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‘Westworld’ Season 2 Review: Robotic Revolution Is Here

‘’Westworld’’ was billed as the eventual successor of Game of Thrones upon its release in 2016. ‘’Journey Into Night’’, the Season 2 Premiere, has upheld that reputation.

Just as the finale of Season 1 had revealed, the Season 2 of ‘’Westworld’’ starts with a bang; female-led robots on a killing spree. And their first victim? Their creator Dr. Robert Ford.

The Killing won’t stop there. Every part of the park – be it the tourist areas or the subterranean control rooms – is littered with bodies. And there are no prizes for guessing that the bodies are of humans; both the creators of robots as well as the tourists.

Put more crudely, the robots have now achieved consciousness. They are also free from their programmed narratives which forced them to entertain sadistic visitors in the past. As a result, Dolores (the farm girl) and Maeve (brothel madam) are taking the battle to human beings.

Summing up the season in a one-liner, Maeve, who is finding her lost digital daughter, proclaims “I’ve found a new voice, now I use it.”

The tremors are felt on the other side of the corporate table as well. Following the death of Hopkins in the climactic episode of last season, Charlotte Hale has stepped in to fill the void, both digital and real. Now she is grappling with the challenge of how to contain (or quell) the robotic uprising.

If that doesn’t get you excited about the Season 2, God knows what will. And it is not only the storyline which makes Westworld 2.0 special, for the work of Cinematographer Darren Tiernan and production designer Howard Cummings also deserves a shout out.

Their work has turned Westworld Season 2 into one of the most impressive, best looking, and textured series which has graced the small screen over the last few years.

On the side of storytelling, both Jeffrey Wright and Lee Sizemore have weaved certain subplots which you just can’t expect. So much appears right out of the blue that you don’t know what to expect next, in a good way, that is.

Hence, with the revolution of the robots, the intrigue of big business, and the curt one-liners about knife fights and guns, Westworld Season 2 promises to be a belter. And in doing so, it has gone beyond even the wildest electric dreams of its followers.

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