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Revealed: The Story of A Never Produced “Star Wars: A New Hope” Sequel

Have you ever thought that the Production Team of Star Wars was once worried that the movie would bomb at the Box Office? Yup, you heard it right, and we have the whole story in full.

The year was 1976, and Alan Dean Foster was hired for two jobs. The first job was nothing abnormal: he was asked to ghostwrite a novel for the Star Wars. The second job, however, was breathtaking: writing a low-budget successor to “Star Wars: A New Hope” provided the film bombed at the Box Office.

Though Alan wrote the novel – it was released under the name “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” in 1978, it was never turned into a movie, with the success of A New Hope playing a huge part. The novel was released between the releases of New Hope and its successor, the Empire Strikes back.

Despite the fact that it was never turned into a movie, the Novel went on to become one of the first pieces in what was to become the Star Wars Universe. Hence, if you always wonder at “what could have been”, the novel’s story would take you right there.

Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind

Thanks to the Good Guys at Mr. Sunday Movies, we’ve been given the chance to look at the proposed sequel to the first Star Wars’ movie ever made.

Take a look.

It is important to note that Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and R2-D2 were all central characters in this novel. However, both Chewbacca and Han Solo didn’t make an appearance. After a gap of nearly two decades, the book was turned into a Graphic Novel – it was published by Dark Horse Comics in the year 1996.

Talking about the story, it revolves around a MacGuffin, known as “Mind’s Eye”. In the novel, it was named as Kaiburr Crystal, an ancient relic which could increase the sensitive power of the force by one thousand times, whereas its shards acted as lightsaber crystal.

For avid Star Wars fans interested in reading this sequel, the novel is available on Amazon whereas its graphic version is available digitally.

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