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The Man Who Allegedly Stalked Taylor Swift Is Arrested

The man, who was arrested outside Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills home, was wearing a mask and carrying a knife in his car.

Julius Sandrock, a 38-year-old man from Colorado, was arrested Saturday on suspicion that he was stalking the famed singer Taylor Swift. Police arrested him on the outskirts of Miss Swift’s house in Beverly Hills, where he was found wearing a mask and carrying a knife in his car.

However, after carrying their initial investigation, the police freed Sandrock from jail on Tuesday morning, as confirmed by the website of Los Angeles County Sheriff. The police didn’t confirm whether or not Sandrock had an attorney.

Still, while he is released, the police obtained a restraining order from the court which prevents Mr. Sandrock from possessing any sort of guns.

The document which the police uploaded on the Sheriff’s website reveals that at the time of arrest, Sandrock was wearing a mask and rubber gloves. Police says that Sandrock told them that he has a home in Broomfield, Colorado. And that he drove from there to Beverly Hills only to see Swift.

Sandrock further informed police offers that back in Colorado, he owns three guns. And that he was on probation for firing one in Colorado, the police confirmed.

After apprehending him, the police carried out a thorough search of his car. The restraining order states that a knife, ammunition, rope, and more gloves and masks turned up during the search.

In addition, prescription medicines, including oxycodone, were also found in his car. The document further states that Sandrock told the police offers that he had bipolar disorder, depression, manic episodes, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The arrest of Sandrock came barely a week after another man, Justin Lilly, was arrested on the suspicion of trespassing Swift’s property. Justin is a homeless man, who, despite regular warnings by the security guards, tried to climb the wall of Swift’s property.

At the time of his arrest back on April 8, Swift was not at her home.

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