be at the losing end, and the woman has the last word. Getting dumped, especially when expecting a baby, is undoubtedly tough. However, if this is just playful banter between them, it adds a humorous twist to the situation. Hopefully, they either share a good laugh over these messages or find a way to make their relationship work for the sake of their unborn child.

It’s Love…and It’s Over

Taking inspiration from ‘Love Actually,’ this woman uses place cards not just to declare love but also to break up. The transformation from “it’s love” to “it’s over” is a simple yet accurate portrayal of the complexities in relationships. The note reflects the abrupt changes that can occur, capturing the essence of the unpredictable nature of love and breakups.

Multiple Choice

This breakup note presents options for ending the relationship, adding a touch of humor or perhaps a hint of considerate intention. The absurdity of the choices, like breaking up through a friend, adds a comedic element. While the options might be unconventional, the note itself might have served its purpose in ending the relationship. The sender could have aimed to make the process less painful by providing a somewhat lighthearted approach.


Just a Little Space

Breaking up with Sarah, who responds with space images, becomes a humorous exchange. Sarah’s clever and funny reaction to the cliché phrase “I just need some space” adds a unique twist to the situation. Her choice of space-related images serves as a creative and light-hearted way to handle the breakup. The sender’s response to Sarah’s witty comeback remains a mystery, leaving room for speculation about the continuation of their conversation.

Relationship Status

Social media makes breakups as easy as changing your relationship status with a simple click. Katlyn takes advantage of this, delivering a harsh breakup without the need for awkward face-to-face conversations. The public nature of the breakup, with her responding to Austin’s comment, adds an extra layer of brutal honesty to the situation. It’s a straightforward and cold approach to ending a relationship.



This breakup takes a unique turn as the guy not only avoids an in-person breakup but also relies on lyrics from a Chris Brown song. The “you only live once” (YOLO) sentiment is expressed, suggesting that the woman should remember this when dealing with the breakup. It’s a mix of insensitivity and a feeble attempt to justify the decision. The use of a popular phrase and song lyrics adds a touch of millennial flair to the situation.

Millennial Breakup

In a classic millennial fashion, emojis convey the entire journey of falling in love, the passage of time, the fading of love, and the ultimate farewell. The lack of words and reliance on symbols make the message crystal clear. It’s a breakup without the need for lengthy explanations, emphasizing the simplicity of the situation. The guy’s choice to communicate through emojis rather than words raises questions about his communication skills and emotional maturity.

BFF Fail

Derek’s best friend takes an unconventional approach to breakup drama by revealing the truth to Derek. The revelation that the boyfriend hasn’t liked his girlfriend for months is a brutal and uncalled-for move. It hints at an elaborate plan to spare Derek from the emotional aftermath of a breakup. The lack of communication skills and empathy from both the best friend and the boyfriend leaves a lot to be desired.

Please Don’t Call

A short, to-the-point breakup note is delivered with an actual kiss on it. The woman’s brutal honesty spares the recipient from wondering what went wrong – it simply wasn’t fun anymore. The dry lipstick and clear instructions add a touch of uniqueness to the breakup, leaving a memorable and straightforward impression. While the message is direct, the inclusion of a kiss and dry lipstick adds a layer of personalization to the cold reality of the situation.


In a bizarre scenario, this person attempts to break up with their spouse through a text message while both are inside the house. The audacity reaches a new level as the sender confesses to having an affair, adding insult to injury. The act of ending a relationship through a text message, especially with such a revelation, is deemed highly inappropriate and insensitive. The sheer lack of courage to address the issue face-to-face raises questions about the sender’s integrity as a partner.

Bus Money

A peculiar breakup note is presented on a dollar bill, suggesting a lack of thought put into the message. Despite the unconventional medium, the sender shows consideration by offering to share the car and leaving a dollar for the bus. However, the notion that such a brief and casual note is sufficient for ending a relationship is questionable. The sender’s minimal effort may reflect their indifference to the significance of the breakup, leaving Mary to grapple with the abruptness of the situation.


