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‘’Deadpool 2’’ Trailer: Justice League Mocked, Cable Showed Off

The first trailer of Deadpool 2 has been revealed and apart from taking shots at Justice League and showing off Cable (the new Villain), it reveals not much of substance.

In an action-packed trailer of ‘Deadpool 2’ revealed on Wednesday night by Fox, Cable, the new villain, gets his long-overdue moment in the spotlight. “People think they understand pain, but they have no concept of it,” roars Cable. “What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt?”

Though Cable is appearing in the Deadpool series for the first time, he has appeared together with Deadpool in a different comic series, titled ‘Cable & Deadpool’. Josh Brolin – who plays the role of Cable in the movie – has signed a deal with Fox which will see him playing the same character in at least three more films in the future.

Turning our attention back to the trailer, after showcasing Cable in the villain role, it shows Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) for a split second. He’s shown standing inside a helicopter, with four more characters standing alongside him. One of those characters is Domino (Zazie Beetz), but you might not recall the other three, for they have never appeared in this form before.

So who are those characters? Well, as Rob Liefeld revealed in his Instagram post, they are an X-force squad from the Marvel Comics which has teamed up with Deadpool to save the world. That means the four characters must be from X-Force.

Standing on the right-hand side of Deadpool is Terry Crews though his role in the movie is not known. And as Rob Liefield refused to confirm, we can only speculate that he would be playing one of the three roles of Hammer, Garrison Kane, or G.W. Bridge from the Marvel Comics series.

As for the remaining two characters standing alongside Deadpool, the one standing on the extreme right in the scene is Shatterstar. His abilities, as showcased in the Marvel-Comic series, include sending shockwaves via his sword and teleporting emphatically.

The only remaining character, meanwhile, is Rictor, a mutant who blames Cable for the death of his father. Though, in reality, it was Stryne, Cable’s clone, who was responsible for the heinous act. It was to take revenge that he joined the X-Force at first, and as this movie goes on to show, Deadpool.

Deadpool would be released in the cinemas on May 18 this year.

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