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‘’This Is Us’’: Season 2 Finale Recap

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers of ‘’This Is Us’’ Season 2 Finale ‘’The Wedding’’ which appeared on NBC last night.

Well, the couple did it.

After a rocky relationship which sometimes seemed as if it was going to collapse, a miscarriage, a heart attack, and a frustrating bachelor/bachelorette weekend, Toby and Kate have finally made it down the aisle.

This season finale of NBC hit ‘’This Is Us’’ seemed like a whirlwind to us, one which demonstrated the best and worst this family drama had to offer. On the upside, the acting was beautiful in the drama, and it was so emotional that it nearly reduced us to tears.

On the downside, it appeared to us that things were deliberately kept away from the audience so as to continue the suspense till the last episode. Having said that, the episode was wonderful, one that told us why we loved this family drama.

A Huge Sigh of Relief

To be honest Kate, you definitely had us worried.

For what seemed to be like an eternity in the final episode, it seemed to the audience that Kate was on the verge of leaving everything behind, leaving Toby at the aisle. Things became more heated when Kevin, Kate, and Randall were unable to find Jack’s T-shirt at the Pearson cabin, the bight before the wedding ceremony.

On the wedding morning, Kate went out of the home having told no one about she was planning to go. It led Kevin, Randall, and Rebecca to worry that she has changed her mind about the wedding, and was running away.

Thankfully, Kate calls Rebecca to tell her about the dreams in which she was seeing an alternate future, one in which Jack was alive and Toby was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, she located the three where Jack and she used to sit so that she could scatter the remainder of his ashes, explaining that it was her way of making a space in her heart for Toby.

To be fair to Kate, she wasn’t the only one freaking out, as her future husband Toby was having his share of problems. He was told by his parents on wedding morning that Kate was ‘’unstable’’ and prone to going back into depression. Fortunately, Toby defended his love for Kate, and this forced his parents to back off.

Deja Going Mad

While most of the Pearson clan had a great day at the wedding, Deja did not. As we learned last week, her mother has abandoned Deja and now Randall and Beth are her foster parents. Infuriated at everything that is going around her, Deja lashed out at her foster family in the finale.

And she makes her anger heard. After the mother of Toby compliments Deja for looking like Randall, she took a baseball bat and smashed the windshield of Randall’s car.

Glimpses of Future

So, now that Toby and Kate are married, everything’s fine, right?

Wrong. For this is ‘’This Is Us’’.

In the fleeting episodes of the finale, Kevin is shown on a plane to Vietnam, and sitting alongside him on the next seat is Beth’s cousin, Zoey, with both of them cuddling.

In the second scene, we’re shown that Kate is under the sheets, her room is dark and she is telling Toby that she has spoken with the doctor to adjust her medication. It means that the prediction of Toby’s parents, who warned him about her depression, has turned out to be right.

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