Injecting humor into a breakup, this person playfully points out that ‘babe’ has transitioned from a term of endearment to an ex. The quick wit and light-hearted approach to the situation suggest an attempt to soften the blow of the breakup. The hope is that ‘babe’ perceives the humor positively, understanding that it’s all in good fun. The play on words serves as a clever way to convey the shift in relationship status without resorting to a more somber tone.

Not Working Out

In a misguided attempt at humor, the sender compares the end of the relationship to doing push-ups on one’s knees. The use of exercise metaphors falls flat, making the breakup message more awkward than intended. The lack of sensitivity and understanding in choosing such a metaphor adds an unnecessary layer of discomfort for Sara. The implication that the relationship is as challenging as a modified push-up may leave Sara questioning the sender’s emotional intelligence.

Bad Andy

Communication issues take center stage as Andy forgets to inform Jessica about their breakup, leaving the task to his new girlfriend. This negligence raises concerns about Andy’s maturity and responsibility in handling the end of a relationship. Jessica is left to grapple with the abrupt revelation, while the new girlfriend becomes an unwitting messenger in this unfortunate situation. The lack of clear communication reflects poorly on Andy’s character, leaving both Jessica and the new girlfriend in an awkward position.

Coffee Always Wins

Expressing dissatisfaction with the relationship, the sender humorously compares their partner’s qualities to those of coffee. If a partner can list more things they love about coffee than about the person, it signals the end of the relationship. The use of a coffee mug doodle adds a touch of creativity to the breakup message. While the approach is light-hearted, it underscores the irreconcilable differences in the relationship, emphasizing the significance of coffee in the sender’s life.

When Autocorrect Ruins Your Life

Jenna faces a cringe-worthy situation as autocorrect plays a prank on her. While Jason, aiming for a romantic text to his girlfriend, finds himself in an unintentional awkward moment, Jenna grapples with the unexpected message. The humorous twist caused by autocorrect adds an element of surprise and confusion to their communication.


In a bold move, the ex-girlfriend takes revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend. Utilizing a televised event, she ensures he witnesses her outing with friends, dispelling his expectations of a quiet evening. The act serves as a public response to his infidelity, creating a humorous yet impactful moment of payback. The use of this unconventional platform showcases her determination to assert herself and address the situation on her terms.


Refusing to accept the breakup, this individual employs a simple yet defiant response: “Nah.” The monosyllabic comeback becomes a symbol of resistance and an irritating reply to the breakup text. In the face of rejection, the refusal to make peace echoes the sentiment of not yielding easily to the situation. The straightforward and dismissive nature of “Nah” adds a touch of defiance to the aftermath of the breakup.

They Even Took the TV

A heartbreaking note awaits someone returning home, emphasizing the severity of the breakup. The additional blow of realizing the absence of the TV intensifies the emotional impact. Despite the harshness, the act of leaving the mailbox key suggests a touch of consideration, acknowledging shared responsibilities. The irony of losing both a relationship and a means of distraction underscores the depth of the emotional upheaval.

Take Care

Marge, with elegant penmanship, pens a letter to inform her partner about a newfound connection. The revelation of meeting a gentleman with a blue convertible accompanies the return of the engagement ring and a special picture. While Marge’s honesty is commendable, the man deployed in war is left to grapple with the news of a broken heart upon his return. The letter encapsulates a mixture of respect, farewell, and the complexities of life during challenging times.

Pure Desperation

In the face of an ex’s seemingly affectionate gestures, a clear boundary is drawn against toxic love. The response emphasizes the importance of recognizing unhealthy patterns and the need to distance oneself from manipulative emotions. The rejection of further contact serves as a protective measure against the potential harm of a toxic relationship.

Bad English

Breaking up via text is already contentious, but the situation worsens when communication lacks proper sentences. While a bit of text slang is acceptable, excessive disregard for grammar and coherence can contribute to relationship strain. The tension escalates as the exasperation with bad English becomes a factor in the unraveling of the connection.

Friendly Neighbors

The shared frustration of Chicago residents reaches a breaking point as a couple’s loud arguments disturb the peace. The neighbors’ advice to end the quarrel reflects the collective sentiment of the community. The suggestion to “get it over with” highlights the disruptive impact of ongoing disputes on the well-being of everyone involved.

