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40 Breakup Texts That Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

This article was originally published on 24/7Mirror

Going through a breakup is tough – we all know that. And getting the news in a text? Well, that’s just a whole new level of rough. But you know what’s surprising? Some of these texts are not just heartbreakingly funny, they’re downright hilarious. Dive into our list of the most savage and comical breakup messages. Get ready to laugh (and maybe cringe a little).

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1. Dave’s Epic Fail

Dave, oh Dave. His world probably shattered when he received this one. All he had to do was stay true to his wife and kids, and he could have avoided this disaster. Now, thanks to a colossal lapse in judgment, everyone in that parking lot and the vast internet world knows about his affair.

In the aftermath, Dave’s wife decided a clean break was in order – she cleared out the bank account, leaving him with zilch. Lesson learned: cheating on your loving spouse is not a wise move. Take a note from Dave’s book (or rather, don’t), and keep it together.

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2. Love’s Mismatch

Ever had that sweet anticipation of receiving a cute text from your significant other? Well, these two tried to make it even more exciting with a “let’s say it at the same time” moment. Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well.
Turns out, they were on completely different pages, and only one of them had good news. Imagine going from planning a future together to a sudden breakup in the blink of an eye. Love can be unpredictable, folks.

3. Paul’s Public Unraveling

Poor Paul, we don’t know what he did, but it’s safe to say he’s in for a rough day. His soon-to-be ex-wife chose a unique venue to drop the bomb – a local restaurant.
Silver lining: she got to keep the dog. Let’s just hope no other Pauls in the vicinity misinterpreted this very public message. Pinterest

4. The Ultimate Ex-Yard Sale

Garage sales are typically for getting rid of old stuff you’ve held onto for too long. But have you ever seen one for ditching your ex’s belongings? This person took it to a whole new level, turning their divorce into a public spectacle.
It’s an inventive way to ensure everyone in the neighborhood knows about the cheating and impending divorce. Who said breakup announcements can’t be practical and ruthless? Pinterest

5. Pizza Parting Ways

Breaking up is hard, but breaking up with pizza involved? That’s a whole new level. In a bizarre mix of courtesy and cruelty, someone decided to soften the blow by delivering the news with a whole pizza.
On one hand, it’s a strangely considerate gesture. On the other hand, spare a thought for the pizza delivery person who had to bear witness to this breakup. Talk about a slice of savage irony.

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6. Road to Heartbreak

Relationships are like a long, winding road, full of twists and turns. Some are lucky to enjoy a smooth ride, cruising through a calm and traffic-free journey. But every road has its destination, and for many, it’s a place called “heartbreak.”

Here’s a tale of someone who only noticed the warning signs when it was a bit too late – a cautionary tale of love hitting a dead-end.

7. Broke and Single in a Day

To unleash this level of anger, something seriously terrible must have gone down. Emily wanted Steven to feel the heat, revealing he’s not just an ex but a cheating, lying ex who got publicly shamed on camera. The world now knows Steven’s true colors, and it’s not a pretty picture. Pinterest

8. The Unfunny Joke

We’ve all heard terrible jokes, but this one takes the cake for being both the worst and oddly brilliant. Breaking up by cracking a joke – a questionable strategy at best.

What’s worse, making light of the breakup or thinking a punchline could soften the blow? Either way, it’s a breakup story that’s more cringe-worthy than funny.


9. Playing the Ex-Game

Caught being shady talking to Kelsi on Facebook, this guy now has to pick up the shattered pieces of his life. It’s like a game, and he better remember the relationship milestones if he wants to salvage his belongings.

Luckily, his ex didn’t go full-on destruction mode – some folks might not be as forgiving.

Jessica Goetz/ Pinterest

10. Careful What You Wish For

Ever wished on the 11:11 magic hour? This person wished for eternal togetherness, while their significant other wished for a breakup. Talk about a cosmic clash of desires.

Here’s hoping one day they can make wishes that align a bit more harmoniously. After all, not every wish should come with a side of heartbreak.

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11. Failed Comedy Attempt

Making people laugh isn’t always a cakewalk. You’ve got to know your audience and what jokes will tickle their funny bone. This person tried to crack a joke to make their crush laugh, but it backfired big time. Not only did they end up getting dumped, but they also discovered they were unintentionally making themselves look a bit foolish.

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12. The Art of Moving On

When you decide to part ways with someone, it’s crucial to stick to your decision and not play mind games. Here, someone tried the classic “you’ll never find somebody like me” move. Isn’t the whole point of breaking up to find someone better? Let’s keep it straightforward and move forward, no looking back.

