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Zooey Deschanel Discusses ‘’New Girl’’ Series Finale, Jess’s Fate, And Farming

The ‘’New Girl’’ star sat down with Deadline to discuss ‘’New Girl’’ Finale, the fate of Jess, and her future plans in an elaborate interview.

Fox aired last night the final two episodes of ‘’New Girl’’, a Zooey Deschanel starring comedy drana which, since its beginning on September 20, 2011,  continued for seven seasons and went on to earn five Primetime Emmy Nominations.

The first of the two episode finale, ‘’The Curse of the Pirate Bride’’, follows the life of Jess and Nick as they prepare to get married after seven seasons of ‘’Will they, Won’t They?’’ suspense. Both of them are caught in their bed by Jess’s mother on their wedding, who warns them that they have cursed their own wedding, a prediction which later proved to be true as Jess falls flat on her face and Nick’s new book is rejected by the publisher.

Amid all these antics, Aly’s water breaks with Winston taking her to the hospital and seeing their first child into world. Nick and Jess are wed amid all this mayhem in the hospital with a plethora of familiar faces surrounding them.

While the first episode brings everyone into the fold, the second episode of the two episode finale, ‘’Engram Pattersky’’, serves as an epilogue. It takes us to the future where the entire gang of ‘’New Girl’’ is sitting with their progeny, with Winston still pulling off his pranks.

Before the finale aired last night, Zooey Deschanel gave a detailed interview discussing her future plans, the future of Jess, and an alternate ending of ‘’New Girl’’.

Speaking on the end of ‘’New Girl’’, Zooey says that all of them wanted to come back to give the show a proper send-off after season 6. Also, she says the comeback was necessary because both she and Hannah [Simone] had become pregnant during Season 6.

When asked whether any of the cast member – or the writer himself – had circulated the idea of an alternate ending, Zooey says that she isn’t aware of any such thing. She further says that ‘’New Girl’’ was like High School in her life, for, it was during the show that she got married and had two children.

During the Season 6 of ‘’New Girl’’, Zooey had directed one episode in 2016. When reminded by the viewer about that eposide – and asked whether she thought she would go into direction in the future – Zooey accepted that she’d ‘’love to do something like that’’.

Finally, in the concluding stages of the interview, the interviewer asked Zooey about her future plans, Zoey was adamant that she was looking to do both film and drama in future.

Still, she surprised the interviewer when she said that she was currently working on a ‘’fun challenge’’ which involves running a sustainable farming company founded by her and her husband.

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