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‘’Westworld’’, Season 2, Episode 6, ‘’Phase Space’’ Recap

Note: This article contains spoilers about episode 2 of season 6 of ‘’Westworld’’, a long-running HBO’s sci-fi drama series.

“Hello, old friend’’.

Although these were the last three words of ‘’Phase Space’’, they might influence the upcoming storyline of ‘’Westworld’’ more than anything that went before them in the episode. For, the speaker of these words was Robert Ford in his metaphysical form in the ‘’Cradle’’ a data backup center in the center of Mesa.

However, that is not all, for the physical form of Robert currently lays in Escalante. It means that the fans of HBO’s famed sci-fi series could expect a new twist in the coming episodes.

In addition to this, the ‘’Phase Space’’ also has plenty of hair-raising moments. Take, for instance, the moment when Maeve found her daughter. Or when Dolores made a weapon out of a train. Or when Emily and The Man in Black fell in love, only for Emily to leave in disappointment and frustration.

Therefore, while the second season of ‘’Westworld’’ is already six episodes old – with only four remaining – ‘’Phase Space’’ did well to turn things up a notch.

Maeve Reunites with her daughter

Maeve has been haunted by memories of her daughter ever since she achieved her self-awareness. In ‘’Phase Space’’, therefore, it was only logical for Maeve to escape from Shogun World and successfully reach the cabin where her daughter lay waiting, but not for her.

Instead, she has swapped Maeve out for a new mother. However, before the disappointment had sunk in, the Ghost Nation attacked the cabin to reignite Maeve’s memories of warriors snatching her daughter.

It was during the attack that one Ghost Nation warrior told Maeve that both of them share the same destiny, and it was that fate which attracted Maeve towards her pretended daughter.

Dolores regretting making Teddy-bot 2.0

Viewers who watched last week’s episode might recount how Dolores reconstituted a once wimpy eyed Teddy into a cold-blooded killer. Well, in this episode, Teddy shows Dolores the monster she has created as he goes on a killing spree on the train.

Although he is exactly what Dolores had expected him to be, seeing how merciless Teddy has become spooked Dolores. It can be said that Dolores might be feeling a sudden bit of remorse.

Emily has a thing for the Man in Black

Just like Maeve’s reunion with her daughter, Emily was also able to have a genuine meeting with the Man in Black. Emily thought it was pathetic for the Man in Black build his life around Ford’s puzzles and Westworld, but accepted that she shouldn’t have blamed William for her mother’s suicide.

It was at this moment that a sort of chemistry developed between Emily and the Man in Black. However, before anything else happened, the show blanched and the Man in Black disappeared into the night.

The Moustache Man

He might sound like Conor McGregor mimicking Lucky Charms, but Coughlin, the new mercenary enforcer of Delos, is a blast of fresh, unadulterated air into the show. He makes his appearance by parachuting in to save Abernathy.

However, it isn’t her fighting skills which might make Coughlin a darling of the viewers. Instead, it is the way he swears – and how much he swears – that might turn him into our favorite new character from ‘’Westworld’’.

Dolores’ plan still not unveiled

What would Dolores do when the train finally reaches Dolos labs? Does she have a plan up her-sleeves? These two questions remained unanswered in the sixth episode of this season’s ‘’Westworld’’. And as the season now only has 4 episodes left, it can be expected that the next episode would be a bit more forthcoming regarding the plan of Dolores.

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