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Ryan Reynolds Thanks ‘Legend’ David Beckham for Deadpool Cameo

Remember how Deadpool made fun of the voice of David Beckham in the last movie? Well, Ryan Reynolds has now come out and apologized.

‘’He mouth-sexed a can of helium’’ was how the voice of David Beckham was described in the previous Deadpool movie.

Although we think that was a pretty accurate description, Deadpool Ryan Reynolds has still decided to come out and apologize from the English footballing great.

While ‘’bend it like Beckham’’ is a phrase famous among soccer fans throughout the globe, the 43-year-old’s acting skills aren’t half as decent as his football. Still, the ability of the footballing superstar to see the lighter side of things is second to none.

For, had it not been the case, Beckham wouldn’t have appeared in the latest Deadpool movie.

His cameo in the movie, which is less than 2-minutes long, involves Beckham watching the scene in which the actor alleges Beckham’s voice to have ‘’mouth-sexed a can of helium’’.

As soon as the scene is over, Beckham hears his doorbell ringing and finds no other than Deadpool at his doorstep, asking for his forgiveness for the way they took a jibe at his voice.

Here Deadpool tries a number of ways to mend his relationship with Beckham, including milk and a plate of cookies.  While Beckham was shown in an unforgiving mood at the start, the bridge was finally broken when Deadpool came back with a pair of tickets to the FIFA World Cup.

Hilariously, when Deadpool says he is apologizing, Beckham questions him what for. To this, Ryan explains that the voice gag should never have taken place – and that is where Becks knows he could get his revenge.

For, when he again says he doesn’t know the reason behind his apology, Deadpool asks Becks what he thinks should Deadpool be sorry for. To this, Beckham responds: ‘’ “I mean there’s a list: Green Lantern, R.I.P.D., Selfless, Blade Trinity, Boltneck.”


While it was Beckham who showed his lighter side in the movie, Ryan Reynolds a.k.a. the Deadpool did the same albeit in real life. He tweeted a photo of himself with David Beckham, with a caption reading: ”A true legend. Thanks #DavidBeckham for coming out to play. #deadpool2’’

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