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Woman Films Man Apparently Spiking Her Drink On Party

Apparently, the real focus of the video was not the man but the woman herself who was filming a selfie video with the man allegedly spiking her drink clearly visible in the background.

A chilling video has appeared on Twitter in which a reveler has been shown putting a mystery item in the drink of a woman as she was partying with a friend.

The focus of the video was the woman herself as well as the party scene, however, little did the woman know that she would be able to catch red-handed the person spiking her own drink.

The video clearly shows a man appearing from nowhere, and as the cup moves away from the woman, the mystery person secretly drops something into her drink.

Before performing the act, the person motions to someone who isn’t in the video, in a sign as to waive them away, before moving out of the camera’s view himself.

Dressed in black shirt and sunglasses, the man appears a few seconds later on the screen, and it is here that he could be clearly seen dropping some unknown item into her drink.

The clip, which was tweeted with the warning: “Ladies watch your drinks!’’, has elicited shock and disgust among social media users. Though some are also labeling it as fake as well.

The video which is just over 15 seconds long has become so popular that Twitter users have viewed it more than 10 million times on the platform. It has also attracted over 96,000 retweets.

While the majority of people expressed their shock after seeing the video, some also seem to have the background on this. For instance, one Twitter user tweeted that the scene in question was from Brazil, and both the lady as well as the person who spiked her drink were friends.

She further said that the lady knew that ‘’he was being silly’’, and that ‘’she is fine’’. She ended her comment with the warning that it’s still ‘’good to be aware’’ of such incidents.

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