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Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns Tease Setting

If we can guess anything from the revealed teaser, it seems as if the Gal Gadot starring Wonder Woman is heading for the Cold War.

Wonder Woman 2 Director Petty Jenkins, alongside executive producer Geoff Johns, has revealed the setting of the sequel to the 2017 movie. The duo have shared a cryptic logo titled ‘’WW84’’, which suggests that the film will be set in 1984.

Here’s a tweet depicting the image that was posted:

It is a huge leap of time for the ‘’Wonder Woman’’ series because the first movie was set at the height of World War 1 in 1917. Therefore, while in the prequel Gal Gadot fought alongside the allies, one can guess that the upcoming movie will see her fighting against Soviet Russia.

Apart from Gal Gadot and Jenkins, Kristen Wiig, who will play the role of the villain Cheetah, will also start in ‘’Wonder Woman 2’’. Pedro Pascal, famed for his role in ‘’Narcos’’, has also been chosen by the franchise for the movie.

So, where does the cast leave the plot? To be fair, there is no shortage of storylines now that it has been confirmed that the movie will play against the backdrop of Cold War.

For instance, Wonder Woman might be asked to stop a nuclear launch from Soviet Russia. Or, she could also be on a clandestine mission with Diana to save humanity. The return of Themyscira, a fictional city-state which appears regularly in DC Comic books, cannot be ruled out as well.

Whatever the script, ‘’Wonder Woman 2’’ has a lot to live up to, once when looks at the standards set by its prequel. For, ‘’Wonder Woman’’ was a huge hit for Warner Bros. as it helped the studio rake in $811 million from the worldwide Box Office.

Wonder Woman 2 will be heading to cinemas on November 1st, 2019.

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