Rush Hour 4 is Coming, Confirms Chris Tucker

Bringing to the screens the iconic duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, Rush Hour 4 is said to be released next year at the earliest.

Speaking on the Winging it podcast, Chris Tucker has confirmed that the long-held fourth installment of the Rush Hour series is in the works.

“We’re working on a few things on the script right now, so we’re trying to get into production. But we’re working on it and trying to get it going.”

Asked whether it was the demand of the studio or the eagerness of the actors that have led to Rush Hour 4, here’s what Tucker had to say.

“Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, [the] studio wants to do it, so we’re trying to get it together.”

Revolving around two mismatched partners – Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Agent Carter (Chris Tucker) – Rush Hour series involves the iconic duo going on a series of misadventures while trying to fight criminals in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Starting from the first Rush Hour movie in 1998, the comic movie introduced Jackie Chan to American audiences who had seen him perform action roles in the past but weren’t aware of his comic skills.

The first installment was a smash hit on the Box Office, considering the fact that it was able to gross $33 million despite being modestly budgeted.

As a result, both Chan and Tucker joined their forces once again for Rush Hour 2, which proved to be an even bigger hit than its predecessor – grossing $90 billion on worldwide Box Office.

Last time Tucker and Chan reunited was in 2007 for Rush Hour 3, and the movie was able to hit the $140 million mark while also performing brilliantly on Blu-ray and DVD sales.

The MoviePass Effect Is Here To Stay

The culture of subscription-based movie streaming sites is gaining momentum in Hollywood, and it has the potential to change the entertainment industry forever.

The entertainment industry is experiencing a major upheaval.

If you don’t believe in the veracity of this statement, the latest evidence – an announcement by AMC in which it unveiled its decision to launch its own subscription-based program – should convince you otherwise.

Dubbed A-list, AMC’s subscription-based program is a nod to the new realities of Hollywood, one in which cinemagoers want more value than entertainment from their night out.

What it also suggests is that Netflix has changed the entertainment industry, though it isn’t clear for now whether it’s for good or worse. Today’s movie lovers aren’t fond of spending as much as $20 to watch a single movie, what they look forward to is paying for monthly content packages.

The recent move by AMC is a break-away from the past moves of movie theatres when they increased prices and added more amenities to paper over reducing audience numbers. Ticket prices have seen a 50% rise since 2002, though ticket sales have nosedived by 20%.

In case you’re wondering, it is the younger generation – the one that makes the biggest chunk of Netflix subscribers – that is moving away from the theatres.

In response, theater giants such as Regal and AMC talked about the premium experience they offer to cinemagoers. Old seating has now been replaced, with plush recliners taking their place. Beer and wine have been added to cinema menus, with IMAX and 3D also gaining momentum.

However, at a time of rising inequality, stagnating wage bills, and crushing student loans, moviegoers do not want those amenities. What they want, put simply, is a deal. That demand for a deal was one of the reasons why MoviePass, an upstart company which offers a movie-a-day for less than $10 a month, now has three million subscribers.

AMC’s recent announcement, therefore, should be seen as a push by the theatre-giant to rival the domination of MoviePass. However, while you can be a subscriber to MoviePass at less than $10 a month, AMC would require you to pay $19.99 for its monthly subscription package.

The added cost, however, isn’t without any benefits. While MoviePass lets you see a movie a day in most movie theatres, you only get to see it in 2D with the requirement that tickets be purchased closed to show times.

In contrast, AMC will give its subscribers the option to watch three movies every week in IMAX and 3D, premium formats which MoviePass doesn’t provide. What’s more, it also gives you the option to reserve seats in advance.

So, what will be the effect of services like AMC and MoviePass on the studios? To be honest, they won’t take a financial hit. All they want is money, and they could care less whether you’ve purchased your ticket from a subscription service or on a la carte.

However, the same cannot be said for both AMC and MoviePass, two services that are likely to take a hit. MoviePass is already suffering huge losses and AMC’s CEO Adam Aron is adamant his company will take a $10 to $15 million hit over the next two quarters.

Still, while AMC – thanks to its bigger pockets – could withstand the financial hit, the same couldn’t be said about the upstart MoviePass.

