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Taylor Hickson Sues ‘Ghostland’ Producers Over Disfiguring Injury

The actress, who suffered a ghastly injury while shooting the horror pic Ghostland in Canada, has filed a lawsuit against the production company of the film.

The 20-year-old Canadian actress Taylor Hickson has filed a lawsuit against the production company of Indie horror pic Ghostland after suffering an injury which left her disfigured.

Hickson, who has also appeared in blockbuster movies like Deadpool, suffered shocking facial injuries while filming a scene of the movie in 2016 in Winnipeg.

During the scene, Hickson was to showcase herself as an emotionally charged person by smashing her fists against a door that had a glass panel in it.

However, as she smashed her fists against the door, the glass panel smashed, with one of its panes cutting across the left side of Hickson’s face. So gruesome was the injury that Hickson was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where she received 70stitches on her face.

In an interview given to Deadline, Hickson says that after the incident, the crew-members only had napkins in their hands to hold her face together. Moreover, she maintains that despite the incident happened two years ago, she continues to feel its after effects.

Worse, she alleges that while she was busy taking up one role after another before her accident, the scars to her face have resulted in a loss of work, and income, for her as she took the whole year off to recuperate from her injuries.

The Lawsuit

The suit reads that while she was shooting the scene, director Pascal Laugier consistently told Hickson to pound harder on the glass with her fists.

In a damning account of the scene, the suit further reads that when asked to increase his strength, Hickson asked the director and the producer of whether it was safe to do so, with both of them replying in the affirmative.

Describing the lengths to which she has gone to recover, the suit states that Hickson has undergone silicone and laser treatment, but is still left with a permanent scar on the left side of her face. Furthermore, the suit claims that it is unknown whether even plastic surgery could reduce the visual aftereffects of the injury.

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