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‘’The Blacklist’’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Mystery of Bones Revealed

Starting with those bones …

The duffle bag which contained the mysterious bones was at the heart of Season 5 of NBC’s ‘’The Blacklist’’.  And now that the finale is over, fans of the horror drama could rest easy by knowing that the bones were of none other than the real Raymond ‘’Red’’ Reddington.

That much was revealed by Ross who, while talking to the ghost of her late husband Tom, told him that she was working with Ross all along. Shockingly, he also revealed that the ‘’Red’’ who Liz (and all of us) have known for the past five seasons is an imposter.

The reveal nicely sets up the audience of ‘’The Blacklist’’ for the Season 6 of the drama, as do the question as to why Reddington lied to everybody over the last 3 decades.

And as Liz told aloud to her dead husband, she’s ‘’going to figure all that out’’ and then she’s “going to destroy him!”

In case you are concerned about the safety of Liz, don’t worry as she won’t be alone. Her half-sister Jennifer, who was introduced to the viewers at the start of this season, will also be helping her.

Apart from solving the mystery of bones, tonight’s finale did well to wrap up the secondary plot which started last week with happier endings. Samar, the comatose Mossad agent, became a member of the woke yet again before remembering the marriage proposal made to her by FBI techie Aram, after which Aram decorates her finger with his grandma’s ring.

The final few minutes of the episode take us back to the initial moments of the episode to remind us what happened to the previous victims of the bones mystery. We are shown, among others, Mary-Louise Parker and Jane Alexander.

One storyline which the Finale failed to explain was how Fake Red managed to have a family on his side. For, as Red was burning the bones in the last few moments of the episode, Liz’s maternal grandfather Dom was watching him from a distance.

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