Actor James Wood Slams Oprah Winfrey on Twitter

Justifying his reputation as the Angriest Republican in Hollywood, Actor James Wood took to Twitter on Monday to hammer left-leaning Oprah Winfrey following the latter’s speech at Golden Globes.

Oprah Winfrey has been the talk of the town ever since her speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. The media-mogul stole the show as she used the platform to raise awareness of sexual assault and harassment. So effective was her speech that #Oprah2020 hashtag started trending on Twitter urging her to bid for the White House in the upcoming elections.

As was the theme of the evening – with most personalities wearing black, Oprah Winfrey also talked about the #MeToo movement which has rocked Hollywood over the past few months. And that is from where James Wood took the clue to roast her.

For Hollywood – which has been a left-wing town almost by tradition, Woods has long been an outlier. His provocative opinions – which adorned print magazines in the eighties and the nineties, can now be found on Twitter. He is so famous on Twitter that, according to Daily Telegraph, he has a following of 900,000 Trumpsters.

So Vocal Has James Wood been that he is labeled as the
Angriest Republican in Hollywood
Maybe that’s the reason why he took offence from Oprah’s speech – which many believe is an indication that she’d be running for the office in 2020. Though Oprah didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein by name – who is the main villain of the #MeToo movement, the fact that she had mentioned the movement by name was enough for Mr. Wood to roast her.

And as has been his favorite pastime these days, it was on Twitter that James tried to shed light on the “hypocrisy” of what he referred to as “Madame President”.


And if that figure wasn’t suggesting enough, Wood went one step ahead. In his next tweet, he posted a picture of Oprah standing side by side Weinstein – with her arm over his shoulder.



If there was still any doubt as to what James wanted to suggest, in came another picture – this one showing Oprah kissing Weinstein on his ear.



Talk about exposing double standards, eh?

Shocked: 5 Movie Scenes Where the Actors Were Actually Terrified

Horror movies are meant for scaring us, however, sometimes the scenes are so real-life that they even terrify the crap out of the actors performing them.
Alien (1979)


Remember watching this classic horror movie? Then you’ll remember the scene in which THAT alien sprang out of the astronaut’s chest – only to scare the hell out of everyone, including the movie’s cast. The reason of the cast becoming truly horrified – as you can see for yourself in the scene – is that they were unknown of what was going to happen next.

Yes, they knew what the next scene was, but they weren’t aware that a worm alien – with all its guts and blood – was going to come out of John Hurt’s chest.  The scene was so breathtaking that actors performing it retreated to their rooms to get a breather and lower their blood pressure.

The Exorcist (1973)

In a documentary titled The Fear of God, the antics of William Friedkin has been brought to light as to how the film maker made The Exorcist look real. William refrigerated the room of where the exorcism took place to make sure that shivering was real. What’s more, he even kept randomly shooting artificial guns on the set to ensure that actors remained alert.

That said, it was the vomit scene where William used the best of her sadistic ability to horrify, in addition to the public, the cast of the movie. Jason Miller, the protagonist in the movie, was so pissed off at the vomit scene that after finishing it, he took the rest of the day off.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)


This movie revolves around friends who go on a camping trip which, as their ill-luck would have it, turns into a death trap for them. To make sure that the scenes look real, the director gave the cast members the necessary supplies – before leaving them to fend for themselves in the woods.

As a result, the movie contains scenes in which the actors were actually trying to find a way for themselves. After a few days passed, their food ration was cut down to make sure the actors became angry and ragged. Then when the actors were sleeping, the crew would appear from nowhere, to shake their tents and terrorize them.

The Departed (2006)

There’s one thing when you watch Jack Nicholson playing the role of a bad guy, it will only terrify you. Now, imagine that you’re the guy who’s right next to Nicholson in the scene, how will you feel when Jack, out of nowhere, starts taking out weapons.

DiCaprio felt one such moment of fear when, in The Departed, Jack felt that DiCaprio wasn’t scared enough to pull off the scene. Then, after consulting with the director, Jack Nicholson shoved a real handgun in the face of DiCaprio. And as Scorsese Confirmed, Leo was terrified big time.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

If there is one movie which shows how the work of a director could get the best – or crap – out of the performers, it has to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For instance, during the scene in which Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) hacks Allen Danziger (Jerry) to pieces, the cries of the latter were real because he hadn’t seen the mask before.

