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‘’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’’: Deleted Scene Features Prince Harry and Prince William as Storm Troopers

Rumors predated the release of ‘’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’’ that it featured Prince Harry and Prince William in a short cameo.

In a stunning revelation, it has now been revealed that Princes William and Harry starred opposite Tom Hardy in a scene which was deleted from the final print of ‘’Stars Wars: The Last Jedi’’.

As those who watched the movie would tell, it featured a scene during which Finn and Rose undertook a daring mission to the First Order’s base. Both of them had to disguise themselves to turn off the tracking device to save their friends.

And if rumors are true, it was in this scene that Their Royal Highnesses featured in the movie. After putting on the iconic Stormtrooper uniform, both the Princes were set up for a tense encounter with the rebel hero Finn.

In this scene, Finn wants to return to his old stomping ground, as he was also a Stormtrooper back in the day. The Stormtrooper who recognizes his former colleague was no other than Tom Hardy, who adopted a Southern accent.

As for both Their Royal Highnesses, the script of the movie didn’t include any lines for them. Consequently, their role was to just stand behind Tom Hardy in the deleted scene.

Early on, it was reported by the media that the directors of ‘’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’’ had to cut the scene due to the height of Prince William.

Mail on Sunday reported that the movie only took those actors as Storm Troopers whose height was exactly 5’11’’. However, since Prince William is over 6ft, his inclusion in the scene might have blown his cover.

Having said that, the stance that it was Prince William’s height which excluded his cameo from the movie appears to be a shaky one.

For, while in earlier episodes all the Stormtroopers had identical height, the recent trilogy features conscripts of different heights as well.

Finally, now that we have confirmation that both the Princes made an appearance in the movie, it seems that any celebrity worth his salt could get a role in a Star Wars Movie.

For, in addition to starring the Princes, ‘’The Last Jedi’’ also featured cameo appearances from Lily Cole, Justin Theroux, and Gary Barlow.

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