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‘It’: References, Easter Eggs, And Things You May Have Missed

Think you have seen everything in the “It’ movie? Aware of the horrors lying beneath libraries, old derelict houses and bathrooms? Think again as there ARE things you may have missed in the movie.

Using obscure references and Easter Eggs is mostly in the domain of superhero movies, but with the stores of Stephen King and a Massive Book as its support, the ‘It’ movie wasn’t devoid of them either. Hence, while the Director of the movie, Andy Muschietti, wanted to link all the references to previous King’s tales, there were a few details that you might have missed.


Now that you have seen the movie, you might recall its fondness for Retro, 80s T-shirts. Still, the car logo sitting on Eddie Kaspbrak’s T-shirt is anything but meaningless. The name of that car is Christine and it has appeared in another Stephen King’s story – which has the same name. In that story, the car was shown as a murderous, possessed automobile.

Tim Curry’s Pennywise Doll

When the Loser’s club is visiting a house on the 29 Neibolt Street, Richie, Bill, and Eddie get separated – with each getting the chance to explain their own horror. It was Richie who got the bad end of the deal, as he got himself locked in a room inundated with clown dolls. It is here, in this scene, that Tim Curry’s Pennywise doll can be seen. Just look at extreme left and you can see the Pennywise doll.

Hands of the Werewolf

In the same scene mentioned above – where all of them get to confront their horrors, Richie once again finds himself on the receiving end of things. For, his main horror is a werewolf, and that’s exactly the shape the evil thing takes when it appears for Richie. The claws of the werewolf can be seen at exactly that moment when he starts advancing towards Richie, Eddie, and Bill.

Shirt of Tracker Bros.

If you think that the heroes of this movie were its incredible actors, or the ones who produced the hair-raising sound, it means you are underrated its brilliant costume department. For instance, when all three of Bill, Richie, and Eddie go into the drainage pipe to look for Georgie, the shirt of Bill bears the logo of Tracker Bros, a shipping company located in Derry. It is also the place where Eddie meets Pennywise upon his return to Derry.

Silver Bike

In contrast to the costumes, the makers of this movie paid no attention whatsoever to the bikes. However, one scene in the movie serves as an exception where the bike of Bill has a word “Silver” printed on its frame. In the book, that bike holds prominence as it saved two lives in the past, first in the 50s when Bill saved Eddie and second in the 80s when Bill saves his wife on a busy traffic street.

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