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Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Goes On Snack Wars

The ‘’Avengers: Infinity War’’ star was asked by a website to choose his favorite between UK and US snack foods. His answer will surprise you.

You might have seen and loved him in his role in the Spider-Man, but you haven’t seen, yet, Tom Holland performing the toughest challenge of his life: having to choose between UK and US snack foods.

While the Brit actor has spent a lion’s share of his life back in his home country, he has been living off and on in the US of late. With this in mind, it was thought that Tom Holland is the perfect contestant when it comes to judging whether U.S. or UK snack food is better.

In addition to this, another question was put up to Tom Holland: What does he order when at Nando’s?  His answer: peri-peri chips, olives, a bottomless drink, and a medium-spiced half chicken.

Tom revealed in the interview that he is a great fan of Greggs, so much so that when he was at school, he went to Greggs every single day to eat WKD and Jaffa Cakes. Fortunately, like the most of us, Tom said that he isn’t a fan of liquorice.

Thanks to the time Tom has spent back in his native country, Tom revealed that his taste buds are overwhelmingly British, as he recommended three UK snacks to only one of the US.

What’s more, despite being a person who is playing Spider-Man for almost three years now, Tom has revealed that he has no desire whatsoever of webs shooting out of his wrists.

He said in the interview whose video we posted above: “I don’t think I’m responsible enough to have the power of time, which is what I would want. I think I would just mess up everything.

“So, I’d probably go with the power of being able to control water.” Just think what Peter Parker would have to say on this.

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