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13. The Unexpected “Ily”

Typically, “Ily” means “I love you.” Unfortunately, for this person, the “ily” they received wasn’t the lovey-dovey message they expected. Right when they thought they were about to hear those sweet words, they found out their significant other was actually breaking up with them. Ouch, talk about a linguistic curveball.

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14. The Long-Distance Escape

Nasty breakups often lead to one person packing up and moving away to avoid awkward encounters in the same neighborhood. But in some cases, the breakup pushes people to relocate to an entirely different city or even country. In this extraordinary tale, one person went to the other side of the world just to escape their ex. Now that’s a long-distance breakup strategy.

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15. Love Trumps Math Skills

Not everyone is a math or English genius, and that’s perfectly fine. This person might not be acing their math tests, but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker in a relationship. While we don’t know the exact reason for the breakup, we can be sure it’s not because of a lack of math skills. Love, after all, doesn’t come with a math test.

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16. Love’s Blindfold

Whether it’s sheer, foolish love or an overpowering sense of denial, this person is clearly not seeing the breakup writing on the wall. Despite the boyfriend’s attempts to make it crystal clear that the relationship is over, she’s just not letting it sink in. Brace yourself for a rude awakening, dear reader – sometimes, love blinds us until reality hits like a ton of bricks.


17. Mirror, Mirror, Broken Relationship

Imagine coming home, heading to the bathroom, and bam – your relationship is over, all thanks to the mirror. Not only are you facing a breakup, but now there’s the added task of cleaning lipstick off the mirror as you ponder the memories with your now ex-life partner. It’s a breakup scenario that hits you at home, literally.


18. Neighborly Heartbreak Announcement

Some people take breakups to the next level, like this woman who went all out and ordered a printed sign. All that effort just to let the neighbors know her husband cheated on her. Now, thanks to her poster, the entire neighborhood is aware that she moved out because of her unfaithful husband. BBQ invites for him? Probably not happening anytime soon.

Elisha Percival/Pinterest

19. Deceptive Lessons in Creativity

This case is a lesson for those who think they can get away with being sneaky behind their partner’s back. The girl in this story got hit with a breakup combo so powerful it’s practically legendary. Sneakiness aside, nobody deserves to be deceived at this level. At least now, guilt won’t be keeping her company.

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20. The Breakup Quiz

How many times does someone need to say it’s time to break up before the message hits home? We understand feelings can cloud judgment, but these messages were more like a trivia game than a straightforward breakup text. Maybe a direct approach would have spared the confusion. When it comes to ending things, clarity usually beats out cryptic quizzes.


21. Shawn’s Silent Love Story

Ever reminisce about your first kindergarten or first-grade crush? This little girl had an early lesson in relationship communication. Shawn, her supposed boyfriend, didn’t say a word since the day he popped the question. Three months of zero communication – not exactly the kind of relationship one dreams of.


22. Instagram Heartbreak

Picture this: you’re casually scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly you find out you’ve been dumped – no call, no text, just a mysterious post. The big question: what could she have possibly done to warrant an Instagram breakup? Fingers crossed they had a chance to sort things out privately instead of airing it all on social media.


23. Compliments and Sparkly Trampolines

Starting a breakup note with a compliment might not be the best way to soften the blow. Complimenting someone’s smile as being akin to “100,000,000 sparkly trampolines” is certainly a unique choice. It turns out, affectionate notes can quickly turn into heartbreaking ones. Lesson learned: choose your compliments wisely, especially in a breakup.


24. Newspaper Heartbreak Announcement

Getting dumped on social media is rough, but getting the boot via a newspaper personals section? That’s a whole new level of public breakup. Kevin Maxey found out he was done through the newspaper. Imagine not seeing it and being left wondering why your significant other won’t talk to you. A cowardly way to end things, indeed.


25. A Letter to Five Guys

Breakup letters aren’t just for romantic relationships. In a unique twist, a girl penned her farewell to Five Guys, the fast-food joint where she worked. It’s not the usual way to quit a job, but it seems she had a friendly vibe with her colleagues for it to be acceptable. Most people wouldn’t quit their jobs with a breakup letter, but hey, everyone has their own style.


