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The Dark AF Post-Credits Scene Cut From ‘’Deadpool 2’’

Ryan Reynolds starring ‘’Deadpool 2’’, which will hit the theatres later this week, is expected to set new records at the Box Office for a superhero genre movie.

Nobody in their right mind could deny that ‘’Deadpool 2’’ took the superhero genre too far with its extremely crude jokes, a high level of violence, next-level nudity, 18+ swearing, and caustic digs at the DCU and MCU.

Still, if MSU Cosmic is to be believed, the directors of ‘’Deadpool 2’’ decided to hold back some of the scenes which were improved at first.

Reports claim that when the movie was first approved by the studio, it contained five post-credit scenes. However, one of them was cut off after the studios saw its content. The scene in question takes us back to the past with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) finding himself with new-born babies in a hospital.

Supposedly, it was no ordinary hospital as the future Fuhrer of Germany, Hitler, was also among the newborns. His crib was labeled ‘’A’’, and it was to kill Hitler in his childhood that Deadpool had made the journey to the hospital’s maternity ward.

The scene was supposed to end with the audience seeing through the eyes of Hitler, and Deadpool strangulating Hitler in his childhood. It seems that the idea of killing a baby, even though it was Hitler, was too hard to accept for 20th Century Fox.

The fan website of Marvel Cinematic Universe further claims that the scene was included in the test screenings, and it was only after it made first-viewers comfortable that 20th Century Fox decided to chop it off.

Hence, whether you like it or not, you won’t get to see the scene on big screen. What you’ll get to see, however, is the whole ‘’Deadpool 2’’ movie which is hitting theatres all over the world later this week.

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