3 Things You Don’t Know About Black Panther

He might be making his debut with Marvel Cinematic Universe only now, but Black Panther has been a household name for super-heroics for almost five decades.

For a superhero who has featured in innumerable comics adventures, be it cosmic journeys taking him to the depths of space to street fights with Klansmen, the life of Black Panther is open for everyone to see. Still, despite being such a hit over the past half a century, there are some odd bits of his personality which haven’t caught the public eye.

With that in mind, and on the eve of the Black Panther movie taking Hollywood by storm, we have decided to look back and explore the features of his personality not known to the layman.

Here are 3 things you don’t know about Black Panther …

#1: Black Panther was the first black superhero in history

Black artists have been creating comics for as long as one cares to remember. In fact, while you might find it hard to believe, one of the pioneers of adult-oriented graphics was an African American, Matt Baker, who is known for his work with the Phantom Lady.

Still, while the creators were Black, the superhero population wasn’t as diverse. And it remained so until the king of the African nation Wakanda – also known as Black Panther – was introduced to the world of comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in their flagship work, Fantastic Four #52 in the year 1966.

When asked as to how did he come up with the idea of a Black superhero, Kirby points the obvious, that his comics didn’t have black characters at that time, and that problem needed to be ratified sooner rather than late.

#2: Originally, Black Panther had a different name and a different costume

You might find it hard to believe, but the version of T’Challa created by Kirby was much different from the one we see today. Even the original name of T’Challa was not Black Panther, instead, it was Coal Tiger.

To describe the transition from Coal Tiger to Black Panther, different theories have come forward over the years – with the most famous being that the name Black Panther owes its name to an African American activist organization of the same name working at that time.

While we could only guess whether these rumors are true or not, everybody knows that Kirby, the creator of Black Panther, was politically active. Therefore, who knows whether he’d have given his character the Black Panther name just to impress the local audience?

#3: Panther fought Klansmen in his heyday

Throughout the 60s, and before joining the Avengers in 1968, Panther was a regular fixture in Fantastic Four. Still, in the early 70s and inside the pages of Jungle Action #6, Panther was starting to engage in one of his first solo roles. It was while playing these solo roles that he got wound up, and annihilated an entire block of Klansmen.

In Jungle Action #19, for instance, Marvel travels to Georgia to meet his girlfriend and gets confronted by scores of Klansmen. So striking was the imagery that Panther was shown strapped to a burning cross, after which he freed himself, with the wood still hanging on his backside, to take revenge from the entire Klan.

South African Lion Kills Poacher, Leaves Only Head Behind

Though the identity of the man remains unknown, Police has confirmed that he was a poacher as a loaded hunting rifle and ammunition were discovered next to his remains on Friday.

A pack of lions killed a suspected big cat poacher in the Kruger National Park in South Africa on Friday, Police has confirmed. The lions mauled and devoured nearly his entire body, leaving behind his head and some other body parts. His remains were discovered by the local people near Hoedspruit, a town in the South African province of Limpopo.

Locals suspected that the man was a poacher because a loaded hunting rifle and ammunition were found next to his remains, as reported by a South African news outlet, Eyewitness News.

It was suspected early on that the man was not a poacher, but the driver of a tractor found next to the remains.  However, on further investigation, the driver has now been located with the police confirming that the man was a poacher.

“It seems the victim was poaching in the game park when he was attacked and killed by lions,” a spokesman for the Limpopo police, told AFP.  “They ate his body, nearly all of it, and just left his head and some remains.” The Police are still at work trying to identify the man with his remains.

Over the past few years, poaching has become highly widespread in Limpopo, a town known for its lion-population. The carcasses of three poisoned lions were found in January 2017 in the province with both their paws and heads cut off.

China is one of the biggest markets for lions’ bones, where they find their application in traditional medicine. In the past, the bones of Asian tigers were used for this purpose.

However, due to their dwindling population numbers, China has introduced a moratorium on tiger hunting. Consequently, to circumvent the ban, poachers now turn to African lions.

