Behave Like A Billionaire: Justin Bieber Joins London’s Elite

In a sign that he’d divide his time between Los Angeles and London, Justin Bieber has leased a new home in the Bishops Avenue – better known as London’s Billionaire’s Row.

Justin Bieber House

It might not be an ideal setting for ditzy, giggly teenage girls who want to get a glimpse of their idol. But, as far as Justin Bieber is concerned, there aren’t many places which could showcase his wealth the same way as the Billionaire’s Row in North London.

Located in the locality known as Billionaire’s row, the house is going to cost the superstar a mouth-watering £108,000 per month. The Pop Idol has leased such a huge mansion via Glentree, with Daily Mail reporting that the singer will spend more time in London from now on.

Though he’s going to live alone there, the house has enough space to house an entourage. It covers a mammoth 2299sq. meters has 15 bedrooms and six reception rooms. What’s more, it has a tennis court, steam room with a wine cellar and sauna, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

And provided you’re going to visit, parking space is the last thing you should worry about. For, in a sign of things to come, the driveway has enough space for 50 – yes, FIFTY, cars at a time. And Mr. Bieber won’t have to go anywhere should he feels like watching a movie – as the house has a built-in Home Cinema.

The house – which has been everything from a Chinese Government base to a family home over the years, was built by a British sugar Tycoon way back in 1910. Over the years, it has changed hands quite a lot of times, with the most recent buyer coughing up £25 million for it in 2015.

The reason why this house has been rented out – even at a mammoth price – is because sales tax has increased twice in the last few years. Add to it the uncertainty surrounding British Real Estate Market following Brexit, and the house was tailor-made for being rented out.

Redemption: Mariah Carey Puts Past Mistakes Behind Her on New Year’s Eve

Though she wasn’t able to get the hot tea she so craved, Mariah Carey was able to put last year’s demons behind her with a scintillating performance at Times Square.

This time, there weren’t any shortcomings from her side. Dressed in a white fur coat and a gold-colored dress, Mariah Carey sang “Hero” and “Vision” of Live to turn the heat on an otherwise extremely cold night.

“Happy New Year!” Ms. Carey said, addressing the crowd. “Just want to take a sip of tea if they’ll let me.” Though the tea never arrived, Mariah didn’t let its absence affect her on-stage performance.

Learning From Her Mistakes

Last year Mariah was in Times Square to welcome the New Year with her performance. However, to put it mildly, the performance went disastrously that time around.

That performance was a testament to what happens when there is zero coordination between team members. For example, while singing her blockbuster “Emotions”, Mariah was unable to sync with the music and lyrics.

To add insult to injury, Mariah gave up midway through one of her songs, “We Belong Together” – despite the fact that the recording of the number continued to play, an evidence that she was lip-syncing during the entire time.

In the light of these circumstances, therefore, it was imperative that Mariah set record straight. And amusingly for her fans, the veteran singer did just that.

Learning her lessons from last time, Ms. Carey arrived hours in advance to personally check the arrangements. Her team was omnipresent even before with her manager being the most active of her team members.

It paid off.

Without any misgivings that marred her performance last year, Ms. Carey seamlessly made it to the finish line. The fact that all had gone awesome was evident when – after singing “Hero” – Carey received a standing ovation from large segments of the audience.

Surprise for her Fans

If you’ve watched her performance, you might have seen the giant rock glittering on Mariah’s middle finger. According to CNN, it was an engagement ring which her ex-fiance, James Packer, gifted her. Mariah touts it as an “inconvenience fee” as she has sued Mr. Packer for $50million after the couple’s breakup last year.

Sceptic of Climate Change? Get Ready to Bid Farewell to Chocolate, Coffee, and Beer

Think Climate Change is a hoax? Our stubbornness, when combined with bad weather, might take away many of the pleasures of life which we usually take for granted.

Climate Change and Coffee

It doesn’t matter which report you read, there is one thing you’ll find common in all of them: Climate Change is the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced. And in contrast to other effects of Climate Change – i.e. Heat waves and rising seas, which will mostly affect the developing countries, now is the turn of the developed world to get stuffed.

