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‘Incredibles 2’: First Full Trailer Is Out and Fans Love It!

The most-anticipated sequel to The Incredibles, Disney’s smash hit animated film released in 2004, is finally out and it does everything to justify the hype which preceded its unveiling.

If the first full trailer of the ‘Incredibles 2’ gives us a clue, it is that even superhero dads could do with some help when it comes to solving New Math problems. As for the superhero babies, well a uniform dose of cookies is a must if you want to keep them in line.

As the fan of the Original ‘Incredibles’ might recall – for it needs recalling as the movie was released 14 years ago, ‘The Incredible’ Series rotates around a super-powered family – mom Helen, dad Bob, kids Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack.

Much before the first full trailer was released by Disney, three teaser posters – in which Parrs was showing handling laundry, and a teaser trailer – which focused on Bob and Jack-Jack, came out last November.

Looking at the trailer, and though the cast is the same, the sequel looks to be remarkably different from its prequel, ‘The Incredibles’.

For, in the climactic scene of ‘The Incredibles’, a mole-man villain, also known as the Underminer, was seen challenging the Parr family, and it was assumed that in the next version, the movie would revolve around him. However, in yesterday’s sequel, the Underminer was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, it seems that Disney wants to take us on a parenting tour, one where Bob is seen babysitting while also meeting a tycoon whose aim is to ‘bring superheroes back’’ into the sunlight. There, however, is a major caveat: as it isn’t Bob but his wife Helen – better known as Elastigirl – who the tycoon wants to take the limelight.

Giving us a glimpse of Bob’s life as a house husband, he is shown lending a helping hand to Dash in the latter’s math homework, as well as soothing infant Jack-Jack at a time when Helen is out fighting crime. And as that scene showed, Bob is finding his full-time dad job a tad difficult than the old-desk job.

That said, there are no surprises here for the fans who have followed Brad Bird, ‘The Incredibles’ writer over the years. For, it was only last year that Brad said that Elastigirl would be the focus of ‘The Incredibles 2’.

Here’s how the fans have responded to the trailer …

‘Incredibles 2’ has the voices of Samuel L. Jackson, John Ratzenberger, Sarah Vowell, and Craig T. Nelson. The film will open in cinemas on June 14 in Australia, June 15 in America, and July the 13th in the UK.

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