Revealed: The Never-Before Told Truths of Mark Salling

Shamed worldwide for his propensity for child porn, as he was caught possessing 50,000 child abuse images and was due to be jailed, the disgraced Glee Star committed suicide on Tuesday.

Disgraced Actor Mark Salling, better known as Noah “Puck” for his role in Fox’s Comedy-drama “Glee’’, was found dead in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, his attorney has confirmed. Initial reports hint that the disgraced actor might have committed suicide. He was 35.

Just one month before his death, in December 2017, Salling had pled guilty to possession of child pornography images. With the plea deal in place, Salling was expected to serve at least four years in jail, a far cry from the 20-year sentence which he would have received had he decided to contest the case.

Here’s what we know so far about the life (and death) of the disgraced actor …

He Committed Suicide

According to TMZ, Salling appears to have committed suicide by hanging himself. Worse, in an indication that it was hours before his body was eventually found, Salling’s corpse was reportedly noticed lying in a little league field.

Another report, this one coming from the Blast, confirmed to the media that Mark was missing for quite some time, and that a family member filed a report to the Police on 30th January to locate him. Still, it wasn’t the LAPD but a common man who found Salling’s body.

It wasn’t his first Suicide Attempt

Further aggravating the sense of loss of Salling’s loved ones is the report from TMZ which claimed that, in August 2017, the shamed actor cut his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. Still, after he had cut himself, Salling called one of his roomates who then informed 911 after which Salling was taken to the hospital.

Once in the hospital, reports further claim that Salling was kept in a psychiatric ward, and was later transferred to a rehabilitation center so that he could cope with his psychological demons. So fierce was his previous suicide attempt that Salling’s arms were reportedly scarred, hence forcing him to wear long sleeves despite the blistering heat of Los Angeles.

He Pled Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography Images

Salling was arrested for possessing Child Pornographic material for the first time in December, 2015. The Police raided his home after receiving a tip and found out a mega-cache of child pornographic material on his computer and a thumb drive.

After his initial recalcitrance, as Salling pled Not Guilty in 2016, Salling came around last year and accepted his crimes in a Federal Court. Per Federal Prosecutors, some of the victims whose images were found on Salling’s computer were between three and five years in age. He was scheduled to be sentenced in the coming March for 4 to 7 years in prison, after which he was to be released but kept under police supervision for 20 years.

The Reaction

Such was the nature of crimes that Salling committed during his life that even after his death, his co-stars were measured in offering their condolences.


Grammys 2018: Bruno Mars Sweeps Top Prizes

Apart from winning the lion’s share of prizes, Bruno Mars, alongside Kendrick Lamar, was the star of the show which took place at the Madison Square in New York City.

Taking full benefit from his revival of R&B and retro funk for a new generation, Bruno Mars took home all the six Grammys he was nominated for, including song of the year for That’s What I like. Bruno’s Album 24K, meanwhile, grabbed record of the year for its title track.

It was hoped before this year’s Grammys that, for the first time in over a decade, it would be a hip-hop artist who would be grabbing the album of the year award. Last time it happened was in 2004 when ‘’Speakerboxxx/The Lover Below’’ from Outkast grabbed the ultimate prize.

One person who was left behind due to Mars’ win on Sunday was the rap-star Jay-Z. Despite the fact that he was nominated for eight awards this year, Jay-Z went home empty-handed, exactly one year after Beyoncé, his wife, was defeated by Adele for album of the year award.

Kendrick Lamar, whom many expected to grab the main prize of the evening for his album DAWN, was restricted to rap-only nominees. He performed brilliantly in them, though, as suggested by the five awards which he took home last night.

The ceremony was carried out in a politically charged environment – as #MeToo Movement and Time’s Up Campaign were celebrated during the show, and celebs adorned white roses to show solidarity to the victims of sexual harassment.

Still, giving an indication of the gap which the industry still needs to cover, only one female singer, Alessia Cara, picked up a key award during the ceremony. The newcomer won the best new artist, an award which many consider as the least important of the major five Grammy Awards.

