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Revealed: Kevin Spacey’s Replacement for ‘House of Cards’ Final Season

Netflix announced Wednesday that the production of the sixth and final season has resumed, and that two new actors have been inducted in ‘House of Cards’.

After months of uncertainty surrounding the future of ‘House of Cards’ following accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced Wednesday that the new season would go on as planned, without Kevin Spacey.

The sixth and Final season of the famed political thriller will comprise of eight episodes. Robin Wright would play the leading role while Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Derek Cecil, Boris McGiver, Jayne Atkinson and Constance Zimmer will also play their respective parts.

Being one of the most famous Netflix’s hits, House of Cards – during its decade long run on our screens – has been nominated for fifty-three Emmy awards. Still, after Netflix severed their ties with Kevin Spacey in October, doubts were raised as to whether the show would continue or not.

Apart from the celebrities mentioned above, Netflix has announced that Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane would join the cast for the final season. Though the exact role which the duo would play in the final season hasn’t been revealed yet, the duo is expected to serve as a direct replacement of Spacey.

It was in October last year that Kevin Spacey was being accused of sexual assault for the first time, as actor Anthony Rapp claimed that the veteran actor assaulted him back when he was 14. After the allegations hit the newspapers, Spacey tried to deflect the news by revealing that he was gay.

However, much to the dismay of Spacey’s fans, Rapp was only the first in the series of victims who came out with claims that Spacey has assaulted them. Till date, more than 30 individuals have come out publicly who have accused Kevin Spacey for everything from attempted rape to sexual assault.

Upon hearing the allegations surfacing against Spacey, Netflix fired him of his role in the House of Cards, with reports claiming that his firing cost Netflix a staggering amount of $39 million.

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