KFC Obsession

Julien’s love for KFC takes an unexpected turn, and it seems that KFC isn’t ready to reciprocate the intensity of Julien’s feelings. The humorous suggestion to try Popeye’s Chicken implies a light-hearted perspective on the situation, offering a playful alternative for Julien’s affections. The playful tone adds a touch of levity to what might otherwise be a lighthearted obsession with fast food.

When Autocorrect Kills the Mood

Autocorrect plays a mischievous role in a breakup conversation, injecting unintended humor into a serious situation. The person attempting to convey the seriousness of the breakup finds themselves at the mercy of autocorrect’s comedic twist. Responding with humor to the autocorrect mishap, they manage to maintain a light-hearted approach despite the awkwardness. The acknowledgment that they are, indeed, over adds a sense of finality to the exchange.

Chocolate Cake Break

A delectable chocolate cake becomes an unexpected messenger of bad news, with an icing message that takes a passive-aggressive turn. The combination of a delicious treat and a hurtful message creates a unique and somewhat absurd scenario. The irony lies in the potential disposal of the cake, as the recipient may find it challenging to enjoy a dessert bearing such a negative message. The cake baker’s potential involvement in the breakup adds an intriguing layer to the situation, questioning the baker’s role in the relationship’s demise.

Welcome to Dumpsville

A mysterious and mean-spirited text message leaves much to the imagination regarding the circumstances that led to such a message. The creative choice of wording adds an element of intrigue to the breakup, suggesting the possibility of a new partner in “Dumpsville” for the recipient. The mention of finding new friends or connections amplifies the impact of the breakup message, implying a significant shift in the recipient’s social dynamics.

The Harsh Truth

While not explicitly a breakup message, a brutally honest note leaves little room for further discussion or reconciliation. The simplicity and directness of the message communicate a harsh truth, providing clarity on the sender’s feelings. The acknowledgment of the sender’s honesty reflects a certain degree of respect for straightforward communication.

Very Cold

A chilling scenario unfolds as a breakup text is sent to a spouse facing life-threatening illnesses in the middle of the night. The extreme insensitivity of the situation raises concerns about the sender’s lack of empathy and compassion. The harsh message prompts a response expressing the hope that consequences, whether in the form of losing fortune or facing life’s challenges, catch up with the sender.

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The Breakup Post-it

Breaking the news with a post-it note adds an infuriating twist to the act of ending a relationship. The concise and to-the-point nature of the message, combined with the unconventional medium, intensifies the negative impact on the recipient. The use of a post-it note as a means of ending a relationship is deemed unforgivable, emphasizing the importance of respectful and considerate communication in such situations.


Discovering a partner’s blatant lie is both infuriating and satisfying for the person who catches them in the act. The scenario captures the essence of betrayal and deceit, with the satisfaction stemming from exposing the truth. The desire to witness the partner’s reaction when caught suggests a mix of emotions, including vindication and perhaps a longing for justice.

Redirecting the Anger

In this story, a clever girl finds a unique way to handle a breakup. Knowing that her boyfriend treasures his Xbox, she decides to redirect the anger. Instead of breaking his Xbox, she admits to cheating on him, thinking it would hurt less than a damaged gaming console. Surprisingly, it seems like her strategy worked, and she found an unexpected way to deal with a tough situation.


A message that looks like it’s from a troubled boy between the ages of 12 and 18 surfaces, showcasing immaturity and a lack of communication skills. Described as a complete fool, the breakup might actually be considered a blessing. The sender’s behavior reflects a childish and misguided approach to relationships, making it clear that it’s probably for the best that the breakup occurred.

Happy Breakup

Breaking up via a delicious-looking cake might seem more considerate than a text message, but it still brings trouble. The sender might have thought a cake with a rose made of icing would sweeten the news, but the recipient is left with a beautiful yet sorrowful treat. The juxtaposition of a pleasant-looking cake and the unpleasant news creates an unusual situation where sweetness and sadness coexist.

Too Much

A woman goes to extreme lengths to express her disdain for her ex-partner. She destroys a keyboard to spell out “I Hate You,” leaves an engagement ring, and even adds a key. The over-the-top actions suggest that whatever the guy did was pretty bad. The suggestion that he could pawn the ring to buy a new keyboard adds a touch of dark humor to an otherwise intense breakup.