Highlighting the seriousness of the issue, an Environmental Investigation Agency report published in July 2017 has revealed that the population of African Lion has decreased by 43% over the last two decades. While there were 20,000 lions in Africa in the year 1993, the report states, now that population has come down to 3,490.

“13 Reasons Why’’ Author Expelled Over Harassment Claims

Author Jay Asher, whose New York Times best-seller novel ’13 Reasons Why’ was later turned into a Netflix series, has been expelled over harassment claims from a writers organization.

Almost a year after the sacking took place, the executive director of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), a writing organization, has now revealed that it expelled Author Jay Asher after the Author violated the organization’s harassment code.

The news has come after a ‘School Library Journal article’ highlighted the allegations of sexual misconduct against illustrators and writers. The article mainly revolved around describing allegations of misconduct against David Diaz (Smoky Night) and Guiseppe Castellano, who is the executive art director at Penguin Workshop.

Once the article was published, its comments section received torrents of comments from anonymous persons urging the writer to include the name of Jay Asher on the list.  So furious was the reaction that Lin Oliver, the executive director of SCBWI, was forced to answer the comments.

In the response, which was published on Sunday night, the main focus of Oliver was to address allegations that SCBWI was apparently backing Asher.  “Please understand that SCBWI can only take action on what has been reported,’’ she said, before dropping the bombshell. ‘’ Two men have been reported — David Diaz and Jay Asher,”

She then announced that both these members were expelled last year, which means they are not allowed to even become members of the writing organization, let alone as its faculty or speakers on the events that it organizes.

Further explaining the reasoning behind the organization’s decision to expel Asher, Oliver told Buzzfeed that the majority of the complaints against Asher were sent by anonymous persons via Email. Defending the organization’s decision to terminate Asher’s membership of SCBWI, she claimed that proper investigation was done and only afterwards was the decision taken.

As for Asher, he denies being expelled by SCBWI in an interview to Buzzfeed. The famed author further claimed SCBWI told him that the ‘emails showed nothing’, while also claiming that he felt that he felt that he was being ‘thrown under the bus’.

Asher’s ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, a novel which has sold more than three million copies over the last decade, has generated both controversy and fame. Its detractors claim that the novel is dangerous as it depicts the approach to suiciding.

It Looks Delicious: Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Now Exists

Think fantasies never come true? Walls has given you a reason to think again by officially unveiling its Kinder Bueno ice cream and if looks could tell, it looks delicious to us.

In a mouthwatering news for the Kinder Ice Cream enthusiasts, Kinder has announced on its website that it will start selling Kinder Bueno ice cream – which previously only existed as a candy bar, from the upcoming summer.

The exciting news, which has already sent sweet-toothed Twitter users into a frenzy, was originally revealed by a French news site. Three types of ice creams will hit the shelves, including a cone, a sandwich, and the popsicle-style treat.

Consequently, for fans of the Kinder candy bar, they now stand a chance to take some sun while munching away on the Kinder ice cream stick, Kinder ice cream sandwich, or the lip-smacking Bruno ice cream cone. And guess what, if its looks are to be believed, the cone is said to be equally tantalizing as its chocolate bar equivalent.

What’s more, if you are conscious about your diet, you could still eat the ice cream cone thanks to its low caloric content. That is because it contains only 206 calories, much less than what other chocolate cones have. Therefore, even if you don’t want your clothes to get tight in the upcoming summer, you could still enjoy the delicious item.

Giving us the description of the cones, Unilever, its manufacturer, that it is a combination of kinder milk chocolate sauce with fine hazelnut milk. To further up the taste-game, a thin layer of hazelnut cream – which draws its composition from Ferrero Hazelnuts, would cover the crispy croissant.

There is, however, one catch which the fans of Kinder might not like, especially if they don’t live in France. For, as of now, the ice cream would only be available in France, with nearly everyone else having to wait until summer to delight their taste buds.