The situation wasn’t too great for women on the whole even when you look at the award count presented during the night. For, out of all the Grammys handed out on Sunday, only a fifth went to female artists.

While they were short of awards during the night, female artists weren’t short of providing inspiration, as evidenced by Kesha’s Powerful performance. Alongside Camila Cabello and Cyndi Lauper, she sang ‘Praying’, a song which showcases her experience as a sexual abuse survivor.

Grammys 2018: Best Photos from the Red Carpet

From Cardi B’s Louboutin shoes to Kesha’s western navy-color suit – and Camila Cabello’s strapless red gown to Ashanti’s Golden Look, let’s take a look at some of the best photos from the 2018 Grammy Awards.

The 2018 Grammy Awards which were held in New York City’s Madison square on Tuesday attracted a plethora of celebrities from Hollywood. While some of them chose to come in formal suits, the attire of others left nothing to imagination.

Let’s take a look at some of the raciest photos from Grammy 2018 Red Carpet …

Cardi B

Though Cardi B was unable to neither of the two awards for which she was nominated – best rap song and best rap performance, she was still able to set our hearts on fire with her white colored Ashi Studio Gown for her first ever Grammy appearance.


If you were left unimpressed with the revealing dress of Cardi B, Kesha – known for the ‘’Praying’’ Song, kept it all under wraps with her elegant navy colored, western style suit.

Camila Cabello

Leaving little to imagination came on the Red Carpet Camila Cabello in her strapless red gown. She had in her hand the Disco Ball Purse and the Fifth Harmony Alum to further send our heartbeats racing.

Lana Del Rey

As if the nomination for the Best Pop Vocal Album Award wasn’t enough for her to earn the spotlight on the Red Carpet, Lana Del Rey sported a custom-made Gucci and topped it off with a white-colored, starry eyepiece.


She may have failed to win a nomination for Grammys this time but Ashanti wasn’t going to fail in winning our attention with her golden look outside the Grammy Awards last night.

Bebe Rexha

In case you felt she wasn’t looking cute in her dress, the up and coming pop star glamorized her presence by sporting a matching, white colored broach.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

Know these two gentlemen?  Of course, like billions around the world, you recognize this duo from the record-smashing ‘’Despacito’’ song from last year.

Jaden Smith

Previously known as the ‘son of Will Smith’, Jaden has made his mark on Hollywood with his entertaining performance over the years.


Of the artists who made their entry into Hollywood in the year 2017, Khalid was arguably the most acclaimed. He decided to wear a white suit with a green turtleneck combo for the Grammys.

‘Black Panther’ Premiere Reactions: ‘Everything and So Much More’

‘Black Panther’, the latest creation of Marvel Cinematic Universe, had its world premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night and if early reactions give us some clue, the critics absolutely loved it.

Audiences waiting for the Black Panther Premier got their wish on Monday night inside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Since Marvel has banned any full reviews of the movie till February 6, fans were eager to listen what the critics had to say about the Premier.

Starring Chadwick Boseman alongside Michael B Jordan, Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira, the film was made under the watchful eyes of veteran director Ryan Coogler. And if critics are to be believed, this film guarantees to be a treat for the cinemagoers.

Here are some of the reactions:

First up is Jen Yamato from the Los Angeles times who calls the movie “incredible, kinetic, and purposeful’’. She further calls it a ‘’superhero movie’’, one which tells people why ‘’representation and identity matters.

Next is Natasha Alford from The Gio who states that she felt ‘’incredible pride’’ at every turn and finishes up with calling the movie a ‘’real accomplishment’’.

From the Entertainment Weekly, ReBecca Theodore was there to see the Premier and as you might see from her tweets, she was visibly impressed with the direction of Ryan Coogler.


If that wasn’t praiseworthy enough, Geeks of Color went one step ahead and calling Black Panther as the ‘’best movie ever’’, before labeling it as the ‘’best Marvel Movie to date’’.

