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Actor James Wood Slams Oprah Winfrey on Twitter

Justifying his reputation as the Angriest Republican in Hollywood, Actor James Wood took to Twitter on Monday to hammer left-leaning Oprah Winfrey following the latter’s speech at Golden Globes.

Oprah Winfrey has been the talk of the town ever since her speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. The media-mogul stole the show as she used the platform to raise awareness of sexual assault and harassment. So effective was her speech that #Oprah2020 hashtag started trending on Twitter urging her to bid for the White House in the upcoming elections.

As was the theme of the evening – with most personalities wearing black, Oprah Winfrey also talked about the #MeToo movement which has rocked Hollywood over the past few months. And that is from where James Wood took the clue to roast her.

For Hollywood – which has been a left-wing town almost by tradition, Woods has long been an outlier. His provocative opinions – which adorned print magazines in the eighties and the nineties, can now be found on Twitter. He is so famous on Twitter that, according to Daily Telegraph, he has a following of 900,000 Trumpsters.

So Vocal Has James Wood been that he is labeled as the
Angriest Republican in Hollywood
Maybe that’s the reason why he took offence from Oprah’s speech – which many believe is an indication that she’d be running for the office in 2020. Though Oprah didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein by name – who is the main villain of the #MeToo movement, the fact that she had mentioned the movement by name was enough for Mr. Wood to roast her.

And as has been his favorite pastime these days, it was on Twitter that James tried to shed light on the “hypocrisy” of what he referred to as “Madame President”.


And if that figure wasn’t suggesting enough, Wood went one step ahead. In his next tweet, he posted a picture of Oprah standing side by side Weinstein – with her arm over his shoulder.



If there was still any doubt as to what James wanted to suggest, in came another picture – this one showing Oprah kissing Weinstein on his ear.



Talk about exposing double standards, eh?

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