As expected, fans of the sweat treat took to social media to express their delight over the most recent addition to Kinder Bueno family. While some of them urged McDonald’s to follow suit, others expanded their wish list. Thankfully, there were others who were content with what they were getting in the first place.



Spice Girls Reunion: Tour Details Revealed For UK and U.S.

The proposed tour would kick off in summer 2018 but the spectators would be greeted with old songs as NO new are in the pipeline as of now, reveals the sources.


Just a week after Victoria Beckham sent their fans into a frenzy by sharing a combined picture of all the Spice Girls on her Instagram account, rumors have surfaced hinting that the group will embark on the world tour in the coming summer, with the United Kingdom being the starting point of their tour.

The photo, which sent the whole Internet into a frenzy, was the first time in almost six years that the Spice Girls were shown to be together. Last time they did a combined photo-op was in 2012, during the closing ceremony of the Olympics which were held in London that year.

And if reports coming out from TMZ are to be believed, the group’s proposed tour is still in the ‘’rough planning’’ stages. One thing which was confirmed was that the tour would kick off in the coming summer and that its first performances would happen in the UK.

On the flip side, as TMZ reported, there is no plan that any new songs would be recorded for the upcoming tour. Still, confirming the rumors, TMZ further stated that the proposed tour ‘is going to happen’ in the coming summer.

Back when the news of the reunion wasn’t out in the open, rumor had it that of all the Spice Girls, it was Posh Spice who was the least keen on the reunion. However, in a statement which would be music to the ears of Spice Girls’ fans, she is now ‘on board’ and looking forward to starting a new era.

Another member of the group, Emma Bunton, was recently asked during a radio interview about the chances of the reunion taking place in the near-future. Though she remained tight-lipped while answering, she promised her fans about ‘exciting things to come’.

Rumors abound over the last few years that a reunion is going to take place, and they went into overdrive when three of the five Spice Girls formed a new group, GEM, in 2016.


Dark Skin and Blue Eyes: DNA helps draw Portrait of Early Briton

The research was carried out on the DNA of the Cheddar Man, a complete skeleton which was discovered in 1903, by researchers at the London’s Natural History Museum.

According to an analysis of a 10,000-year-old skeleton which was discovered in Somerset in 1903, researchers at the Natural History Museum, London, have found that the primitive Britons possibly had blue eyes, dark curly hair, and black skins.

Scientists were carrying out their usual research on the Cheddar Man, when, via a ‘’stroke of luck’’, they found little pieces of DNA in his ear. It should be remembered that in addition to being the oldest ever skeleton to be found in the UK, the Mesolithic Cheddar man is complete from head to toe. Consequently, it is one of the most prized specimens of the museum.

During their research, the scientists used techniques such as facial reconstruction and genetic sequencing to prove that the first men who inhabited Britain were far darker their successors of today. Afterwards, to cross-check the results of their research, they compared the genomes of the Cheddar Man with those of modern-day inhabitants of Cheddar George.

And as the results would go on to show, the original Briton had more in common with the Paleolithic Africans than what most of us care to believe. That said, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since almost all humans descends from the same Paleolithic Africans.

One notable finding of their research, in the words of the scientists, was that the racial categories prevalent in today’s world are only ‘’recent constructions’’, with none of them being present in the history.

Scientists further claim that harsh temperatures wiped out at least nine original colonisations of Europe. These colonisations were carried out using the Doggerland, a land-bridge which, though currently under water, connected Continental Europe to Great Britain since times immemorial.

Despite extreme temperatures, 12,000 Britons were able to survive during Cheddar Ma’s time. It was due to their survival back then that currently, almost 10% of the current’s white Briton’s genetic make-up resembles them.

The tribe of Cheddar Man, it is believed, migrated to Britain during the closing stages of the Last Ice Age. His DNA, in addition to being linked to Britons, has also been linked to the modern-day Spaniards, Hungarians and the residents of Luxembourg.

