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Outlander Executive Producer Confirms Fifth Season for the Show

In a brilliant news for the Outlander fans, it has been confirmed that the British-American drama would return for the fifth season running.

Last Sunday, the Outlander panel was in Los Angeles for panel discussion ‘’For Your Consideration: Outlander Panel in Los Angeles’’.

The panel was there not only to appease the Emmy Voters but also to answer questions from the few lucky fans who were able to get there in time.

That said, give the hype surrounding it, it was only inevitable that they would be asked about the fifth season of Outlander.

And when the question did come, Ronald D. Moore, Outlander’s Executive Producer, made a remark which would surely send waves of happiness throughout the Outlander fan base.

“We are certainly going to do it. I have no doubt we are doing a season 5,” said a visibly happy Moore who said that it was only the conversations and usual negotiations which are holding up the official announcement.

Moore, who was joined in the panel by stars Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, as well as executive producers Matt B. Roberts, Toni Graphia, and Maril Davis, also hinted that the writers of the show are looking at the possibility to change the role of Diana in the upcoming seasons.

In addition to the future of Outlander, another thing which has confused Outlander fans is the future of Moore himself. For, he has only picked up Amazon’s ‘’Electric Dreams’’, a sign that all is not well with Moore and that he is probably distancing himself from the show.

Not according to Moore, though. He says that in addition to being involved in the editing of scripts, he continues to read all of them, as well as give notes. However, he also stated that since the start of Season 3, he has delegated the day-to-day running duties of the show to Tony Graphia and Matt B. Roberts.

Hence, while he refused to rule out his immediate departure from the show, Moore gave a hint that, at the very least, he is distancing himself from it.

The Production of the fourth season of Outlander is ongoing currently in Scotland, with the show set to hit our television screens at some stage later this year.

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