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How much will Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Cost?

In retrospect, the Royal Wedding would cost more than the annual budget of World Anti-Doping Agency, which has a $32 million budget for 2018.

The world is waiting for the Royal Wedding, and it seems the Royals have left no stone unturned – and no penny unspent – in their mission to make the Royal Wedding as grand as possible.

Wedding planning company Bridebook, after calculating the money that would be spent on food, entertainment, bride’s dress, and flowers, have estimated that the Royal Wedding would cost the British exchequer a staggering £32million.

If that wasn’t enough to antagonize the British taxpayer, here’s another fact. Bridebook has also estimated that if their estimate proves to be true, the Royal Wedding would earn a place on the list of top ten most expensive weddings ever, replacing Kate and William’s wedding which cost £20million.

With nearly a million pounds to be spent on Meghan’s dress, food, drinks, and the flowers – experts say the bulk of the money will be spent on the security of guests which will attend the wedding. That, despite the fact that Kensington Palace hasn’t invited any Head of State to the wedding.

Other areas where the money will be spent includes the Windsor Castle, as it will be locked down for the whole day with a heavy contingent of police put in place. Some money, however, will also be spent to control the crowd and to place restrictions on restaurants and shops.

The security measures that will be put in place to ensure the safety of guests include undercover military tech, undercover police, snipers, and counter-drone systems. Bridebook estimates that it is these extra security measures which might take the cost north of £30million.

In case you are wondering, the security bill of Harry and Meghan’s wedding will be more than that of Kate and William’s. That is, because, the terrorist level which exists today wasn’t the same during the last Royal Wedding.

Cost Breakdown – Bridebook Estimate

20 Silver-plated trumpets which will announce the event will cost £90,000.

Lemon Elderflower Cake that would be brought in from Violet Bakery in East London, to cost £50,000.

Flowers that will decorate the Windsor Castle’s St George Chapel and St George’s Great Hall will cost £110,000.

Glass marquee that will greet the guests on evening reception, to cost £300,000.

Security measures to cost £30million.

Meghan’s dress will cost between £300,000 and £400,000.

Sausage Rolls for 2,640 public invitees to the Royal Wedding to cost £26,000

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