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‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale Recap

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoiler details about yesterday’s finale of the Season 2 of Westworld which aired on HBO.

Ever since the death of Dr. Robert Ford in the climactic episode of Season 1, we’re dealing with a robot apocalypse in Westworld.

Neither humans nor their hosts are spared as both of them become collateral damage. And whether Delos has succeeded – to some extent – to quell the uprising, her mission is far from finished.

Enter the final episode of Season 2, which gives us the impression that the robotic world is about to undergo a massive change under the tutelage of Dolores, Charlotte Hale, and Bernard.

If that wasn’t enough, the post-credits epilogue of the Season 2 finale raises several more doubts. We were left pondering as to whether Man in Black is actually human or not – and whether his real daughter Emily’s death was real or fake.

For, when he arrives at the park’s Forge nerve center, Man in Black finds himself in the same studio where James Delos, the park’s owner’s host, was tested. It was there that Emily, the daughter of Man in Black, questions his reality.

Giving his father a shock, Emily tells Man in Black that he wasn’t living in a simulation after all. This raises questions about whether Emily is human or not, though she was scanned as a human in ep. 19.

In between all this, Maeve leads the hosts to the Valley Bound in a style which we can argue is very Moses-like.

For, in a similar fashion, as heaven is described in Bible, there’s a bridge standing between the park and Valley Bound. Many are called but few are allowed the pass the pinhead needle gate of the bridge.

Among those making their way through are Ghost Nation warrior Akecheta as well as the daughter of Maeve. The bridge finally closes and the whole Westworld is inundated by Dolores.

At the same time, Bernard shoots Dolores before he flees the park by boat, though not before convincing robo-Charlotte to fire at the real Hale.

Finally, in the last few scenes of the finale, robo-Charlotte appears with Bernard and Dolores in the former’s opulent home which sits next to the Central Park of the city.

Therefore, just like the finale of Season 1, the Season 2’s finale of Westworld was a mix of drama, confusion, and lots of fighting. What happens next, in Season 3, is anybody’s guess.

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