Representing Collider was Steven Weintraub who tweeted of being ‘’very impressed with the story’’, and that Michael B. Jordan was the best villain ‘’since Loki’’.

From Mashable, Angie J. Han told her Twitter followers that she ‘’never wanted this movie to end’’. Furthermore, she credited the film of having ‘’solid action, smart story and tons of personality’’

Finally, Kyle Buchanan of Vulture/New York Magazine called Letitia Wright as the “MVP of Black Panther’’.

Following the lead of Kyle Buchanan was Erik Davis of Fandango who called Black Panther as the “James Bond of Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

Brian Truitt from USA Today called Black Panther as ‘’simply awesome’’ and that it is one of “Top 5 all-time Marvel Movie’’.

‘You Are My Friend’: Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers In Upcoming Biopic

After landing worldwide distribution rights to the biopic of Mr. Rogers titled ‘You Are My Friend’’, TriStar Pictures has cast Tom Hanks to play the role of Fred Rogers.

A match made in heavens.

In an announcement which surprised no one, TriStar Pictures has declared the movie to be a ‘heart warmer’. Fred Rogers, whose role Tom Hanks would be playing in the upcoming biopic, was known for her works in the ultra-famous Children’s TV Series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The biopic, whose title has been taken from one of Fred Rogers’ signature songs, is based on the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

Junod will play the role of a cynical journalist in this movie, one who got an assignment to write on the profile of Mr. Rogers. During his months’ long meetings with the famed icon, Tom Junod found his perspective on life-changing.

Director Marielle Heller – known for her work in Diary of a Teenage Girl, will take forward this movie from the script written by Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue, both of whom earned fame for Transparent and Beautiful Ruins.

Announcing the decision to cast Tom Hanks in the role of Mr. Rogers, Hannah Minghella, President of TriStar Pictures, called it as the “Perfect alchemy of talent coming together at the perfect time”. She further stated that the movie would remind all of us of the transformative power of kindness and respect, one which we could use to ‘’heal and to unite’’.

As for Director Heller, she was of the view that the script of the movie ‘’knocked me out’’ with its exploration of human spirit and message of kindness. She further claimed that both as a mother and as a human, she was inspired by Fred Rogers’ teachings.

Fred Rogers, on whose personality and message this entire film will revolve around, entertained viewers wearing his trademark cardigan and both hosting as well as producing Mister Rogers for more than three decades. He died in 2003.

Finally, while the cast of the film has now been made final, TriStar Pictures hasn’t yet released its date of release. Its production is set to begin this fall.

Sarah Silverman Responds Brilliantly To Sexist Twitter Troll

Ask celebrities, and they’d tell you that if there’s one thing they hate about Twitter, it’s trolling. Sarah Silverman, however, has her own unique way of dealing with such trolls. And it’s effective!

Though she is known for her dark comedy, Sarah Silverman has a heart full of kindness. And that kindness was on full display a few days ago when a sexist troll tried to abuse her with the C-word. Instead of blocking the person, Sarah responded in a unique way: she inquired the person about his life.

This is how the whole conversation started


To which Sarah responded in an emphatic manner.

That set the ball rolling

From there on, Silverman was a woman on a mission. She tried to understand what the problem was and how the troll was dealing with the issues which he was facing. Sening that his voice was being heard, the man started opening his heart. Sarah knew that the conversation was going in the right direction. So on came an advice.

From then on, Jeremy knew that she had an audience. And not only any audience but one that wanted to listen her side of the story.

To the credit of the person, he apologized for his misbehavior.

In a bid to get Jeremy back on his feet, Sarah sent out a plea for help.

And the Twitter world didn’t disappoint

And the Internet wasn’t far behind to applaud the kindness of Silverman.


Actor James Wood Slams Oprah Winfrey on Twitter

Justifying his reputation as the Angriest Republican in Hollywood, Actor James Wood took to Twitter on Monday to hammer left-leaning Oprah Winfrey following the latter’s speech at Golden Globes.

