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What’s New to Stream on Netflix This February

It might be the shortest month of the calendar year, but February, with the help of Netflix, still has got loads of potential to keep things interested.

For some people – I’m talking about those whose Valentine’s Day won’t go according to the plan – the fact that February is the shortest month on the calendar is a blessing in disguise. Still, if you think the description fits you just right, there is one date of yours which cannot go wrong: that with Netflix. With loads of Netflix originals and a number of movies coming up, Netflix knows how to spice things up this month.

Here are a few highlights of what Netflix is going to offer us this month:

#1: Altered Carbon – February 2

Having earned rave reviews at CES last month, the 10-episode series of Altered Carbon is a dream-come-true for Blade Runner 2049 enthusiasts. Taking us to a future where the ridiculously rich move from one body to another to remain immortal, it might sound a bit too fantastical, still, it would hit the right notes to hold your attention.

#2: Queer Eye – February 7

A sequel to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – a show which aired between 2003 and 2007, this show is following the lead of its predecessor in entertainment, makeovers, and emotions. That said, the home city has changed to Atlanta and we have got an all-new cast to look forward to.

#3: Re:mind – February 15

What happens when eleven high school colleagues awake to find all of them chained with a table in a harrowing, old mansion? Yup, chaos, at first. Afterwards, however, their life (and freedom) depends on finding out what led them to their current predicament.

#4: Ugly Delicious – February 23

Have you heard of the French term Joire Laide? It is used to describe those who are ugly, yet beautiful. Puzzling, right? Chef David Chang would explain to us the meaning of this term as he goes to explore cultural foods which, despite looking terrible, taste delicious.

#5: Seven Seconds: Season 1 – February 23

Going behind the headlines and seeing the impact which terrible events have on human lives, Seven Seconds’ focus is on the racial tensions which underpin America in the 21st century. A cop critically injures a teenager of the opposite race, after which the Jersey City becomes fraught with tensions.

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