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Will Packer Has His Say On Kanye West-Donald Trump Love-In

President Donald Trump took to Twitter last week to express his pleasure with a Kanye West tweet in which the latter had expressed his support for the President.

Will Packer injected life into the annual Twitter’s NewFronts event with his take on the newly found bonhomie between President Trump and singer Kanye West. The social media force and movie producer described the whole episode as an ‘’expression of love’’ between the duo.

However, that doesn’t mean that Will Packer is over the moon with Kanye West and President Trump becoming close friends, far from it. Instead, he took a thin-veiled jibe at the singer when Packer said that he misses ‘’the old Kayne’’.

“Let’s take a minute real quick to say, I miss the old Kanye, OK?” Packer said, before adding, “One of my favorite moments last week was when Donald Trump said on Twitter, ‘My homies, Kanye and Chance, we’re in this together!’’

“Chance the Rapper immediately went to Twitter and was like, ‘We who? Homie?!’ But I’m not here to talk about that.” Said Packer, as reported by Deadline.

Packer, whose resume includes resume includes multi-billion dollar movies like Ride Along, Straight Outta Compton, and Girls Trip, was invited to the NewFronts event to talk about the potency of #BlackTwitter, and how it could impact culture and Hollywood movies.

In Packer’s opinion, the #BlackTwitter segment of the online community has a huge influence to impact opening-weekend box office.

While such comments might have seemed way off the mark from anyone else, Packer, who has delivered nine No.1 opening weekend releases over the years, knew what he was talking about.

Apart from talking about the importance of #BlackTwitter, Packer also announced that he’d be doing a new 30-minute show on Twitter in the upcoming months. Named ‘’Power Star Live’’, Packer says his new show will provide the audience with a ‘’concentrated dose of #Black Twitter’’.

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