Oprah Winfrey has been the talk of the town ever since her speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards. The media-mogul stole the show as she used the platform to raise awareness of sexual assault and harassment. So effective was her speech that #Oprah2020 hashtag started trending on Twitter urging her to bid for the White House in the upcoming elections.

As was the theme of the evening – with most personalities wearing black, Oprah Winfrey also talked about the #MeToo movement which has rocked Hollywood over the past few months. And that is from where James Wood took the clue to roast her.

For Hollywood – which has been a left-wing town almost by tradition, Woods has long been an outlier. His provocative opinions – which adorned print magazines in the eighties and the nineties, can now be found on Twitter. He is so famous on Twitter that, according to Daily Telegraph, he has a following of 900,000 Trumpsters.

So Vocal Has James Wood been that he is labeled as the
Angriest Republican in Hollywood
Maybe that’s the reason why he took offence from Oprah’s speech – which many believe is an indication that she’d be running for the office in 2020. Though Oprah didn’t mention Harvey Weinstein by name – who is the main villain of the #MeToo movement, the fact that she had mentioned the movement by name was enough for Mr. Wood to roast her.

And as has been his favorite pastime these days, it was on Twitter that James tried to shed light on the “hypocrisy” of what he referred to as “Madame President”.


And if that figure wasn’t suggesting enough, Wood went one step ahead. In his next tweet, he posted a picture of Oprah standing side by side Weinstein – with her arm over his shoulder.



If there was still any doubt as to what James wanted to suggest, in came another picture – this one showing Oprah kissing Weinstein on his ear.



Talk about exposing double standards, eh?

Five Innocent Looking Games That Send A Bad Message

In contrast to games like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto – which all of us know are gory, these games looked innocent from their cover. Dig deep, however, and they reveal their true face.

Ask any gamer worth his salt, and he could count on fingertips games which should be kept away from the children. Worryingly, however, there are games out there which no one thinks are inappropriate for the children, until one dives deep in to see the message they are delivering. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to blow the cover of these games and warn you to buy any such DVD to your home.

Take a look.

Super Mario Sunshine

Long before the majority of internet generation was worried about the parentage of Jon Snow, there was another, an equally puzzling mystery which was brought to our TV Screens by Super Mario Sunshine. In this game, we meet Browser Jr., a distant part of Koopa family to which Mario belongs as well.

As the game goes on, Browser Jr. kidnaps Princess Peach, an incident which forces Super Mario to go on a rampage in order to free the Princess. During the game’s last stage – when Mario apprehends Browser Jr. and asks him the reason of the kidnapping, the latter tells him that it Princess Peach is Mario’s mother.

This revelation leaves us with two possibilities, both of which are equally disturbing. First, if we take Browser Jr.’s claim on face value, how can we justify that the marriage of Princess and Browser produced a half-dragon, half-human hybrid in Mario.

Or, if we don’t believe in Browser Jr.’s words, does his false revelation means that Browser Jr. is suffering from a deep-rooted psychological issue?


Think Pokémon games are all about cute, brightly-colored characters? Think again as beneath the façade of these characters lies an ugly, bloodthirsty truth, one which we condemn whenever we see it in our daily lives but one which the game has obscured.

For, at their very basic levels, what the trainers are doing is enslaving the Pokémon, before forcing them to fight their brethren which are enslaved by other trainers. Worse, in addition to being forced to fight those of their kin, the Pokémon are being kept in a red-and-white ball similar to a virtual cage.

Therefore, to me at least, the Pokémon game is NO different from the everyday cockfighting and dogfighting. The only difference between these ‘games’ and Pokemon is that while the former happen in our real life, Pokémon happens on our TV screens.

The Legend of Zelda Series

Upon its release in the 90s, the audiences were unsure as to how to link one Zelda series with the other – as each new part had a new hero who was seemingly out of touch from his predecessor. It was only in the early 2000s that gamers came to grasp what the link was, and how the film was NOT innocent in actuality.

