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It Looks Delicious: Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Now Exists

Think fantasies never come true? Walls has given you a reason to think again by officially unveiling its Kinder Bueno ice cream and if looks could tell, it looks delicious to us.

In a mouthwatering news for the Kinder Ice Cream enthusiasts, Kinder has announced on its website that it will start selling Kinder Bueno ice cream – which previously only existed as a candy bar, from the upcoming summer.

The exciting news, which has already sent sweet-toothed Twitter users into a frenzy, was originally revealed by a French news site. Three types of ice creams will hit the shelves, including a cone, a sandwich, and the popsicle-style treat.

Consequently, for fans of the Kinder candy bar, they now stand a chance to take some sun while munching away on the Kinder ice cream stick, Kinder ice cream sandwich, or the lip-smacking Bruno ice cream cone. And guess what, if its looks are to be believed, the cone is said to be equally tantalizing as its chocolate bar equivalent.

What’s more, if you are conscious about your diet, you could still eat the ice cream cone thanks to its low caloric content. That is because it contains only 206 calories, much less than what other chocolate cones have. Therefore, even if you don’t want your clothes to get tight in the upcoming summer, you could still enjoy the delicious item.

Giving us the description of the cones, Unilever, its manufacturer, that it is a combination of kinder milk chocolate sauce with fine hazelnut milk. To further up the taste-game, a thin layer of hazelnut cream – which draws its composition from Ferrero Hazelnuts, would cover the crispy croissant.

There is, however, one catch which the fans of Kinder might not like, especially if they don’t live in France. For, as of now, the ice cream would only be available in France, with nearly everyone else having to wait until summer to delight their taste buds.

As expected, fans of the sweat treat took to social media to express their delight over the most recent addition to Kinder Bueno family. While some of them urged McDonald’s to follow suit, others expanded their wish list. Thankfully, there were others who were content with what they were getting in the first place.

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