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Story behind Camila Cabello and Kane Brown’s Coming Together for ‘’Never Be the Same’’ Duet

The Coming Together of Camila Cabello and Kane Brown for “Never Be the Same’’ has surprised many people as both the singers belong to different genres.

One of them is at the top of her game in the pop genre – while the other leads the world in country, but that didn’t stop both Camila Cabello and Kane Brown from coming together for ‘’Never Be the Same’’ Duet.

Ever wondered the reason for their meet-up? Well, you’re not alone, as the entire music world – including Sony Nashville CEO/chairman Randy Goodman – were also taken by surprise when they first heard the match-up of Cabello and Brown.

Most people think that from the match-up, Cabello has nothing significant to gain. After all, her original solo version of the same song has occupied the No. 1 spot on pop radio.

Still, that misses the point as Brown is no newcomer either. For, in addition to the fact that his single ‘’Heaven’’ is currently ranked 2nd in that format – Brown’s platinum debut album is, for the last 11 weeks, USA’s top-selling country album.

So, if both of them are already hugely successful in their genres, what do they have to gain from this makeshift relationship? Everything, as both the stars now tell us.

In an interview to variety, Brown wasn’t ashamed in saying that he was the one who pursued Camila for the musical relationship. He says that he ‘’loved Havana’’ and feels like his and Camila’s voice ‘’would match well’’.

Still, while Brown was eager for the meet-up, he was unsure about the response of Cabello to his offer. After all, she was enjoying the success of ‘’Havana’’ and hardly needed any help from a co-star.

However, as it turned out, the team of Cabello was also thinking along the same lines. Joey Arbagey, the executive VP of A&R, says that they had started looking for someone to star alongside Cabello in the duet since as far as January.

While they were undoubtedly looking for a co-star, Kane Brown’s name wasn’t on the top of the wish list. Instead, Cabello’s team was considering Sam Hunt at first, and it was only after Cabello expressed her desire to work alongside Kane that his team decided to do the same.

The whole plan came to fruition just a month before the release of the track. After getting the go-ahead from Cabello, Arbagey took Brown and both of them went to a Nashville studio. Frank Dukes, the producer of Cabello, also chimed in, adding percussion and guitars to the tracks, hence making it perfect for release.

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