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Change in Warner Bros.: Toby Emmerich Named New Film Chairman

Say it quietly, but there is a change going on at the Warner Bros. Studios. And unlike many which have preceded it in the past, this one could have long-running repercussions.

In a sign that major reorganization is underway at the Warner Bros. Studios, the film giant has promoted Toby Emmerich to the role of its Chairman. Another such change has seen Sue Kroll – who heads the studio’s worldwide distribution and marketing network, is giving up her role as a Producer of Burbank Lot.

It goes without saying that the relationship of Kroll with Warner Bros. goes behind a few decades. Equally important is her relationships with Hollywood Giants i.e. Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, and Christopher Nolan. Therefore, now that she is relinquishing her previous role, Kroll will become a Producer on Burbank Lot.

The shake-up isn’t limited to the top two personalities – as the chairmanship of the Global Theatrical and Home Entertainment Marketing has now been handed over to Blair Rich. She has been handed this responsibility at a time when there were rumors that several other studios were also courting her services. She also masterminded the marketing of last year’s blockbuster “It”.

In addition, while he will continue as President of the Studio’s Home Entertainment group, Ron Sanders will now serve as the President of the Worldwide Distribution at Warner Bros. It means he’ll be performing two roles at one.

Another major change which the studio hopes to see is the streamlining of its internal structure. It is, probably, for this purpose that the new management structure, marketing, distribution, and production departments will all report to Emmerich from now on.

It was back in 2016 that Emmerich assumed the role of Chief Content Officer and President at the Warner Bros. He assumed the responsibility after his successes at “New Line” – the Warner Bros. division which oversaw “Lord of the Rings” and “The Conjuring” Franchises.

All this shakeup has come after a year in which Warner Bros. enjoyed one success after the other. For example, the likes of“Dunkirk”, “Wonder Woman” and “It” – all huge successes at the Box Office, were released last year.


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