No Beer (or less quality beer)

According to a report prepared by a collaboration of 42 breweries, we might run out of beer in a Climactically Changed Future. The report shines light on how the rise in temperature and decrease in water levels is going to affect our beer production.

And even if the worse doesn’t happen, there is another danger. A team at the Hydrometeorological Institute of Czech Republic has found out that Climate Change has degraded the yield and quality of the beer. They have further predicted that if Climate Change goes unabated, beer yield could further drop by 10%.

No Camp Life

Board games or park life? A question most of us face every weekend. Not any longer – provided we continue to turn a blind eye towards Climate Change.

For, throughout the world, the weather is going to get more and more extreme. You might think that means the summer will be longer, but there’s more to that.

For, when the air will become hotter than usual, it will hold more water. As a result, there would be increased flooding, sea level rises, and rainfalls. All in all, a perfect recipe for anything but normal.

No Chocolate

Africa is famous for two things: crippling poverty and cocoa production. Sadly, there’s another factor which is taking hold there these days – climate change – and it is going to worsen both of the first two.

In the last forty years, the land available for the growth of cocoa has shrunk by over 40%. The next forty years, meanwhile, are going to see a temperature rise of 2*C. That will make it very difficult (and hot) for cocoa trees to grow.

On the other side, there’s the demand for chocolate – which will outstrip the supply by 1 million tonnes by 2020. Yup, that’s two years from now.

No Coffee

You might be thinking after reading the abovementioned: but we would still have coffee. Unluckily, if the current trend persists, we won’t.

For, just like cocoa, coffee beans require a moderate climate to grow. And as the droughts in Brazil and floods in Honduras have shown, the moderate climate is the last thing this world has. Add to the mix the decrease in water levels in Vietnam – which, like Brazil and Honduras, is famous for coffee beans, and you might change your early morning coffee-drinking routine for good.

’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Collects $1Billion Worldwide

Though it has been just three weeks since its release, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has stunned everyone by collecting more than $1 billion at the box office.

However, before you drool any further, let me remind you that despite raking in such huge amounts, “The Last Jedi” still isn’t the biggest-film of 2017. According to an estimate, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Fate of the Furious” performed better than the Star Wars movie in the preceding year.

Still, since the film is only three weeks old, it is expected to take over both its predecessors. Thus, it seems only a matter of time before “The Last Jedi” becomes the highest-grossing release of 2017.

One area where “The Last Jedi” has left “Beauty and the Beast” behind is its grossing in the domestic market. While the latter collected $504 million from North America, “The Last Jedi” has earned already in the region of $517 million.

The bullish trend which has seen the movie raking in billions was expected, at least after a blockbuster opening day. The movie collected $104 million on its first day at the box office. Hence earning the honor of 2nd highest opening day in the history of Hollywood.

The numbers which “The Last Jedi” got on its opening day were second only to its predecessor “The Force Awakens” which collected a whopping $119 million on its first day at the Box Office.

Despite raking in such huge numbers, “The Last Jedi” still lags behind its prequel “The Force Awakens” on one count!

That doesn’t mean, however, that “The Last Jedi” received a relatively underwhelming response from the audience. Rather, the difference has more to do with the cinemas which both movies got on their opening days.

While 5000+ Cinemas showed “The Force Awakens” on its opening day, only 4100 cinemas showed “The Last Jedi” on its. Thus, if you compare both of them on this count, the recent episode of the Star Wars Series has done comparatively well than its prequel.

Despite bringing in such numbers, “The Last Jedi” has divided opinion among its audiences and critics. For, while Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 93% score, the movie has got the lowest audience score among any Star Wars movie on the same website.

Who is Meghan Markle’s ex-husband Trevor Engelson?

Meghan Markle, future bride of Britain’s Prince Harry was  married to Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson.

33-year-old son of the late Princess Diana is engaged with the 36-year-old “Suits” star is engaged to the. The two are set to marry in the spring of 2018.

