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Revealed: Why Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split up

If rumors are to be believed, many people think that the reason why Jennifer Aniston had to split up with Justin Theroux was that she was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

It was her hatred of New York which led Jenifer Aniston to save goodbye to her married life with Justin Theroux, her friends claim.

It wasn’t that the 46-year-old actress didn’t try to patch things up – as she moved to his Manhattan apartment to have a fresh start, but Aniston was unable to deal with the ‘pokey apartment’ as well as the ‘paparazzi’. Consequently, after trying her level best to get things on track, Aniston went back to her huge Bel Air, Los Angeles estate.

Though she is more comfortable in Los Angeles with a friend group which sources claim is ‘tight-knit’, Justin wasn’t able to settle in LA. For, unlike Jennifer, she loves the life of New York, as well as its edgier crowd.

Another reason why Justin likes to be in NYC is that he has a diverse group of friends there. For, be it people from the restaurant world, tattoo artists, writers, and comedians, Justin’s friend circle is an eclectic group, one which he doesn’t have in LA.

The couple, who married in 2015 after a five year dating period, spent a good portion of their time away from each other due to work commitments, even during their marriage.

However, after Jennifer decided to move back to LA, Justin began to spend more and more time alone in his NYC apartment. As a result, with them spending more and more time away from each other, their marriage life came under strain and problems started to get bigger.

For, unlike his public persona, close friends of Jennifer describe her as a ‘complicated’ person. As for Justin, he was way too focused on his craft and himself.

The next thing to put further strain on their marriage was the work commitments of both. Justin is currently taking part in three new films in ‘Mute’, ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’, and ‘On the Basis of Sex’.  Jennifer, however, is far from being busy as she continues to earn millions off her product deals.

With so many things going wrong at the same time, the couple announced last week that they were splitting.

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