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‘’The Bachelor’’: ABC Executive Tells Why Arie Broke Up with Becca

Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched the final episode of ‘’The Bachelor’’, which aired on March 6, Monday at the ABC, this article contains spoilers.

If you have listened to the thoughtful commentary of host Chris Harrison over the years, he is always fond of saying that the finale of ‘’The Bachelor’’ is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Still, even by that standards, this week’s controversial finale had a unique ending, which has left the majority of fans in an angry mood.

On this year’s finale, which aired on Monday Night, Arie Luyendyk Jr., also known as ‘’The Bachelor’’, was engaged with Becca Kufrin after proposing her at the start of the episode.

However, over the coming two months, after the season had reached its conclusion, Luyendyk seemed to have a change of heart and decided that he made the wrong choice by engaging with Becca.

Worse, after breaking up with Becca, Luyendyk decided that he was actually in love with the runner-up Lauren Burnham, and the entire drama was caught on the reel.

The cameras of ABC followed the life of Luyendyk to exactly show the scene where he met with Kufrin to tell her that she was not the one he loved. The network decided to show the scene completely unedited, and some raw emotions were caught on camera as the couple embarked on a difficult conversation.

On Tuesday, on the “After the Final Rose’’, ABC named Kufrin as the leading lady who would play the starring role in ‘’The Bachelorette,’’ which means her journey to find love would begin yet again.

ABC Executive Reveals All

Commenting on the entire drama surrounding the breakup, as well as the decision to select Kufrin as the next Bachelorette, Robert Mills, who is the executive-in-charge of ‘’The Bachelor’’ Franchise, told Variety that he was disappointed that the show received lower ratings than the years that preceded it.

On the question as to why Arie was picked up as this season’s lead, Mills claimed that they wanted someone who was ready to leave the spotlight after the end of the season, and Arie totally fit the bill in that regard.

When asked how ABC caught the break-up moments on camera, Mills claimed that ‘it wasn’t purposeful’. Instead, he claims, a lot of the stuff was ‘’shot on iPhones’’, which lends credence to the fact that it wasn’t pre-planned.

On ABC’s decision to select Kufrin as the next Bachelorette, Mills claimed that Kufrin ‘’did a lot of thinking’’ before signing up for the show. However, at the same time, he expressed doubts as to whether Kufrin would be able to get over her past relationship with Arie to fully immerse her heart in the show.

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