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‘The Last Dance’

“The last dance” is a 10 episodes documentary revolving around one of the greatest sports teams of all time – The 90’s Chicago Bulls and their last championship run with arguably the best player of all time – Michael Jordan. Every week Netflix and ESPN will air 2 episodes.

The first two episodes brought up multiple interesting topics, one of the was the construction and the split up of this 97′-98′ Chicago Bulls by their general manager Jerry Krause. His famous quote – “Players and coaches don’t win championships, organizations do”, drew much attention Sunday night as it drew over 20 years ago.

Current NBA players reacted to it –

Another key aspect that was discussed on the first two episodes is Scottie Pippen’s relationship with the management and the fact that Scottie was under paid and under appreciated. At some point he also demanded a trade and said he will never play for the Bulls again.

Other NBA legends and players commented about this documentary –

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