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Wife Kills Husband’s Lover and Herself in Pennsylvania

The woman who was ambushed and killed by her lover’s wife was an ex-Republican candidate for Delaware’s state Senate in 2016.

A woman ambushed and killed her husband’s lover before turning the gun on herself on Monday in Pennsylvania, police say.

Jennair Gerardot, 48, came up with a plan of revenge when she came to know that her husband was cheating on her. Her plan would stun a quiet Pennsylvania town as it involved a murder and a suicide, authorities confirmed Tuesday.

The victim was Meredith Chapman, a 33-year-old ex-political candidate who was also the Republican nominee for the state senate of Delaware in 2016. She was having an affair with Gerardot’s husband, police said.

Both the victim as well as the murderer had a lot of things in common. Both were highly successful ladies who belonged to the professional elite of Delaware area. Miss Chapman knew Gerardot’s husband from her time at the University of Delaware where she worked with him.

Once she found out the affair, police says, Gerardot starting plotting a calculated attack. William Colarulo, the Superintendent of Radnor Township police said in a news conference that her plotting involved a lot of emails and text messages.

On Monday, the day on which Gerardot had planned his attack, she took a train from Delaware which will take him to Radnor, a quiet residential neighborhood in Pennsylvania where Chapman was living in her home.

Gerardot was wearing a wig to make sure nobody recognized her, said Lt. Christopher Flanagan of Radnor Township Police.

After breaking through the front door of Chapman, Gerardot laid low with her .357 Taurus Tracker revolver. She shot Chapman the moment she walked through the door.

Then, according to the police, Gerardot took her own life by turning the gun on herself.

Police came to know about the incident when repeated calls went to 911. However, when it arrived on the scene, both the women were lying dead near Chapman’s kitchen.

Outside the death scene, police met the man whose life brought the two women together, Mark Gerardot. He and Chapman were supposed to meet for dinner, however, when she didn’t show up, he got concerned and came looking for her to her house.

In addition to stunning her residential neighborhood, Chapman’s death has also shocked political, higher education, and marketing worlds in the Delaware area, as she was a known figure in all these realms.

After starting her career as a broadcast journalist, Chapman went on to work as a communications manager for Rep. Michael N. Castle on the Capitol Hill. Afterward, she served as the senior marketing director at the University of Delaware, while also teaching undergrad and MBA students.

At the time of her death, she was married to Luke Chapman, a City Council’s former member in Newark, Delaware. However, according to the police, she had only recently moved into her new residence in Radnor and wasn’t living with her husband any longer.

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