Say Goodbye:  Actors Hollywood Didn’t Cast In 2017

One day, they were movie stars with fans all around the world. The next, Hollywood felt that they were surplus to requirements, hence their career was all but over.

Fame is fickle, ask Hollywood actors, and they’d testify how true is this statement in the Entertainment Industry. After being at the peak of their powers for decades, some actors were deemed not good enough by the Hollywood in 2017. No matter how many good films of the past were at their credit, these performers were swiftly relegated to the dustbin of history.

Here are 4 Actors Hollywood Didn’t Cast in 2017 …
Matthew Fox

Once upon a time, the movies of Matthew Fox were raking in millions upon millions. His star was shining, the TV show in which he was performing was insanely hit, and his fan base knew no bounds. Then, just like that, destiny struck and Matthew was deemed surplus to the requirements of the Hollywood in 2017.

In addition to some of her movies bombing at the box office – i.e. Alex Cross, Extinction and Emperor, it is real-life of Matthew which hasn’t helped his case much. Apart from being accused of assaulting women, Matthew was sent behind bars for drunk driving in 2012.
Summer Glau

Remember River Tam? That super-powered, monosyllabic, PTSD-suffering psychic in Firefly and Serenity? Over the last few years, she has appeared in a variety of shows, from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, to Arrow.

Despite appearing in so many avatars, Summer is out of work of late. In fact, if you want to trace her last gig, it was way back in 2016, when she appeared in an Episode of Castle. Since then, she has been absent from the big screen.
Kathy Griffin

Remember that lady who tweeted an image in which she was holding a decapitated image of Donald Trump? Well, Hollywood doesn’t, as the amount of work that lady has received in the past twelve months shows us.

Thanks to her publicity stunt, Griffin was no longer allowed to appear in CNN New Year’s Eve Broadcast. Add that to how her IMDb profile looks like, and you’ll see that things are pretty dire for Cathy of late.
Cameron Diaz

In contrast to other celebrities who are mentioned in this article, Cameron Diaz hasn’t been rebuffed by Hollywood. Rather, it’s the other way around as Diaz claims that she’s taking a break to sort things out. That said, if you ask the critics, she is just making an excuse after delivering one flop film after other over the past few years.

Due to her performance in the Calendar Year 2014, Cameron won the Razzie Award from the People Magazine. The Magazine gives this award every year to performers whom it deems of being the worst in their field over the last year.

Change in Warner Bros.: Toby Emmerich Named New Film Chairman

Say it quietly, but there is a change going on at the Warner Bros. Studios. And unlike many which have preceded it in the past, this one could have long-running repercussions.

In a sign that major reorganization is underway at the Warner Bros. Studios, the film giant has promoted Toby Emmerich to the role of its Chairman. Another such change has seen Sue Kroll – who heads the studio’s worldwide distribution and marketing network, is giving up her role as a Producer of Burbank Lot.

It goes without saying that the relationship of Kroll with Warner Bros. goes behind a few decades. Equally important is her relationships with Hollywood Giants i.e. Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, and Christopher Nolan. Therefore, now that she is relinquishing her previous role, Kroll will become a Producer on Burbank Lot.

The shake-up isn’t limited to the top two personalities – as the chairmanship of the Global Theatrical and Home Entertainment Marketing has now been handed over to Blair Rich. She has been handed this responsibility at a time when there were rumors that several other studios were also courting her services. She also masterminded the marketing of last year’s blockbuster “It”.

In addition, while he will continue as President of the Studio’s Home Entertainment group, Ron Sanders will now serve as the President of the Worldwide Distribution at Warner Bros. It means he’ll be performing two roles at one.

Another major change which the studio hopes to see is the streamlining of its internal structure. It is, probably, for this purpose that the new management structure, marketing, distribution, and production departments will all report to Emmerich from now on.

It was back in 2016 that Emmerich assumed the role of Chief Content Officer and President at the Warner Bros. He assumed the responsibility after his successes at “New Line” – the Warner Bros. division which oversaw “Lord of the Rings” and “The Conjuring” Franchises.

All this shakeup has come after a year in which Warner Bros. enjoyed one success after the other. For example, the likes of“Dunkirk”, “Wonder Woman” and “It” – all huge successes at the Box Office, were released last year.