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‘Walking Dead’ Season 8 Midseason Premiere Recap

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t already seen ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 midseason Premiere – which is titled ‘’Honor’’, this article contains spoilers about the same.

In what promises to be one hell of an opening to the second half of Season 8 of the ‘’Walking Dead’’, its midseason premiere started with the death of an actor who has been a part of the show since its inception in 2010.

And that character is Carl Grimes, the same performer who revealed in the climactic moments of the first half of the season that a walker had bitten him. During the midseason Premiere, Carl could clearly be seen saying goodbyes to not only his father but also to the group which had adopted him as a part of their surrogate family.

At the start of the premier, we are shown that Carl has been bitten by a walker, however, what he does next stuns the audience.

Instead of wailing and crying, Carl immediately helps a traveler named Siddiq hide in the sewers underneath Alexandria. He could be seen spending the rest of his time writing goodbye letters to his friends and spending time with Judith, his little sister in the show.

Chandler Riggs, the star who is playing the role of Carl in the TV series, has spoken out on what the impact of Carl’s death will be on the rest of the show.

“His death leaves behind a really inspiring and motivational feeling,” Riggs told Variety. “He’s not really angry about it. He’s not lashing out against anyone. So it’s him trying to show Rick every lesson that he’s learned over the last few years.”

As he comes to know that Carl’s death is imminent, Daryl showers Carl with praise for ensuring the safety of the citizens of Alexandria back at the time when Negan attacked. Carl, meanwhile, encourages his little sister Judith by giving her his monumental sheriff hat.

In addition to showcasing Carl’s death, the episode shows both Morgan and Carol traveling to the Kingdom to release Ezekiel from the control of the Saviors. At the same time, Ezekiel is being told by lieutenant Gavin that his betrayal will get him killed by Negan.

Meanwhile, both Carol and Morgan kill the Savior Guards at a lightning pace, before ambushing Gavin and reaching out to Ezekiel in his throne room. Afterwards, as Morgan decides to kill Gavin – and Carol and Ezekiel tries to stop him, one of the kingdom’s residents named Harry kills Gavin by driving a staff through his neck.

The final scene of the episode showcases both Michonne and Rick consoling Carl as they say their goodbyes.

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