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Sylvester Stallone Dead? Rumors Appear On Social Media

For the second time in less than two years, Sylvester Stallone, famed for his Rambo movies, was falsely declared as dead on Social media last night.

In what has become a sort of trend which resurfaces almost every year or so, filmmaker and actor Sylvester Stallone was declared dead on Social media last night.

Once again, it was claimed that the 71-year-old superstar was found dead in his LA Property, only for the actor to come out and quash these rumors.

It was in 2016 that Stallone was declared dead for the first time on social media, with his fans claiming that they had seen the posts claiming his death on Facebook.

However, as it turned out, later on, the hoax was created and shared by a website which is known for faking the deaths of celebrities to get clicks on their website.

While it was Facebook last time which disseminated the Fake News regarding his death, now was the turn of Twitter to do the same. And once again, the rumor reached such an audience that Stallone and his brother had to come out and deny the rumors.

Apparently, the rumor started after a twitter account with the handle ‘Osmanmani89’ shared a fan poster of Creed II, the newest addition to the Rocky Film series.

Once they say Sylvester’s face on the advertisement, some of Sylvester’s incredulous fans – who apparently didn’t know about the hoax which rocked social media in 2016 – reacted with a mixture of confusion and grief.

So potent was the rumor that within hours, messages started to circulate that the reason of Sylvester’s death was prostate cancer.

Taking the matters in his own hands – albeit very belatedly as far as his fans were concerned, Sylvester took to Twitter on Monday to rebuff the rumors, calling his fans to ‘ignore the stupidity’.

Before Sylvester turned to Twitter to rebuff the rumors, his brother Frank, who is also a part of the production company that Sylvester runs, also slammed the ridiculous gossip on social media via his Twitter account.



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