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Video: Man Nearly Burnt Alive While Barbequing

The incident occurred in Sydney on April 1 and it is reported that the person who is currently receiving treatment for his burns from the fire was an amateur cook.

Ever drawn a list of what NOT to do while barbequing? Adding a bucket full of fire starters to the barbeque should be top of the same.

In case you need visual proof to believe, a man has nearly died in Blaxlands Ridge, Sydney after he added an entire bucket of fire starters to the barbeque he was doing in his backyard.

Worse, the terrifying moment the flames engulfed the man as soon as he added the fire starters were captured on camera by a close friend.

As you can see in the video added above, the man was completely engulfed in flames within seconds of adding fire starters. Fortunately, he was able to defy his bad luck by running to safety and taking off his shirt.

The video which is only 33 seconds long starts with showing a person using a piece of timber to stoke the fire at the start. Afterward, he nudges towards a blue tub before grabbing it. We are then told that the tub is full of fire starters.

Surprisingly, as the man is shown to walk towards the fire, he is shown signaling a thumbs up to his friends. However, just a few milliseconds before he adds the fire starters to the fire, he signals a thumbs down.

The next moment he is seen engulfed by fire, with the fire so intense that for a moment, we couldn’t see even if he was there in the first place. Luckily, however, the person was able to run off to safety.

After he had succumbed to the unfortunate incident, the person was rushed to a nearby emergency room, where he continues to recover from the severe burns he received during the incident.

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