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‘You Are My Friend’: Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers In Upcoming Biopic

After landing worldwide distribution rights to the biopic of Mr. Rogers titled ‘You Are My Friend’’, TriStar Pictures has cast Tom Hanks to play the role of Fred Rogers.

A match made in heavens.

In an announcement which surprised no one, TriStar Pictures has declared the movie to be a ‘heart warmer’. Fred Rogers, whose role Tom Hanks would be playing in the upcoming biopic, was known for her works in the ultra-famous Children’s TV Series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The biopic, whose title has been taken from one of Fred Rogers’ signature songs, is based on the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

Junod will play the role of a cynical journalist in this movie, one who got an assignment to write on the profile of Mr. Rogers. During his months’ long meetings with the famed icon, Tom Junod found his perspective on life-changing.

Director Marielle Heller – known for her work in Diary of a Teenage Girl, will take forward this movie from the script written by Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue, both of whom earned fame for Transparent and Beautiful Ruins.

Announcing the decision to cast Tom Hanks in the role of Mr. Rogers, Hannah Minghella, President of TriStar Pictures, called it as the “Perfect alchemy of talent coming together at the perfect time”. She further stated that the movie would remind all of us of the transformative power of kindness and respect, one which we could use to ‘’heal and to unite’’.

As for Director Heller, she was of the view that the script of the movie ‘’knocked me out’’ with its exploration of human spirit and message of kindness. She further claimed that both as a mother and as a human, she was inspired by Fred Rogers’ teachings.

Fred Rogers, on whose personality and message this entire film will revolve around, entertained viewers wearing his trademark cardigan and both hosting as well as producing Mister Rogers for more than three decades. He died in 2003.

Finally, while the cast of the film has now been made final, TriStar Pictures hasn’t yet released its date of release. Its production is set to begin this fall.

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