Quentin Tarantino faces Criticism Over Resurfaced Roman Polanski ‘Rape’ Interview

In the resurfaced radio interview, Tarantino claimed that the 13-year-old girl, who had sex with Roman Polanski, ‘’wanted to have it’’, and that it wasn’t a rape.

In a 2003 radio interview of the Pulp Fiction director with DJ Howard Stern, Quentin Tarantino has drawn fire from all sides by claiming that in his eyes, Roman Polanski wasn’t a rapist. Instead, he further commented that the 13-year-old girl just ‘wanted to have it’ as he was looking ‘to party with Roman’.

The interview has come days after Quentin Tarantino faced criticism from Uma Thurman of the way he subjected her to perform a dangerous stunt on the sets of Kill Bill. Thurman said in an interview to NY Times that involving herself in the car-crash stunt was one of the ‘’biggest regrets’’ of her life, further suggesting that it was Tarantino who ‘’persuaded’’ her to do the scene.

As for the interview which was republished on the website Jezebel on Tuesday night, Tarantino could be clearly heard defending Polanski: “He didn’t rape a 13-year-old girl. It was statutory rape… he had sex with a minor. That’s not rape. To me, when you use the word rape, you’re talking about violent, throwing them down – it’s like one of the most violent crimes in the world.”

As the exchange wore on, Tarantino agreed with Stern that the act was illegal and that if any man had sex with his 13-year-old daughter, provided he had one, he’d ‘’beat the hell’’ out of him. Still, he stuck to his point that the act wasn’t rape, and that the girl involved was a ‘’party girl’’.

After his comments resurfaced, a large amount of Twitter users started criticizing Tarantino for his remarks. Anthony Rapp, the man who alleges that back when he was a child actor, Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance towards him, was the most vocal of critics.

Julia Bradbury, a presenter on British Television, claimed that comments such as Tarantino’s are the reason why woman suffer in silence and do not speak out openly against abusing men.

Similar critique came from Melissa Silverstein, the co-founder of Woman and Hollywood, an advocacy group that calls for gender equality and diversity in Hollywood, who called his comments ‘’horrible’’.

Roman Polanski, meanwhile, remains in Switzerland whose government has rejected repeated requests of the US Government to extradite him.

What’s New to Stream on Netflix This February

It might be the shortest month of the calendar year, but February, with the help of Netflix, still has got loads of potential to keep things interested.

For some people – I’m talking about those whose Valentine’s Day won’t go according to the plan – the fact that February is the shortest month on the calendar is a blessing in disguise. Still, if you think the description fits you just right, there is one date of yours which cannot go wrong: that with Netflix. With loads of Netflix originals and a number of movies coming up, Netflix knows how to spice things up this month.

Here are a few highlights of what Netflix is going to offer us this month:

#1: Altered Carbon – February 2

Having earned rave reviews at CES last month, the 10-episode series of Altered Carbon is a dream-come-true for Blade Runner 2049 enthusiasts. Taking us to a future where the ridiculously rich move from one body to another to remain immortal, it might sound a bit too fantastical, still, it would hit the right notes to hold your attention.

#2: Queer Eye – February 7

A sequel to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – a show which aired between 2003 and 2007, this show is following the lead of its predecessor in entertainment, makeovers, and emotions. That said, the home city has changed to Atlanta and we have got an all-new cast to look forward to.

#3: Re:mind – February 15

What happens when eleven high school colleagues awake to find all of them chained with a table in a harrowing, old mansion? Yup, chaos, at first. Afterwards, however, their life (and freedom) depends on finding out what led them to their current predicament.

#4: Ugly Delicious – February 23

Have you heard of the French term Joire Laide? It is used to describe those who are ugly, yet beautiful. Puzzling, right? Chef David Chang would explain to us the meaning of this term as he goes to explore cultural foods which, despite looking terrible, taste delicious.

