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CBS Casts ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Sarah Drew and ‘Daredevil’ Michelle Hurd For ‘’Cagney and Lacey’’

The CBS Plot is a sequel to the Original ‘’Cagney and Lacey’’ drama which aired for the last time in 1988, and which revolved around the female cop duo of the same names.

Just a week after it was announced that Sarah Drew would be leaving ‘’Grey’s Anatomy’’ after the end of the 14th season, she has been selected as Cagney in upcoming CBS female cop drama ‘’Cagney and Lacey’’. Michelle Herd, who is known for her role in ‘’Blindspot’’ has been cast as Lacey in the reboot of the 1980s police drama.

Directed by Rosemary Rodriguez and penned by Bridget Carpenter, the ‘’Cagney, and Lacey’’ series would follow the life of the two female detectives, and how they manage to keep the streets of Los Angeles safe.

The role of Cagney, who was shown in the original drama as nimble and easygoing, as well as the protégé of Lacey, would be placed by Drew. As for Lacey, whose role would be played by Hurd, she is polished, athletic, and a former high school field and track champion. Straightforward and emphatic, she is the more experienced of the duo.

One area where the sequel has diverged from the original is by depicting Lacey as an African American. MGM Television would be co-producing the drama with CBS TV Studios.

The original Cagney and Lacey, which CBS ran for seven straight seasons, was quite popular back in the day. Apart from winning two best drama Emmys, the drama also saw six lead actress awards for its female duo.

It was only last week that news broke out that Sarah Drew would not be playing any further part in Grey’s Anatomy after the end of the drama’s 14th season. She was on Grey’s for nine seasons as Dr. April, though it was only in eight seasons that she played as a regular.

As for Hurd, she has just recently co-starred on the Season 2 of ‘’Blindspot’’, while also playing a role in ‘’Lethal Weapon’’ on Fox Drama. Hurd’s resume also includes roles in streaming services such as Netflix’s ‘’Daredevil’’.

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