Bobo, the Lunatic

The breakup message from “Bobo” is deemed hilarious, featuring reasons that might be legitimate for some but come across as a bit much. Elements like a relationship status update, a dislike for cats, and unladylike language make the message quirky and amusing. Despite the potential seriousness of the breakup, Bobo’s reasons introduce a lighthearted and comical angle to the situation.


Not a Fan of Cole

In a breakup between kids, simplicity and honesty shine through in a message from Cory. Expressing a dislike for Cole, the straightforward and unfiltered message might sting a bit despite the childlike penmanship. Kids, with their knack for simplifying things, manage to convey their feelings in a direct and uncomplicated manner.

Just Jump

Breaking up with someone while they’re on vacation, especially on a cruise, is considered seriously wrong. Despite the unpleasantness of the breakup, the response suggests finding humor in the situation. Laughing it off and telling the person to “just jump off a bridge” adds a touch of sarcasm and resilience, turning a painful moment into a source of amusement.


Will the Liar

A breakup unfolds with a surprising twist as Will asks if he’s trusted before delivering the harsh news. The abrupt change in tone raises questions about Will’s motivations, leaving the recipient likely to experience deep emotions. The suddenness and unexpected nature of the breakup contribute to the intensity of the message, making it clear that tears might follow.

Mormon Boy

A breakup occurs with an unusual reason – the woman’s hair being too tempting for a Mormon boy to handle. The clarification that the breakup has nothing to do with her adds a layer of curiosity. The mention of the girl’s hair sparks intrigue, leaving readers wondering about its appearance and the cultural nuances that might have contributed to this unique reason for parting ways.

Raging Mom

Anthony’s mom takes matters into her own hands, expressing her frustration with Susan. Anthony seems to lack the courage to end things himself. While there might be some truth in what Anthony’s mom says, the message is undeniably harsh. A mother’s direct approach brings a certain finality to the situation, emphasizing the severity of the issues between Anthony and Susan.

The Devil is in the Details

In this breakup scenario, the girl appears somewhat erratic, and the guy is a stickler for details, especially grammar and spelling. Although the guy’s insistence on proper writing is relatable, the breakup unfolds with an unusual twist. The girl’s confession about her best friend raises questions about the honesty of her revelation. The dynamic between them highlights the challenges of a relationship when trust and communication are compromised.

More Toxicity

Receiving messages like the one depicted here is a clear sign that a breakup is in order. The toxicity evident in the message emphasizes the importance of ending a relationship with compassion and empathy. The sender opts for a short riddle that insults the recipient’s existence, showcasing a lack of consideration for the other person’s feelings. Responding with humor to deflect the negativity suggests a coping mechanism, emphasizing the need to distance oneself from toxic relationships.

Poor Adam

Adam finds himself in an unexpected situation as he learns about a problem with Sam. The honesty and repeated apologies in the message contribute to a sense of sincerity. The mystery surrounding why this information surfaces on transfer day adds an element of curiosity. The apology might serve as a way to ease the impact of the revelation, revealing the challenges faced by Adam and Sam in their relationship.

Fair Enough

Despite the likely pain for the recipient, the breakup message raises a few eyebrow-raising issues. The mention of a grown person still listening to Blink-182 becomes a humorous focal point. The more concerning detail about bed-wetting during shared moments highlights an unexpected and potentially deal-breaking behavior. The message suggests that certain behaviors can outweigh the attachment to shared interests, leading to a fair but firm decision to end the relationship.

Breakup Bonfire

The situation appears volatile from the brief responses, hinting at underlying tensions. The escalation to violence against electronics, symbolized by burning an Xbox 360, signifies a dramatic turn. The satisfaction derived from such an act is acknowledged, but the mention of impending consequences hints at the aftermath of destructive actions. The breakup takes a confrontational and potentially regrettable turn with the destruction of possessions.

You Need to Be More Upset

Both individuals might have avoided a potential issue given the poor spelling and grammar used in these crucial messages. The breakup text, although swift and brutal, doesn’t seem to bother the person on the green side too much, as they have other things to focus on. They choose to prioritize tasks over crying about a relationship that wasn’t destined to last. Repetitive texts from the other party might not faze the one on the green side, emphasizing their indifference to the breakup.