#5: Seven Seconds: Season 1 – February 23

Going behind the headlines and seeing the impact which terrible events have on human lives, Seven Seconds’ focus is on the racial tensions which underpin America in the 21st century. A cop critically injures a teenager of the opposite race, after which the Jersey City becomes fraught with tensions.

Revealed: Kevin Spacey’s Replacement for ‘House of Cards’ Final Season

Netflix announced Wednesday that the production of the sixth and final season has resumed, and that two new actors have been inducted in ‘House of Cards’.


After months of uncertainty surrounding the future of ‘House of Cards’ following accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced Wednesday that the new season would go on as planned, without Kevin Spacey.

The sixth and Final season of the famed political thriller will comprise of eight episodes. Robin Wright would play the leading role while Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Derek Cecil, Boris McGiver, Jayne Atkinson and Constance Zimmer will also play their respective parts.

Being one of the most famous Netflix’s hits, House of Cards – during its decade long run on our screens – has been nominated for fifty-three Emmy awards. Still, after Netflix severed their ties with Kevin Spacey in October, doubts were raised as to whether the show would continue or not.

Apart from the celebrities mentioned above, Netflix has announced that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane would join the cast for the final season. Though the exact role which the duo would play in the final season hasn’t been revealed yet, the duo is expected to serve as a direct replacement of Spacey.

It was in October last year that Kevin Spacey was being accused of sexual assault for the first time, as actor Anthony Rapp claimed that the veteran actor assaulted him back when he was 14. After the allegations hit the newspapers, Spacey tried to deflect the news by revealing that he was gay.

However, much to the dismay of Spacey’s fans, Rapp was only the first in the series of victims who came out with claims that Spacey has assaulted them. Till date, more than 30 individuals have come out publicly who have accused Kevin Spacey for everything from attempted rape to sexual assault.

Upon hearing the allegations surfacing against Spacey, Netflix fired him of his role in the House of Cards, with reports claiming that his firing cost Netflix a staggering amount of $39 million.

Super Bowl 2018: Justin Timberlake Honors Prince with Halftime Performance

sTraversing through the wide array of hits he has managed during his career, Justin Timberlake paid a solid tribute to hometown hero Price on Sunday night.

Armed with a camaraderie of backup dancers, an extensive catalogue of hits, and an outfit which he had selected from the recent Patagonia x Cezanne collection, Justin Timberlake paid a fitting tribute to Prince during the halftime show of the Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on Sunday night.

Starting with “Filthy’’ – a recent track from his recently released album “Man of the Woods’’, Justin began his performance backstage with what looked like an assortment of dancers. Afterwards, as he appeared on-stage, he turned to a mix of his classic hits, including “Suit & Tie,’’ “Cry Me A River,’’ ‘’Mirrors,’’ “Senorita,” and “My Love.”

Despite the fact that he chose a number of his own hits, the highlight of Justin’s performance was the cover of “I Would Die 4 U,’’ a huge hit of Prince. He took the emotions of the audience to a whole new level by singing the song alongside a projection of Prince doing the same. That was Justin’s way of paying tribute to the late singer, as the Super Bowl was held in the hometown of Prince this year.

While those inside the stadium were mostly acknowledging the effort on part of Justin to honor the late singer, the Twitter world wasn’t so impressed with his performance. Some Prince fans went so far as to degrade Justin’s performance as to link a 1998 interview of Prince with Guitar world.

During that interview, Prince had told the interviewer in unequivocal terms that he hated the use of holograms. While what Justin used wasn’t a hologram, that didn’t stop many of the Prince’s fans to be critical of his performance on Sunday night.

One Twitter user was particularly furious with Justin’s performance as he stated that ‘’Prince continues to be misunderstood … even in death’’.

Another Twitter user wanted to draw our attention to the rivalry which existed between Prince and Timberlake back during the day.


Some went as far as to claim that only a ‘mummified’’ hand of Prince could turn this performance in favor of Timberlake.

Although they were in a minority, some people were not critical of Timberlake’s performance, with fellow actress Reese Witherspoon gushing in her praise.