26. Greg’s Imaginary Breakup

Greg stumbled upon a woman’s dating profile, and in his mind, he fast-forwarded their relationship – marriage, and, ultimately, divorce. Rather than investing more time in a potential mismatch, he decided to cut ties before they even began. It’s a unique approach to preemptive breakup, sparing both parties from a journey that was destined to hit the rocks.

Funny Notes/Pinterest

27. Kindergarten Wisdom

A young love pioneer, this kindergartner decided to tackle two challenges at once with a single note. In a bold move, he not only broke up with his girlfriend but also wished her a happy one-month anniversary.

Adding a touch of melancholy at the end with “It’s very hard to do this,” he at least acknowledged the complexity of their breakup, showcasing some emotional depth for his tender age.


28. The Misspelled Escape Plan

Caught in the fear of a possible pregnancy, this guy tried a clever trick – sending a message that his phone was out of service. A good plan, except for one tiny detail: he forgot to proofread.

His girlfriend spotted the spelling mistake, yet he persisted with the same trick. Let’s hope she had the last laugh and turned the tables by dumping him instead.


29. Double Trouble Dumping

Steve’s double-dating escapade caught up with him when both of his girlfriends found out. They teamed up to create a sign, complete with a selfie and his full name, making sure Steve got the message loud and clear – he was dumped by both. It’s a tale of two girlfriends teaming up for a swift and savage breakup.


30. The Reasons List

Breakups often leave one questioning why it happened. In this case, the person wanted to leave no room for doubt, creating an exhaustive list of reasons for ending the relationship. Yet, as you read through, none of the reasons seem substantial enough to justify a breakup. Let’s hope this person finds someone who appreciates them for who they are, without the need for a laundry list of reasons to part ways.


31. The Straightforward Farewell

No beating around the bush here – this breakup letter gets straight to the point. They said what needed to be said and even wished to salvage a friendship with the ex. Trying to soften the blow, they added the reassurance that no one knew about their relationship, so maybe it’s not all that bad, right?


32. A Pictorial Breakup

Expressing feelings can be tough, and this person admitted their struggle with words. Instead of wrestling with sentences, they chose to draw a vivid image – themselves riding a giraffe – as a way to convey the breakup message. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand awkward breakup words.


33. Public Valentine’s Day Heartbreak

Breaking up in public is becoming a bit too common. In this case, not only did she choose Valentine’s Day for the breakup, but she also denied him a proper goodbye. The silver lining? She kindly relocated all his belongings to his parent’s house. Still, discovering a breakup in public has got to sting.


34. The Unfiltered Kid’s Breakup

Kids are known for their honesty, but this little boy took it to another level. He doesn’t mince words – he wants nothing to do with his girlfriend and even illustrated a graphic image of her demise. It’s a bit intense, especially for young hearts. Valerie deserves someone who appreciates her much more.


35. Brief and Pointed Goodbye

Three sentences are all it took for this breakup note. So many questions arise – how long were they together? How did Alexander respond, and what did friends think? The sender kept it short and sweet, ensuring Alexander got the message. The aftermath and reactions remain a mystery.


36. Batman’s Breakup Wisdom

Breaking up is tough, and sometimes finding the right words is a challenge. In a unique twist, this person decided to borrow wisdom from Batman to convey the message. While some might appreciate the reference, not everyone might understand why these particular words were chosen. It’s a reminder that even in breakups, people sometimes turn to the words of others to express themselves.


37. The Movie Metaphor

People can be tricky when it comes to breakups, choosing indirect ways to deliver the news. In this case, instead of a straightforward conversation, they opted for a guessing game involving a new movie. It’s a puzzling approach – why not just say they want to see other people? Communication can be a superhero in navigating these situations.


38. The Unmagical Breakup

Magic can be fun, but not when it’s used for a breakup, especially when the person in question is pregnant with your child. The irony is not lost here. While the conversation revolves around magic, there’s nothing enchanting about these messages. It’s a reminder that sometimes, real-life situations require a more grounded and sensitive approach.


39. The Mistaken Affair Reveal

A man’s attempt to manage an affair backfires when he sends a breakup message to the wrong woman. Now, he’s facing the loss of both his mistress and his wife. The consequences of his mistake are clear, and one can’t help but wonder how he tried to cover it up or justify his actions. Sometimes, secrets have a way of unraveling.


40. Cold Joke in a Serious Time

In the realm of breakups, humor can be a coping mechanism, but this message takes it to a cold level. The person on the right seems done giving chances and ready to end the relationship. The seriousness of the situation raises questions about the depth of mistreatment that led to such a stark and humorless approach.

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