Time to Start Thinking

A third party named Zoey is unexpectedly introduced into a relationship, and both girls, despite the awkward situation, rightly blame Mark for cheating. The scenario resembles something out of a raunchy high school comedy, and the fact that Mark managed to deceive two women for two years, especially in the age of cell phones and social media, adds a layer of absurdity. The narrative highlights the complexity and often unpredictable nature of relationships.

An Important Metric

The animated movie reference to the death of Simba’s father, Mufasa, serves as an emotional metric. However, the unexpected reaction of laughter from one person raises questions about their emotional capacity or the authenticity of the breakup situation. While it might not be an actual breakup, the laughter introduces a cruel and insensitive element. The scenario prompts a reassessment of the person’s emotional response and potential implications for the relationship.

Spitting Bars

Responding to a breakup with a poem, this person showcases creativity in expressing their emotions. The use of poetry, even if unoriginal, adds an artistic touch to soften the blow of the breakup. The note about improper grammar reflects a casual dismissal of academic concerns in a high school setting, where drama and emotions take precedence. The internet’s hunger for drama is acknowledged, emphasizing the role of social platforms in amplifying personal narratives.

Communication Is Important

Blake and the other person navigate the end of their relationship with differing approaches. The other person attempts to maintain communication, while Blake remains silent until eventually admitting their feelings. The interaction highlights the challenges of mature communication during a breakup, and the relief expressed once both parties agree suggests a mutual understanding of the situation.

Read Between the Lines

In this cold and clear breakup, Gray receives a message that signals the end of the relationship. The candle metaphor adds a visual element to the emotional detachment. The importance of understanding clear communication is emphasized, and the mention of texting late at night adds a touch of humor, urging Gray to put the relationship to rest and get some sleep.

Singing the Wrong Tune

A quirky situation unfolds as one person suggests a breakup through song lyrics, leading to a misunderstanding. The use of quotes and the subsequent realization that it was a song reference creates a humorous twist. The skepticism about the authenticity of the situation and the suggestion that it was orchestrated for internet sharing underscores the prevalence of social media-driven relationship narratives.

Uh, Sorry

Sending a breakup question to the wrong person sounds suspicious, and this scenario raises doubts about its authenticity. It feels staged, especially since Jenna’s response doesn’t align with the typical reaction if she were genuinely facing a breakup. The situation is likely orchestrated, potentially making Jenna the one to initiate the breakup. It feels off, and the staged nature of the text adds a humorous twist to the supposed mistake.

A Great Time Saver

Amanda’s approach to relationships seems chaotic, stringing along three guys simultaneously while contemplating getting back with her ex. The analogy of catching the right fist for her hook adds a touch of humor, highlighting the complexity and messiness of her romantic entanglements. The nonchalant attitude towards breaking up with all three guys collectively reflects a lack of consideration or empathy in her approach to ending relationships. The narrative humorously emphasizes the relief of avoiding involvement in Amanda’s complicated love life.

Time to Drop Some Weight

Receiving breakup advice from a doctor, urging someone to end their relationship, introduces a humorous and extreme element. The use of the term “dump your significant other” adds a lighthearted touch, questioning the doctor’s unconventional recommendation. The continuation of labeling the recipient as “Bae” with a cryptic emoji adds an amusing twist, suggesting that the breakup advice might not be as serious as it initially seems. The scenario combines medical advice with relationship dynamics in a comical manner.

This Is What I Think of Your Valentine’s Present

The image of setting fire to a giant bear with a big heart symbolizes post-breakup catharsis and the release of pent-up emotions. The destructive act serves as a form of emotional expression, showcasing the intensity of feelings after a bad breakup. The humorous comment about never setting fire to a stuffed animal adds a relatable and lighthearted touch, highlighting the unconventional ways people cope with the aftermath of a relationship. The burning bear becomes a symbolic representation of the end of a chapter.

There for All to See

The aftermath of cheating leads to destructive retaliation, with an old van getting its windows smashed and offensive words sprayed on the side. The visual representation of the damaged van captures the intensity of emotions following infidelity. The mention of potential destruction inside the van adds to the narrative, creating a vivid image of the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship. The van’s fate, likely being crushed or recycled, symbolizes the end of something once cherished.

