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Wonder Woman: Small Details You Might Have Missed

With a revenue of over $821.749 million worldwide, Wonder Woman is the highest grossing superhero movie in the history of Hollywood.

When Warner Bros. released Wonder Woman in the summer of 2017, only the most optimistic of their fans could have predicted the fame the movie would charter in the coming months. The movie, which was based on the DC comic, surpassed the likes of Spider-Man and Superman, two movies which were chart-toppers before Wonder Woman came to the fore.

Still, despite the popularity which the film was able to garner – and regardless of how many times you may have watched it, there are still some details which you might have missed.

Four Eyes

Compare it to her contemporaries like Spiderman or Superman, and you’d notice that Wonder Woman hasn’t enjoyed as much airtime as some of the other superhero series. Still, despite such paucity, the 70s version of Wonder Woman remains etched in the memory of its enthusiasts.

One of the most popular tropes of the 70s Wonder Woman was the trick that if you wear a pair of glasses, you can’t be recognized. The same trick was employed by Gal Gadot in the recent movie, however, her attire was quickly called out as ridiculous by Etta Candy. About time!

Lack of subtlety

Bruce Wayne might be the richest man in the world, hence the reason why he could send his armored cars anywhere he might want. Still, one thing we might have wanted from Bruce – and which he certainly didn’t provide – was a bit of subtlety.

For instance, in Wonder Woman, Waynemobiles was the manufacturer of Justice League Cars. On each car that he assembled for the Justice League constituents, the letters ‘’JL’’ were emblazoned just below the license plate.

In normal circumstances, this might have been acceptable to us. However, for a group such as Justice League which takes part in life-threatening missions, wouldn’t you think that it would have been better had the ‘’JL’’ letters didn’t give the bad guys a clue regarding the place of origin of the superhumans?

We All Scream

Remember that scene where Gal Gadot was having a conversation with an ice cream vendor? What if we tell you that the scene wasn’t written in the same way as it was picturized?

Yes, in the starting pages of Justice League #3, while Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman is having a conversation with an ice cream vendor, the content of the conversation is different.

For, while in the movie Princess Diana was determined to hunt down Ares, she was attacked herself by Parademons in the comic book in the same scene. That the same scene aired in ‘’Justice League: War’’, an animated feature of the same comic book, further cements the fact that the movie went a bit off track than its comic version.


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