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Top 10 Upcoming Single Player Games of 2018

Worried about your future? It is guaranteed to be bright as long as you are a single-player willing to spend your days in front of the television playing these highly rated upcoming games.

It won’t be a wrong to suggest that 2017 wasn’t a very good year for single-player games. Apart from the usual hits like FIFA, there wasn’t much for the single gamers to turn to last year.

Thankfully, as a mere glance at the games that will be released later this year tells us, 2018 is promised to be different. Hence, whether you play games on Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One X, these games will enrich your year.

Take a look.
State of Decay 2

Much like its predecessor, State of Decay 2 will take you to a post-apocalyptic world – one where all hell has broken loose, and you’re left with some friends to build a colony for the humans up from the ashes.

During the course of this game, you’ll not only be meeting survivors but once your help has healed them, you’ll be able to turn them into partners in your quest of building a better world. Initially, 3 cities in addition to the innumerable plot twists, are on offer to make sure you have a real-life experience playing this game.

Bayonetta 3

In case the previous 2 installments of the Platinum Games Bayonetta Series weren’t able to satiate your appetite, here comes the Bayonetta 3 to whet it further. Made exclusively for Nintendo Switch, not many hints have been released about this game.

What we do know is the fact that Bayonetta would get her beehive hairdo back in this film. That, and the fact that game has some excellent graphics which are sure to live you spell bound

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

For those of you who have tested their hands on Yakuza 0, you’d immediately realize after playing Yakuza 6 that it is in more or less in a similar vein.

There is one major difference, however, and it is that in contrast to its predecessors, Yakuza 6 has only one protagonist: namely Kazuma Kiryu. He is fresh out of prison after completing his sentence of three years and is now going to travel to Hiroshima to look for answers to questions which we don’t know yet.

Far Cry 5

You are the Sheriff in Hope County and all hell is breaking loose, this is the starting scene from Far Cry 5 in which you, the Sheriff, find yourself. You are not alone as a band of resistance fighters accompany you in your quest to restore order to Hope County.

And you are going to do it by teaming up with a dog, dogfighting into the skies and jumping into a plane – while making some explosions along the way.


If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda Series, you’d immediately point some similarities between it and Biomutant. Just like Zelda, Biomutant is giving you a huge, unrestricted and unsafe world to explore.

That said, it is a different game as unlike Zelda, the hero of this game gets the chance to make his own destiny, and the setting of the film features anthropomorphic animals divided into various tubes.

Darksiders 3

Just when we had lost hope, Gunfire Games – may God bless them – came up with the announcement that Darksiders 3 was coming. In this episode, the baton is in the hands of Fury (War’s Sister) to decimate her foes and whip them along the way.

Judging from its trailer, we can vouch that the combat of this game is crisp, its environments look natural, and the action-adventure approach which made the predecessors of this game famous is also present.

Days Gone

My personal favorite, the Days Gone series lets you fight with the zombies who have held the world at ransom, while you, being the main protagonist, fighting for the lives of your fellow human beings.

The reason why With its ever-changing play-stiles, stealth mechanics, dynamic weather and tons of gory murder, this game deserves to be on your console later this year.

Detroit: Become Human

Though some people prefer to call this game as an acquired taste, the prospect of influencing the lives of people by interacting and helping them makes this game an intriguing one for me. The plot of this game contains three androids: Kara,  Connor, and Markus.

At the very outset, Kara escapes the androids-making factory to discover the sentience which she has recently found. Connor’s job is to hunt down androids like Kara who deviate from the original path whereas Markus serves as the liberator whose only goal in life is to free androids like Kara from servitude.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Unless you’re a PC Gamer – in which case you might not enjoy this game, it is a must-have. It revolves around an outlaw, namely Arthur Morgan, whose only goal in life is to fight, steal and rob his way across the rough and rugged terrains of the US in his quest for survival.

As his fame grows bigger and bigger, so do the size of his enemies as they join their forces to pursue and hunt him. It seems to me that this will be the storyline of the game as Arthur can be seen in the trailer to befriend unlikely allies as he travels in the lengths and breadths of the US.


Exclusively available for PS4 users – we feel for you Xbox and PC users – this game showcases the near obsession which the Insomniac Entertainment has with lightning movement, vast open worlds and fast action in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You’re going to see familiar characters like Wilson Fisk, Miles Morales, and yes, Mary Jane Watson in this movie. And whether or not you think that this game is QTE-heavy, its release is probably one of the bigger news of 2018.

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