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Donald Trump Beware: Fire and Fury to Become TV Series

As if not enough damage had already been done to the image of The Donald, the bestselling Fire and Fury book – which exposes life inside Trump’s White House, would be converted into a TV series.

By his own admissions, Donald Trump is a very stable genius: for he doesn’t need intelligence reports from his top officials, and won’t read books because of his ever-expanding knowledge. There is, however, one book which has attracted his attention – for the worse – and that book now aims at inflicting more damage to his already tenuous Presidency.

Variety reports that by purchasing the TV rights to Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump’s White House, Endeavor Content has purchased the movie. Put simply, the book paints Donald Trump as unfit for the job (as if we didn’t know that already) and highlights his short attention span, and that he eats his meals in his bed.

Taking the crescendo to a whole new level, the book has featured quotes from the former Breitbart Executive Chairman and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. The main focus of the conversation is a meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr; with Mr. Bannon labeling it as “treasonous”.

Looking back at the proposed movie, Variety reports that no movie studio is attached to the project, yet. The write of the book, Michael Wolff, will serve as the Executive Producer of the movie, alongside the ex BBC Executive Michael Jackson.

As expected, Trump has not remained silent after the contents of the book were made public. In a statement issued on January 10, he proposed to “take a strong look” at the libel laws of the United States, giving a thinly veiled threat that the film is lawsuit material.

Though the proposed movie would get more publicity – for obvious reasons – Television studios are already running multiple projects on the Donald, and his presidency. For instance, “President Show” is currently aired on Comedy Central, whereas Stephen Colbert is planning to release “Our Cartoon President”, an animated series on Showtime.


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