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Scott Baio Denies All Sexual Abuse Allegations, Calls them ‘Media Witch Hunt’

Earlier in the day, the Charles in Charge Star was accused by his co-actor Alexander Polinsky of sexually abusing and harassing him when Polinsky’s age was between 12 and 15.

Sexual misconduct allegations were in the spotlight again on Wednesday as a former child co-actor of Scott Baio, better known for his role in Charles in Charge, accused Baio of assaulting and harassing him three decades ago. In response, Baio sent out his representatives and lawyers who labeled Scott Baio as the victim of a media ‘witch hunt’.

Baio was unable to attend the press conference due to the illness of his young daughter. Instead, lawyer Jennifer McGrath and spokesperson Brian Glicklich read a statement from Baio.

“For reasons, I don’t understand, I am the victim of false claims that threaten everything precious in my life. … Mostly, I’m stunned. … I will not let this continue. … I will use every ounce of strength I have to fight this,” read the statement.

The allegations against Charles were leveled by his former Child co-actor Alexander Polinsky on Wednesday. Polinsky, who appeared at a press conference earlier on Wednesday, accused Baio of not only sexually harassing but also assaulting him using a cup of hot tea, back on the show’s sets in the late 80s.

Polinsky is not the only person to accuse Scott Baio of sexual harassment with Nicole Egger, now 46, accusing the actor of being intimate with her back when she was underage. Nicole alongside Polinsky played the role of Baio’s co-actor in ‘Charles in Charge’.

Both she and Polinsky appeared in the offices of their lawyer Lisa Bloom, in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Apart from making his own case against the under-fire star, Polinsky backed up the allegations of Eggert by claiming that he saw their relationship ‘develop on the set’.

“I saw their relationship develop on the set in the coming months and years’’, said Polinsky.

As for Glicklich, the spokesperson of Baio, he alleged that Eggert has shifted her accounts so many times that her credibility is now undermined. He tried to prove his point by comparing a video of one of Eggert’s recent interviews with an interview she gave five years ago.

“Scott denies every single claim of inappropriate behavior, and if you examine the claims made they can be refuted with evidence,” Glicklich said

Now 46, Polinsky played the role of a friend of Eggert on the show. Baio, meanwhile, was the leading character in the drama, playing the role of a college student living as a babysitter with a family.

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