Now Here’s what you need to know about the man who was once married to the potential new royal princess:

Us Weekly previously reported Markle and the 41-year-old tied the knot on Sept. 10, 2011, at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where they had a casual wedding in front of 102 guests. It was the same year the USA Network starlet took on the role of Rachel Zane in the series “Suits.”

Vogue reported Markle would later return to the tropical getaway in March 2017 with Prince Harry to celebrate the wedding of a mutual friend.

Prior to the marriage, Markle and Engelson dated for six years while they were both pursuing their high-profile careers.

However, the marriage wouldn’t last.

In September 2013, a source confirmed to Us Weekly the couple “quietly separated.” While it’s not exactly clear why the pair parted ways, they cited “irreconcilable differences.” One insider hinted to Woman’s Day at the time that Markle’s hectic schedule for filming “Suits” in Toronto while her husband resided in Los Angeles made married life difficult for the two.

Engelson has remained tight-lipped about his marriage to Markle, despite alleged rumors of publishers offering a major paycheck for a tell-all — that is, until this year.

Deadline reported in September that Engelson was working on an untitled project about a lead character sharing custody with the British royal family after his ex-wife marries a prince. While the comedy may have been inspired by real-life events, the Hollywood news site added the premise is a work of fiction.

Markle and Engelson have no children together and she’s reportedly not involved with the TV series in any capacity. However, it was noted the project originated from a conversation Engelson shared with fellow producer Dan Farah about what life would have been like if the former lovers did have kids.


Jason Priestley Reveals He Punched Harvey Weinstein in the Face

Not everyone in Hollywood turned a blind eye to Harvey Weinstein’s ways. Priestley tweeted this he punched Weinstein in the face during a confrontation which took place at 1995 Golden Globes party hosted by Miramax.

 “’95 Golden Globes… at the Miramax Party… Harvey told me I had to leave… I was leaving when he grabbed me by the arm and said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘You told me leave, I’m leaving,'” Priestley wrote. “‘I didn’t say you had to leave,’ he replied. ‘You just told me to leave… right over there,’ I tell him once again. Getting heated now. He then grabs me tighter and says, ‘Why don’t we go outside and talk about this.’ That was all I needed to hear.”

Priestley continued, “‘I’m not going anywhere with you,’ I said as I pushed him back and punched him with a right hand to his face. Suddenly, there were security guards pulling us apart and I was escorted out of the party…”


New Year’s Eve: Sydney welcomes 2018 with 8 tonnes of fireworks

In 2018  the plans for are enormous. amount of  EIGHT tonnes of fireworks produced 100,000 pyrotechnic effects as the sky exploded in a riot of color and light, with the centerpiece a rainbow tribute to the nation’s historic same-sex marriage vote and the upcoming 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras.

All harbour vantage points were full two hours before the 9pm family fireworks lit up the harbour, building excitement for the main event, which cost A$7m and lasted 12 minutes.

The show  has  a section of fireworks designed by the actor Hugh Jackman.





‘Bright’ Netflix new movie lands 11 million viewers in only three days

Netflix new movie “Bright” starring Will Smith — which critics didn’t like has been watched by over than 11 million in the first three days of release, according to Nielsen estimates. Storyline is about hybrid cop-buddy’s sci-fi fantasy movie, with budget of $100 million. Drew an audience of about 7 million U.S. viewers 18-49 on connected TVs from Dec. 22-24.


Is it a hit? That’s hard to determine, given that Nielsen has only part of the ct data since launching its subscription VOD measurement service this fall and Netflix doesn’t reveal such metrics.According to Nielsen, “Bright” still fall behind “Stranger Things” season 2 but better than second season of Queen Elizabeth II drama “The Crown.”

Get into stats in first three days of “Stranger Things” season 2’s release (Oct. 27-29), the premiere over  15.8 million viewers overall (and 11 million in the 18-49 demo) over that period, per Nielsen. “The Crown” season 2’s first episode on Netflix averaged nearly 3 million U.S. viewers, including nearly 1.3 million people 18-49, within the first three days of its availability (Dec. 8-12).

Well let’s hope Netflix will continue to do more Movies and Shows.