If you haven’t played the Zelda series, it basically revolves around a boy – whose name is Link – and who is born to fight evil in this world.

In every new part of the Zelda Series, a new hero appears, but the real motive of his life remains the same: that of fighting the evil. And that is here where the actual evil lies.

In contrast to what most of us believe – that our destiny lies in our own hands – this game follows an archaic concept in which the fate of a boy was determined even before his birth.

Tell me, what if the Link boy didn’t want to become a warrior who slays monsters all the time? What if he, for instance, wanted to become a farmer? His fate was decided even before his birth.

Metroid II: Return of Samus

Ever played a game in which the protagonist’s main mission is to wipe out the entire population of a particular species? Yup, such games do exist and it is with sad hearts that we tell you that Metroid II: Return of the Samus is one such video game.

As the game starts, we encounter Samus Aran, the intergalactic heroine of the movie, being handed a mission to travel to the home planet of the Metroid’s, SR388. The purpose of her mission to the planet is to extinguish its entire population so that the Space Pirates cannot use the population as Weapons.

Taking the audacity of the game makers to a whole new level – some say it is their inhumanity – Seamus succeeds in killing the entire population of the planet, bar an infant Metroid whom she chooses to leave alone on the planet.


Even if you hadn’t played the Robin hood game in your childhood, you’d have heard about the Legend. That in which a guy takes money from the lusciously rich and gives it to the needy. Sadly, the ANY RPG (or role-playing game) is exactly the opposite of this tale.

Be it Crono from Chrono Trigger or Link from the Legend of Zelda, the majority of role playing games follow one theme: that in which the hero enters the huts of the villagers and steals everything lying therein.

Think of those villagers from the game for one second. Apart from worrying about dragons – as they live in the dragon-infested medieval world, they now have to worry about a ‘hero’ whose only purpose in life is to steal their belongings.


Top 10 Upcoming Single Player Games of 2018

Worried about your future? It is guaranteed to be bright as long as you are a single-player willing to spend your days in front of the television playing these highly rated upcoming games.

It won’t be a wrong to suggest that 2017 wasn’t a very good year for single-player games. Apart from the usual hits like FIFA, there wasn’t much for the single gamers to turn to last year.

Thankfully, as a mere glance at the games that will be released later this year tells us, 2018 is promised to be different. Hence, whether you play games on Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One X, these games will enrich your year.

Take a look.
State of Decay 2

Much like its predecessor, State of Decay 2 will take you to a post-apocalyptic world – one where all hell has broken loose, and you’re left with some friends to build a colony for the humans up from the ashes.

During the course of this game, you’ll not only be meeting survivors but once your help has healed them, you’ll be able to turn them into partners in your quest of building a better world. Initially, 3 cities in addition to the innumerable plot twists, are on offer to make sure you have a real-life experience playing this game.

Bayonetta 3

In case the previous 2 installments of the Platinum Games Bayonetta Series weren’t able to satiate your appetite, here comes the Bayonetta 3 to whet it further. Made exclusively for Nintendo Switch, not many hints have been released about this game.

What we do know is the fact that Bayonetta would get her beehive hairdo back in this film. That, and the fact that game has some excellent graphics which are sure to live you spell bound

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

For those of you who have tested their hands on Yakuza 0, you’d immediately realize after playing Yakuza 6 that it is in more or less in a similar vein.

There is one major difference, however, and it is that in contrast to its predecessors, Yakuza 6 has only one protagonist: namely Kazuma Kiryu. He is fresh out of prison after completing his sentence of three years and is now going to travel to Hiroshima to look for answers to questions which we don’t know yet.

Far Cry 5

You are the Sheriff in Hope County and all hell is breaking loose, this is the starting scene from Far Cry 5 in which you, the Sheriff, find yourself. You are not alone as a band of resistance fighters accompany you in your quest to restore order to Hope County.

And you are going to do it by teaming up with a dog, dogfighting into the skies and jumping into a plane – while making some explosions along the way.


