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Think Before You Speak: Beyoncé and Jay-Z retract ‘Run 2’ Tour Date

The much anticipated ‘Run 2’ tour is a successor to the highly-popular ‘’On the Run’’ North American tour on which both Jay-Z and Beyoncé embarked on in 2014.

Just minutes after posting the ‘’official’’ date of the Run 2 tour, both Beyonce and Jay-Z retracted their statement, send their social media fans into a frenzy.

The announcement was made on Monday morning shortly after Childish Gambino announced the dates of his tour. Announcing Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field to be the venue, Beyoncé’s Ticketmaster and Facebook pages announced July 30 to be the final date of the Bey/Jay tour.

However, much to the surprise of both their fans and neutrals alike, both the posts were quickly taken down, but not quickly enough for some fans to take their screenshots of the Facebook page where they were posted.

Last time the pair toured together was in 2014 when both of them went to North America for the first ‘’On the Run’’ tour. While Jay-Z supported his ‘’Magna Carta Holy Grail’’ album during the tour, Beyonce was busy promoting her very own album, which had borrowed its name from her.

Jay-Z appeared on-stage in September 2016 when Beyonce was touring New Jersey in one of the final shows of her ‘’Lemonade’’ tour. DJ Khaled played the opening act on that show, with Kendrick Lamar also making a guest appearance.

Recently, the pair has a released a video titled ‘’Family Feud’’, a song from Jay-Z’s latest album, ‘’4:44.’’ The video, which is directed by Ava DuVernay, has ‘’Godfather’’-esque clips with Jay-Z walking alongside Blue Ivy in a big church. At the same time, love scenes involving a nondescript man and woman are also seen.

Soon thereafter, Beyonce appears in the church, wearing a black outfit – with the abovementioned love scene becoming violent as the man gets stabbed in the back by his lover. Meanwhile, Jay-Z sits on what seems to be a confession booth, with Beyonce standing alongside the priest to hear his confession.

On the whole, the scene was an effort on the part of Jay-Z to showcase unity between black entertainment communities and the hip-hop culture.

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