Hard to Miss

Clear communication in a breakup is essential, and using straightforward language like “I’m breaking up with you” eliminates room for confusion. The narrative emphasizes the importance of clarity during a breakup, portraying a simple and direct approach to ending a relationship. The mention of “it’s not a break” underscores the distinction between a breakup and a temporary separation, emphasizing the need for honesty in communication.

Cool, Free Stuff

Taking revenge after a breakup is presented humorously, with the idea of giving away the ex-partner’s belongings. The narrative suggests alternatives like selling the items for profit but humorously approves of the chosen revenge tactic. The mention of a poster and an item ending with “-softener” adds an element of curiosity and embarrassment for the ex-partner. The narrative captures the humor in seeking retribution while getting rid of unwanted belongings.

Turnabout Is Fair Play

The card starts with a familiar rhyme, but the unexpected twist after “violets are blue” suggests a unique and humorous approach to breaking up. The mention of a full calendar year of bad behavior indicates that the decision is rooted in a history of dissatisfaction. The concluding message, though deviating from the rhyme scheme, serves as a code for ending the relationship and moving on. The casual handwriting adds a touch of nonchalance, emphasizing the straightforward and perhaps overdue nature of the breakup.

Get the Dog Out of There

Mark’s breakup strategy involves leaving notes on the door for Brenda, creating a clear and direct communication channel. The suggestion to block Brenda on social media and the phone hints at potential post-breakup conflict. The narrative applauds Mark’s action and speculates on Brenda’s likely response, highlighting the common tendency to shift blame in the aftermath of a breakup. The mention of scaring a dog off adds a humorous element, reflecting on the unintended consequences of relationship dynamics.

We’ve Seen Worse

The breakup in this scenario is portrayed as a fact of life, acknowledging that a long-term relationship wasn’t meant to be. The exchange involves a gif from a classic breakup song, indicating a shared inside joke between the former partners. The narrative emphasizes a sense of mutual understanding and friendship despite the end of the romantic relationship. The portrayal of tears, anger, and hurt feelings contrasts with this amicable breakup, showcasing the diverse ways people navigate the complexities of ending a relationship.


Breaking up with a positive twist is presented through the idea of celebrating with a cake that conveys the message. The suggestion of adding a confetti effect to the breakup message brings a lighthearted and party-like atmosphere to the situation. The narrative humorously proposes using messaging effects to enhance the breakup experience. The concept of eating one’s feelings is introduced in a playful manner, blending humor with the acknowledgment of the emotional aspect of breakups.

Learning the Ropes Early

The narrative explores the concept of early relationships among kids, emphasizing their attempts to mimic adult interactions. The portrayal of a gentle and straightforward letter, seeking a yes or no response, adds an innocent and naive touch to the scenario. The mention of the complications that may arise with age, such as the transition from “maybe” to “Complicated” on social media, highlights the evolving nature of relationships as children grow older.

That’s How She Feels

The narrative depicts a persistent ex-boyfriend who struggles to let go of the relationship. The mention of libido-driven actions adds a humorous element to the situation. The expectation that a few winky emoticons won’t be sufficient to resolve the situation humorously underscores the inadequacy of such attempts.

He’s Been Sitting on This One for a While

The narrative explores the common post-breakup fantasy of having the perfect response prepared for a chance encounter with an ex-partner. The suggestion that the guy might have had the text pre-written in his notes adds a humorous touch, portraying the anticipation and readiness for the imagined scenario.

Up to Something Illegal

Mark’s behavior after the breakup is characterized by a lack of dignity, responding eagerly to texts and suggesting activities with an ulterior motive. The narrative suggests a sense of revenge or ill intentions, creating intrigue about Mark’s hidden agenda.

Pinky Promise

The narrative examines the challenge of maintaining a friendship after a romantic relationship ends. The mention of emotional residue, jealousy, and petty fights highlights the common pitfalls in post-breakup friendships. The contrast between the person in gray hoping to stay friends and the person in green preferring to avoid complications adds a humorous twist, reflecting on the complexities of navigating relationships.

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