If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda Series, you’d immediately point some similarities between it and Biomutant. Just like Zelda, Biomutant is giving you a huge, unrestricted and unsafe world to explore.

That said, it is a different game as unlike Zelda, the hero of this game gets the chance to make his own destiny, and the setting of the film features anthropomorphic animals divided into various tubes.

Darksiders 3

Just when we had lost hope, Gunfire Games – may God bless them – came up with the announcement that Darksiders 3 was coming. In this episode, the baton is in the hands of Fury (War’s Sister) to decimate her foes and whip them along the way.

Judging from its trailer, we can vouch that the combat of this game is crisp, its environments look natural, and the action-adventure approach which made the predecessors of this game famous is also present.

Days Gone

My personal favorite, the Days Gone series lets you fight with the zombies who have held the world at ransom, while you, being the main protagonist, fighting for the lives of your fellow human beings.

The reason why With its ever-changing play-stiles, stealth mechanics, dynamic weather and tons of gory murder, this game deserves to be on your console later this year.

Detroit: Become Human

Though some people prefer to call this game as an acquired taste, the prospect of influencing the lives of people by interacting and helping them makes this game an intriguing one for me. The plot of this game contains three androids: Kara,  Connor, and Markus.

At the very outset, Kara escapes the androids-making factory to discover the sentience which she has recently found. Connor’s job is to hunt down androids like Kara who deviate from the original path whereas Markus serves as the liberator whose only goal in life is to free androids like Kara from servitude.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Unless you’re a PC Gamer – in which case you might not enjoy this game, it is a must-have. It revolves around an outlaw, namely Arthur Morgan, whose only goal in life is to fight, steal and rob his way across the rough and rugged terrains of the US in his quest for survival.

As his fame grows bigger and bigger, so do the size of his enemies as they join their forces to pursue and hunt him. It seems to me that this will be the storyline of the game as Arthur can be seen in the trailer to befriend unlikely allies as he travels in the lengths and breadths of the US.


Exclusively available for PS4 users – we feel for you Xbox and PC users – this game showcases the near obsession which the Insomniac Entertainment has with lightning movement, vast open worlds and fast action in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You’re going to see familiar characters like Wilson Fisk, Miles Morales, and yes, Mary Jane Watson in this movie. And whether or not you think that this game is QTE-heavy, its release is probably one of the bigger news of 2018.

Stranger Things 3 To Unveil A ‘New Evil’ As Plot Details Come Out

Taking the suspense of its viewers to a whole new level, Producer Shawn Levy says he doesn’t know about the fate of any character in Stranger Things Season 3.

Just a few weeks before the production of the Stranger Things Season 3 is going to start, details regarding the plot lines have started to come out, adding to the curiosity of its viewers.

Executive Producer Shawn Levy and the Duffer Brothers have revealed that the entire season’s storyline has now been put in place. That said, neither of them confirmed the exact number of episodes. The show is expected to be aired on Netflix either in late 2018 or in the opening months of 2019.

‘’We’re there,’’ Shawn Levy told Glamour while stating that the episode count will be either “eight or nine.” The executive producer further added: “The number of episodes will be dictated by the amount of story that excites us. We now know what is going to happen in season three to every character.”

Although he did confirm that the storyline was mapped out, Levy was tight-lipped when asked to unveil the specifics of Season 3. That said, what he did unveil was an exciting piece of news that “new forces of evil” will be dealt with in the new season.

That might seem good news to the fans of Stranger Things, although Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) might not treat it as such – as it means he will have a reduced role in the upcoming season. Lewy confirmed the same as he stated that Will is going to “get a break” and that he “won’t be at the rock bottom of everything’’ in Season 3.

For viewers who are fans of the growing bonhomie between Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), there is good news as Levy confirmed that the friendship is going to evolve and may turn into the brotherhood. He further stated that in Season 3, he wants the two of them “to connect more”.

On answering the question about the potential return of Dr. Owens – as he potentially survived the disaster in Hawkins Lab in the climactic episode of Season 2, Levy remained tight-lipped.